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     Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 5  1863  page 322

By JOHN BRENT, JUN., F.S.A.  continued

the installment of description which it has been possible to prepare for this volume; and it is hoped that long before this is brought to its conclusion in our next volume, the Society will have inspected personally the whole collection, the first convenient opportunity for which inspection will not fail to be seized by the Council. The more portable specimens will also be exhibited at our General Meeting, which will this year be held at no great distance from the very scene of their discovery. It will readily, however, be understood that some time is yet required for arranging and preparing for general view so large, so miscellaneous, and so fragile a collection, the actual work of digging for which was only brought to a close a few days before Christmas. Such delicate cleaning as the relics require is not the work of a day or two: fragments must be fitted and fractures repaired, and the weaker specimens judiciously strengthened: rough notes, jotted down in the hurry of discovery, must be verified and thrown together before anything like a clear arrangement can be made; and, above all, cases must be 

 prepared to fit the relics and show them to advantage.
   Some expense is involved in a few of these items of preparation, and considerably more in the engravings, which alone can make intelligible the descriptions given in our volumes; and it is confidently hoped that members who take an interest in this very important undertaking, so thoroughly realizing the objects for which such a Society as ours is formed, and carried out so successfully and so creditably to ourselves, will not grudge a small pecuniary help where others have so kindly and zealously devoted their time, to render this valuable addition to our Museum in all respects as worthy as possible of our pre-eminently Saxon county.T. G. F.]

*** The Honorary Secretary will be happy to receive any donations towards the object expressed above which members may kindly be disposed to contribute, in addition to those already received.

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