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     Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 5  1863  page 309

By JOHN BRENT, JUN., F.S.A.  continued

this paper leave to make the required researches for the Society.
   I accordingly commenced the excavations, with two labourers, on the 17th of September last, being then and ever since assisted by the kind co-operation of the Rev. Mr. Drake1 and Mr. J. B. Sheppard. Other gentlemen, too, have occasionally rendered me much service, and I desire here to express my obligation to them all.
   Our first excavation was in close proximity to the windmill, and at no great distance from the grave which three years previously had yielded so valuable an addition to the stores of Anglo-Saxon relics. The ground was excellent for the purpose required, being a clear chalk, with an upper soil of made earth, from twelve to eighteen inches thick. We began by running parallel trenches across the field, and then using an iron probe; but soon found that the probe was all that was required, though we were sometimes 

deceived by a fault in the chalk, as well as by some circular holes, or shallow pits, dug in various parts of the field. The object of these holes was not at first apparent, but in some instances at least we found them to be connected with Roman sepulture, and exhumed from them broken pieces of Roman pottery, burnt wood, and charred bones of sheep, swine, and other animals, as well as a considerable quantity of oyster shells.
   GRAVE No. I.—Length eight feet, depth three feet from the surface, width three feet. In this we found two skeletons lying on the same level, the feet of one to the head of the other, but no other relics.
   No. II.—This grave had at some period been disturbed. Some bones of oxen, near the surface, were found, but no other relics.
1. Mr. Drake has with great pains, and by careful measurement, drawn a map of all the graves opened, which will be most useful should the excavations on Sarr Down ever be resumed

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