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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 1  1858  page 258
Pedes Finium - Kent Feet of Fines 1196-99 Richard I

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   Et pro hoc fine et concordia et donacione, predictus PHILIPPUS DE DINA, et heredes sui, quietum clamaverunt predictis PHILIPPO DE DAMMARTIN, et LECIE uxori sue, et heredibus ipsius LECIE, totum superplusagium de clamio suo. Et predicti PHILIPPUS et LECIA dederunt ipsi PHLIPPO DE DINE viginti marcas argenti.

                                             - - - - - - - - - - 
                          Simon de Chelesfeld = Juliana
                                 Dead 1198         |  1198                               
                                |                                                                    | 
 . . . . de Dine = Sarah de Chelesfeld.     Philip de Danmartin = Lecia.
     Dead 1198  |            1198                            1198                1198
  Phiihlip de Dine.
                                        - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

                                                   XXV (19)
                                            [5 June, 1198, 9 Ric. I.]
                                                      A Mortgage
(Maurice de Perieres quitclaims to Eudo Pateric a debt of twenty pounds for twelve pounds ten shillings, which the said Eudo has assigned to said Maurice, to be received out of his rents within five years, by the hands of tenants who have acknowledged themselves, in Court, as liable to fifty shillings of rent each to said Eudo.)
   Hec est finalis concordia facta in Curia domini Regis apud Westmonasterium, die Veneris proxima post octavas Sancti Trinitatis, anno regni Regis Ricardi ixno.
   Coram domino H. Cantuariensi Archiepiscopo, Rioardo Eliensi Archidiacono, magistro Thoma de Husseburne, Willelmo de Warenne, Ricardo de Herierd, Osberto filio Heruei, Johanne de Gestliges, Justiciariis, et aliis Baronibus et fidelibus domini Regis tune ibi presentibus.
   Inter MAURICIUM DE PERIERES, petentem, et EUDONEM PATERIC debentem.
   De xx libris argenti quas idem MAURICIUS clamat versus prediotum EUDONEM in prefata Curia.
   Scilicet quod predictus MAURICUS remisit et quietas clamavit predicto EUDONI predictas xx libras, pro xij libris argenti et dimidiam, quas idem EUDO assignavit predicto MAURICIO, recipiendas de redditu suo infra v annos, scilicetj per manum Henrici

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