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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 1  1858  page 250
Pedes Finium - Kent Feet of Fines 1196-99 Richard I

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PHILIPPUM de DANMARTIN et LECIAM de CHELESFELD uxorem suam, tenentes.
   De viij acris prati, cum pertinentiis, in SUTTUNE, et de cursu aque qui antiquitus solebat currere in prato illo.
   Unde placitum fait inter eos in prefata Curia, scilicet quod predicti PHILIPPUS DANMARTIN et LECIA uxor sua recognoyerunt predicto GALFRIDO filio PETRI, predictum pratum cum pertinentiis, esse jus suum et feodum suum. Et concesserunt, pro se et heredibus eorum, predicto GALFRIDO et heredibus suis, cursum predicte aque esse in prato illo, quantum ad eos pertinet.
   Et pro hac recognitione et concessione predictus GALFRIDUS filius PETRI concessit predictis PHILIPPO DANMARTIN and LECIE uxori ejus, et heredibus eorum; totum predictum pratum cum pertinenciis, tenendran de se et heredibus suis, in perpetuum, per liberum servicium v solidorum per anuum, pro omni servicio, ad festum Sancti Michaelis, persolvendorum.1
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                       Philip de Danmartin = Lecia de Chelesfeld.

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                                                  XIX (20)
                                    [14 November, 1197, 9 Ric. I.]
   (Geoffrey Fitz Piers quitclaims to Fulco the Abbot, and the Convent of Lesnes, his right of pasture in North Ocholte, which the said Geoffrey claimed to be the common pasture of Sutton; for which the said Abbot and Convent, with consent of said Geoffrey, give to William de Wrotham and his heirs thirty acres in Ocholte, lying between Le Haec and the land of Simon le Hert, to be held of said Abbot and Convent for ever, by one pound of cummin per annum.)
   Hec est finalis concordia facta in Curia domini Regis apud Westmonasteriurm, in crastino Sancti Bricii, anno regni Regis Ricardi nono.
   Coram domino H. Cantuariensi Archiepiscopo, Randulpho Herefordensi, Ricardo Eliensi, Archidiaconis, magistro Thoma
   1  By a reference to the accompanying facsimile, it will be seen that to each Fine the name of the county to which it relates is added at the foot, and at the top of the Fine are portions of letters, the remainder of them being on the counterpart, which was cut off and delivered to the parties, the cut being made through the centre of the letters, as in the foil and counterfoil of bankers' cheques, for future verification.

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