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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 1  1858  page 286
Index to - Kent Feet of Fines 1196-99 Richard I
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Strodes: see Strood.
STROOD" [Strodes]; Simon de Chelesfeld's land in,
   apportionment of, 1198, xxiii.
Sudborc, Dartford, 1195, iv.
Sudflete: see Southfleet.
SUTTON [Suttune], land in, Philip Danmartin and
   Lecia his wife to Geoffrey Fitz Piers, 1197, xviii.
SUTTON [Sutune] : the common pasture of North
   Ocholte claimed by Geoffrey Fitz Piers, 1197, xix.
Suttune: see Sutton.

Templars, the: see Lee, 1196, viii.
Tenilland, Reginald de, a tenant in Godinton,
   1197, xvi.
Tirel, Mabel, wife of Warin: see under Dartford,
   1195-6, i. and iv.
Tirel, Warm, and Mabel his wife: see under
   Dartford, 1195-6, i. and iv.
Torneham, Stephen de, a judge, 1198, xxvii.-xlviii.
Tresgoz, Henry de: see under Mere, 1197, xii.
Tresgoz, John de, and his brothers Henry and
   Thomas : see under Mere, 1197, xii.
Tresgoz, Thomas de: see under Mere, 1197, xii.
Truelinge, Little Dartford, 1195, iv.
Turstan, and his brothers Ralph, Walter, Hamo,
   Mathew, and Adam: see under Rodmersham,
   1197, xiii.

Uikham, a field in East Ratling, 1196, vi.
Ussebum: see Husseburn.

Vabadun, Aveline de, wife of Richard: see under
   Shipbourne, 1195-6, i.
Vabadun, Richard de : see under Shipborne,
    1195-6, i.
Vinetarius, Alan, Little Dartford, 1195, iv.
Virgate, or Yardland, 1198, xxxi., note.
Wallensis, Richard, a tenant in Godinton,
   1197, xvi
Walter and his five brothers: see under
   Rodmersham, 1197, xiii.
Walton [Woltun], abutment, Littlebourne,
   1197, xvii.
Ware land, 1198, Stisted, xliv.
Wareland, 1198, xxxvi., note.
Warect land, 1198, xxxvi., note.
Waren: see Warenne.
Warene: see Warenne.
Warenne [Waren, Warene], William de, a judge,
   1197-8, xx. to xxiii.
Warm, Adam le, son of William, Street, xiii.
Warm, Hawise le, widow of William, 1198,
   Street, xiii.
Warin, Robert le, son of William, 1198,
   Street, xiii.
Warin, William le, dead, Street, 1198, xiii.
Wenhella: see Ovenhill
Westcrofta, in Leeds, 1198, xii.
Winchester, Geoffrey do Lucy, Bishop of, a
   judge, 1197, x.
Wodnesberge, Benedict de, Buckland,
   1198, xxxvii
Woltun: see Walton.
Worthgate [Wrtgate], abutment, Canterbury,
   1198, xxii.
Wrotham, William, de, attorney of Geoffrey Fitz
   Piers, 1197, xviii. and xix,
Wrotham, William de: see under Ocholte.
Wrtgate, i.e. Worthgate, Canterbury abutment,
   1198, xxii.
Wulf, Estrilda, wife of, and Luke and Philip, sons
   of, tenants in Fleet manor in Richborough,
   1197, xiv.

Yardland: see under Yirgate.
Yoke of land, 1197, xx. note.

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