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         Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 2  1859 page v + vi



Rules and List of Members ix;   Proceedings at the Second Annual Meeting  xxxiii
1. On the recent discoveries of Roman remains at Plaxtol, in Kent. by Major Luard, R.A. 1
2. Genealogical notices of the Northwoods 9
3. Ancient Sepulchral Shaft at Bekesbourne. By John Brent, jun., Esq, F.S.A  43
4. A help towards a Kentish Monasticon. By W. E. Flaherty, Esq 49
5. Ancient Rochester or Durobrivae, viewed as the site of Roman Camp and Station.
   By Beale  Poste

6. Rochester Records. By Robert Willis Blencowe, Esq 73
7. The Dumb Borsholder Chart, in the Parish of  Wateringbury. By the Rev Henry Stevens 85
8. Notes from the Parochial Register of Orlestone. By W.I. Lightfoot, Esq 89
9. Cowling (Cooling) Castle 95
10. Notes of the Brasses, Memorial Windows, and Escutcheons formerly existing in
   Ashford and Willesborough Churches. By Herbert L. Smith, Esq

11. Fabric Roll of Rochester Castle 111

Contents continued page vi

12. Monuments in Folkestone Church 133
13. Discovery of a Romano-British Cemetery at Westborough, Maidstone. By Beale Poste 143
14. Archbishop Warham's Letters 149
15. Sir Roger Twysden's Journal 175
16a. Miscellanea 221
16b. Pedes Finium 240
17. Index to Pedes Finium 274
18. Inquisitiones Post Mortem 281
19. Index to Inquisitiones Post Mortem 327
20. General Index 337

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