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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 1  1858  page 238
Pedes Finium - Kent Feet of Fines 1196-99 Richard I

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                                                 X – (9)
                                     [22 April, 1197, 8 Ric. I.]
   (Walter de Petraponte [Pierrepoint] grants to his mother Lucy, one yoke in Shepey, called Stapendun, and one yoke in Detling, called Manesland, and three acres in Detling, and ten acres of pasture in the tenure of Boxley, and twelve acres in the same tenure, for life, for her dower. She is to hold the yoke in Shepey, of Lady Alice Picot, by the service of the ninth part of a knight's-fee, and the yoke in Detling, of William de Detlinge, by one mark per annum ; and the three acres in Detling, of the said William de Detlinge, by two pence per annum ; and the ten acres of pasture in the tenure of Boxley, of the Canons of [Rochester] by twelve pence per annum ; and the twelve acres in the tenure of Boxley, of the monks of Boxley, by three shillings per annum ; and the twenty acres in the tenure of Boxley, of Vital de Horepole and Ernulph his brother, by five shillings and two ploughs per annum. And if Walter de Pierrepoint be unable to warrant these lands to his mother Lucy, he shall make an exchange with her in his land in Stansted in Kent or Elinton in Sussex. After her death the said lands to revert to Walter de Pierrepoint. For this grant she is to pay the said Walter a pair of spurs per annum.) 
   Hec est finalis concordia facta in Curia domini Regis apud Westmonasterium, die Martis proxima post festum Sancti Alphegi, anno regni Regis Racardi viij°, ad scaccarium Pasche.
   Coram H. Cantuariensi Archiepiscopo, R. Londonensi, G.1 Wintonensi, Episcopis, R. Archidiacono Herefordensi, Magistro Thoma de Husseburne, Simone Pateshull, Ricardo de Heriot, Ogero filio Ogeri, tune Justiciariis domini Regis, et coram aliis Baronibus et fidelibus domini Regis ibidem tune presentibus.
   Inter WALTERUM DE PETRAPONTE, tenentem, et LUCIAM DE PETRAPONTE, matrem suam, petentem.
   De uno jugo terre in SCAPEIA, quod vocatur STAPENDUN; et de uno jugo terre in DETLINGES, quod vocatur MANESLAND ; et de tribus acris terre, cum pertinentiis, in predicta villa de DETLINGES;  et de decem acris pasture in tenura de BOXLE ; et de xij acris terre, cum pertinenciis, in eadem tenura de BOXLE ; et de viginti acris terre, cum pertinentiis, in eadem tenura de BOXLE.
   Unde placitum fuit inter eos in Curia domini Regis, scilicet quod predictus WALTERUS DE PETRAPONTE concessit predicte LUCIE matri sue, omnes predictas terras, cum pertinentiis, tenendas tota . . . . sua, ut dotem suam, sine omni vexatione. Ita,
   1 Godfrey de Lucy.

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