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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 1  1858  page 247
Pedes Finium - Kent Feet of Fines 1196-99 Richard I

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filii Radulphi et Henrici fratris sui, xxviijd et obolus, et de terra Ricardi Wallensis, ijs, et de terra Reginaldi de Tenilland xxxijd et quadrans, et de terra Simonis filii. Stephani, vijd et quadrans, et de terra Radulphi filii Sansonis, ijs et iij oboli, et de terra Edwardi de Ponte, xixd, et de terra Lefseti, iiijs.
   De HUDIMERE, de terra Sansonis del Broc, iiijs et rjd.
   Et sciendum est, quod post obitum ipsius Isabelle, predicti xxx solidi redditus, in terris et in hominibus, redibunt prenominato Stephano et heredibus suis.
   Et preterea, pro too fine et concordia, dedit predictus STEPHANUS prenominato OLIVERO et ISABELLE uxori sue xls esterlingorum.

                                            - - - - - - - - - -
                                                     1                  2
                      Simon de Godinton = Isabella = Oliyer de Arden.
                             (dead) 1197          1197           1197.

                               - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
                                                    XVI —(11)
                                        [9th June, 1197, 8 Ric. I.]
    (Benedict de Dappehese, plaintiff, quitclaims to Adam Escabi, tenant, and his heirs, all right in a rent of sixteen shillings and tenpence in Langesstrod, in a recognizance of Mortdauncestor.)
   Hec est finalis concordia facta in Curia domini Regis apud Westmonasterium die Lune proxima post octabas Sancte Trinitatis, anno regni Regis Ricardi viij°.
   Coram H. Cantuariensi Archiepiscopo, Radulpho Herefordensi, Ricardo Elyensi, Archidiaconis, Magistro Thoma de Husseburn, Ricardo de Heriet, Osberto filio Hervei, Sinione de Pateshill . . . . geri, Justiciaries, et aliis fidelibus domini Regis ibidem tunc presentibus.
   Inter BENEDICTUM BE DAPPHESE, petentem, et ADAM ESCABI, tenentem.
   De vj solidis, et. . . . itus in LANGESSTOOD.
   Unde recognicio de morte antecessoris1 summonita fait inter eos in prefata Curia, scilicet quod predictus BENEDICTUS . . . .
   1  "The writ of Mortdauncestor lieth, where my father, or mother, brother or sister, uncle or aunt, or nephew or niece, die seized of any lands, tenements, or rents, or of a corody or other rents, as hens and capons, issuing out of other lands of an estate in fee-simple; now if a stranger after their

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