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     Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 6  1866  page 159


No. VIII—An umbo, over the face; a spear-head at the left shoulder; a sword by the left side, thirty-five inches long, but broken across; at the left foot a small black urn, ornamented with circles surrounding a star; a fragment of a knife.
No. IX.—A woman’s grave, and lying obliquely. It yielded a single bead, a bronze ring, a buckle, and a fragment of stamped bronze.
No. X.—Less than four feet in length, and probably a child’s grave. A knife, a portion of a spear-head, and a ferule.
No. XI.—Nine feet in length. Two circular iron plates; a knife, with part of the wooden handle adhering; a spear-head by the right side, and a sword by the left; the latter a fine specimen and perfect, and three feet in length.
No. XII.—A black earthen bottle-shaped vessel at the right foot; a sword lying across the grave from left to right; four iron studs or broad-headed nails.

No. XIII.—Grave of a very old woman, the sockets of the teeth being quite absorbed. Only a blue porcelain bead and a knife.
No. XIV.—Two skeletons side by side: part of a knife and an umbo.
No. XV.—An oblique grave. By the left shoulder a spear-head, sixteen inches and a half in length, and its ferule; a sword on the left side, thirty-five inches long, and under it a knife; clench-bolts all down the right side.
No. XVI.—Only a small bronze buckle.
No. XVII.—Nine feet in length, and a double interment, probably of a woman and her child. Two beads; a small iron rivet, ending in a ring with an iron loop through it, all bearing traces of the wood to which they were attached; a little bronze model of an axe, about one inch in length, but broken off at the handle,

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