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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 1  1858  page 288
Index to - Kent Feet of Fines 1196-99 Richard I
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former marriage, or by what other means, does not appear) on the sister Constance's share, which it was necessary to settle by "FINAL CONCORD," and that Robert de Vere had eventually become heir to the entirety. The ten marks paid by Ruellinus were probably merely for "equality of exchange."
   We have felt bound, as honest commentators, to give all the facts as we find them, and to offer the suggestions which occur to us, but in no wise do we presume to dictate categorically to others. We offer merely our own passing conjectures, courting at the same time the information of those who may be able to correct us.
   No. XXXV.—To " Malete," in the note, should have been added: "the final e of this word in the original, is in the form of a contraction for erre."
Note to p. 277.—Among the public Records, there is a book of Knights'-fees in Kent, transcribed anno 35 Hen. VIII., from one prepared anno 20 Edw. III. for raising an Aid to make the Black Prince a knight. In this book there are the following entries :—

                                        IN THE HUNDRED OF SHAMEL
                                       Manerium de GODYNGTON in STRODE
   De Simone Godyenton pro dimidio feodo quod Alanus de Godyenton tenuit in Strode de predicto Galfrido ["Stodeland," the transcriber's error for "Scolland," the "Escollant" of our Fine] et ipse de dicto Comite [Leicestre].
   De eodem Simone pro dimidio feodo quod Alanus de Godyenton tenet in Strode de prefato Galfrido, et ipse de Comite Leicestre.

                                        IN THE HUNDRED OF RUXLEY
                                               Manerium. de CHELLESFELD
   De Ottone de Grandisono pro uno feodo et sexta parte unius feodi quo idem Otto tenuit in Chellesfeld et CALDECOTE, de Simone de Monte Forti et ipse de honore de Newbery.

                                             Manerium de GODYNGTON
   De Willelmo de Godyenton, pro uno feodo quod Simon de Godyenton tenuit in CHELLESFELD de Henrico Stodeland [Scolland] et ipse de Simone de Monte Forti.

                                           Manerium de FARNBOROUGH
   De Heredibus Johannis Flemyng, pro uno feodo quod predicti heredes tenent [? tenuerunt] in FERNEBERGH et CHELLESFELD de Simone de Chellesfeld; et ipse de Simone de Monte Forti.

   No. XLII —Add, to the note: "or Street (in Domesday 'Estraites'), a manor in Limne, afterwards called Court at Street and Courtup Street, the chapel of which was celebrated for being the scene of the impostures of the 'Holy Maid of Kent.' "

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