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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 1  1858  page 279
Index to - Kent Feet of Fines 1196-99 Richard I
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   For the convenience of those who may wish to bind up the 'Pedes Finium' separately, the references in the Index are made, not to the pages, but to the number of the Fine.
The names within brackets show the form of spelling adopted in the original.


Abrincis [i.e. Averenche], Ruellinus de: see under
   Fleet, 1197, xiv.
Adam and his five brothers: see under Rodmersham,
   1197, xiii.
Albrea, wife of Godwin, a tenant in the manor of
   Fleet, in Richborough, 1197, xiv.
Aldinton, Romney Marsh, 1197, xxi.
ALLINGTON [Helinton], Cuciddemill in, Osbert 
   de Longchamp and Aveline his wife, 1196, vii.
Andegavensis, Alice, a tenant in Fleet manor in
   Richborough, 1197, xiv.
Arblaster, Humphrey, holds of Sinoth 
   Cgnophelaster in Rodmersham, 1197, xiii.
Arden, Isabella de, wife of Oliver, and formerly
   wife of Simon de Godinton: see under
   (Godinton, 1197, xv,
Arden, Oliver de: see under Godinton, 1197, xv.
Armiger, Agnes, widow of Geoffrey, Little 
   Dartford, 1195, iv.
Averagium, the service so called, 1197, xiv.
Averenche: see Abrincis, de.

Badlesmare, Gilo de, Ridley, 1198, xliii.
Bardulf, H., a judge, 1195-6, ii.
Barre, Richard, a judge, 1195-6, ii.
Beauchamp : see Bello Campo.
Bello Campo, Constance de, wife of Elias, 1197, xiv
Bello Campo, Elias de, and Constance Bolebec his
   wife: see Fleet, xiv.
Berelinge, Alan de, a tenant in the manor
   of Fleet in Richborough, 1197, xiv.
Berkinge, Stephen de, attorney of the Prior of
   Canterbury, 1198, xx
Bergourne, John le, a tenant of Osbert de
   Longchamp and Aveline his wife in Stisted,
   1198, xliv.
Berton, John de, holds of heirs of Simon de
   Chelesfeld, 1198, xxiv.
Betlesengre, Beatrice de, Buckland, 1198, xxxvii.
Bidinden, Amisius de: see Romney Marsh,
   1197, xxi.
Bigot, Earl Roger, a judge, 1196, vi.
Bockland: see Buckland.
Bocland, G. de, a judge, 1195-6, i.
Bolebec, Constance, wife of Elias de Bello Campo:
   see under Fleet, 1197, xiv.
Bolebec, Isabel: see "Errata and Addenda."
Boteilles, Peter de, Sardasse, 1197, ix.
BOXLEY, land in, Walter de Petraponte to his
   mother Lucy, 1197, x.
Boxley, the Abbot and Convent of, 1196, vii.;
   1197, x., xi.
Boxley [Buxlee], Robert, Abbot of: see Sharnden,
   1197, xi.
Boxley, John, a monk of, 1197, xi.
Bretel, John: see Street, 1198, xxvi.
Bretel, Robert, son of John, Street, 1198, xxvi.
Briwer, William, a judge, 1195-6, ii.
Broc, Samson del, a tenant in Hudimere, 1197, xv.
Broom-bed: see Genesteio.
BUCKLAND [Bockland], Benedict  de
   Wodnesberge to Beatrice de Betlesengre,
   1198, xxxvii.
BUGKINKEN, in Rokelee, Robert de Leiburn's,
   1197, xii.
Bulege, Roger, of Fleet Manor in Richborough,
   1197, xiv,
Buxlee: see Boxley

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