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     Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 5  1863  page 310

By JOHN BRENT, JUN., F.S.A.  continued

No. 111.—This was six inches longer than No. 1, and four feet deep, by three feet three inches wide. An iron spearhead lay near the right shoulder, and the socket of the shaft by the right foot; fragments of a sword were scattered about the grave. There were also four silvered shield-studs. These three interments, as well as the fourth, were all made nearly east and west.
   No. IV.—This grave was carefully made, and exhibited more attention paid to form than any interment found during the whole of these excavations. In shape it much resembled a coffin, widened at the shoulders, and narrowed towards the feet. It was of the unusual length of ten feet; in depth, four feet six; in width, at the bottom, four feet.
   The first indication of its valuable contents was a small piece of gold braid, or flat wire, folded as if it had been woven into the dress, or worked into some ornament on the arm,1 for it lay just above the right
  1. In a grave subsequently opened we found similar fabric, resting on and around the skull. This, too, was a woman’s grave, and

 contained beads of amber and porcelain, and a small gold pendant.
   [ Much gold web, exactly like this fragment , was found on the Saxon St. Cuthbert, when his body was discovered in 1827, and is thus described by Mr. Raine, an eye-witness:-
   "The Stole:—The groundwork of the whole is woven exclusively with thread of gold. I do not mean by thread of gold the silver-gilt wire frequently used in such matters, but real gold thread, if I may so term it, not round but flat . This is the character of the whole web, with the exception of the figures…. for which, however surprising it may appear, vacant spaces have been left by the loom, and they themselves afterwards inserted with the needle….
   "A girdle and two bracelets of gold tissue were found…. Of the girdle, the portion which we were able to preserve measures twenty-five inches, its breadth seven-eighths of an inch. It has evidently proceeded from the loom, and its two component parts are a flattish thread of pure gold and a thread of scarlet silk, which are not combined in any particular pattern. . . . The bracelets are made of precisely the same materials and workmanship. .. . They measure nine inches in circumference, and are of the same breadth as the girdle."
   The stole and an accompanying maniple both bore the inscription,—"PlO EPISCOPO FRIDESTANO AELFFLAED FIERI PRECEPIT," fixing the date

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