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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 1  1858  page 242
Pedes Finium - Kent Feet of Fines 1196-99 Richard I

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                                    [4th May, 1197, 8 Ric. I.]
    (Sinoth Cgnophelaster quitclaims from himself and his heirs, to the six brothers Turstan, Ralph, Walter, Hamo, Matthew, and Adam, the half of thirty-three acres in Rodmersham, One acre under the garden of Hoppekamell, shall remain in the brothers' half, to them and their heirs for ever. The other half, and the capital messuage therein, and four acres which Humphrey Arblaster held of them and their heirs, to remain to said Sinoth and his heirs for ever. Each party to be answerable for the foreign service to which their own medieties are liable.)
   Hec est finalis concordia facta in Curia domini Regis apud Westmonasterium, die dominica proxima post Invencionem Crucis, anno regni Regis Racardi viij°.
   Coram H. Cantuariensi Archepiscopo, Radulpho Herefordensi, Ricardo Elyensi, Archidiaconis, Magistro Thoma de Husburn, Ricardo de Heriet, Osberto filio Herveii, Simone de Pateshill, Ogero filio Ogeri, Justiciariis, et aliis fidelibus domini Regis tunc ibidem tunc presentibus.
   Inter TURSTANUM, et RADULPHUM., et WALTERUM, et HAMONEM, et MATHEUM:, et ADAM, petentes, per Turstanum et Walterum fratres suos, positos loco suo ad lucrandum vel perdendum, et SINOTH CGNOPEHALSTER, tenentem.
   De xxxiij acris terre, cum pertinentiis, in RODMARESHAM.
   Unde placitum fuit inter eos in prefata Curia, scilicet quod predictus SINOTH remisit et quietam clamavit prenominatis fratribus, medietatem tocius predicts terre; scilicet, xyj acras terre et dimidiam; in RODMARESHAM. Et in medietate predictorum fratrum remanebit j acra sub gardino de HOPPEKAMELL1 de se et heredibus suis, ipsis et heredibus eorum, in perpetuum. Et alia medietas predicte terre remanebit predicto SINOTH, et capitale mesuagium quod est in medietate sua, et iiijor acre quas Umfridus Arblaster tenuit de ipsis et neredibus eorum, ipsi
SINOTH et neredibus suis in perpetuum. Et predicti fratres defendent partem suam de forinseco servicio. Et predictus SINOTH defendet partem suam de forinseco servicio2

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   1   Perhaps for Hoppekar mill,—but P if the word be not 'Hopthekamell.'
    2   i.e. The services due to the King. "Dici possunt forinseca, quia pertinent ad dominum Regem, et non ad dominum capitalem. Quandoque enim nominantur forinseca, large sumpto vocabulo, quoad aervitium domini

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