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         Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 4  1861 page v + vi



Rules and List of Members ix; Proceedings at Fourth Annual Meeting xxxii
1. Some Account of the remains of the Priory of St Martin's and the Church of 
   St Martin-Le-Grand, at Dover. By Rev F.C. Plumtree

2. Roman Cemeteries in Canterbury, with some conjectures concerning, its earliest inhabitants.
   By John Brent jun. F.S.A.

3. On the Gates of Boulogne, at Hardres Court, in the Parish of Upper Hardres.
   By Robert C. Jenkins, M.A., Rector and Vicar of Lyminge

4. Architectural Notes of St Augustine's College, Canterbury. By A.J.R. Beresford Hope 57
5. Sequel to the Great Rebellion in Kent of 1381. By W.E. Flaherty 67
6. Some observations on the Leaden Font of Brookland Church, Romney Marsh.
   By Herbert L. Smith

7. Notes on Warehorne Church and its Ancient Stained Glass, with Indices to the Parochial
   Registers of Warehorne and Newenden.  By William J. Lightfoot

8. Symbolism of the Blessed Virgin in former Ages as represented by an Ancient Carving at
   Maidstone. By Beale Poste

9. Some Account of Brasses formerly in the Church of Sevington. By Herbert. L. Smith, Esq. 117

Contents continued page vi

10. On some fragments of a Norman Building Recently Discovered at Great Woodlands, in the 
   Parish of Lyminge. By Robert C. Jenkins, M.A., Rector of Lyminge 

11. Charter of Philip Augustus, King of France 1180, From the Surrenden Collection 127
12. Sir Roger Twysden's Journal. 131
13. Notes from the Chartulary of the Abbey of St Bertin. 203
14. Miscellanea
   Notes and Emendations to Vols. II, III and III
   Wills: Sir Thomas Cawne, Kt., fin. Ed III.
   Notes on the Preservation of Old Buildings
   Collections for Rochester Castle
   Notes Illustrative of Wyatt’s Rebellion
   Letters Jane Roper to Lord Privy Seal Cromwell 1539
   Letter: Anthony Wingfield to Elizabeth Lady Golding, of Royden Hall, Kent 1585.
   Letter: Biondi to Sir Roger Twysden 1641
15. The Visitation of the County of Kent, taken in Year 1619. 241
16. Pedes Finium 273
17. Inquisitions Post Mortem 309
18. General Index 323

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