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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 1  1858  page 228

Pedes Finium - Kent Feet of Fines 1196-99 Richard I

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testimony which these Fines give to the alienations which they record is undeniable, and can never, by any possibility, be impugned; so that, in fact, we shall have here as complete a registry as can be obtained of all the changes of property which have been made from the days which are technically called " beyond the memory of man."1

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                            [Westminster, 1195 or 1196.]
   (Warin Tirel and Mabil his wife grant to Rohais de Haia the third part of a mill in Dartford, in dower, for her life, to hold of them by service  of one twentieth part of a knight's-fee. The said Rohaisia to sustain the charges of her third part. At her death, to revert to them and their heirs.)
. . . . In. Curia domini Regis apud Westmonasteriuin, in crastino sancti  . .  [anno]2 Bacardi vij°.
   Coram H. Cantuariensi3 Archiepiscopo et R. Londinensi4 et .... "W. de Sancte Marie Ecclesia, et R. Eliensi Archidiacono et Osberto filio Herveii . . . . Gr. de Bocland, Justiciariis domini regis ibidem ttmc presentibus.
   Inter ROHAISIAM DE HAIA [et] . . . HAIA, positum loco ejusdem ROHAISIE ad lucrandum vel perdendmn, et WARINUM TIREL et MABILIAM [tenen]tes.
   De j molendino in DEEENTEORD.
   1 To complete our reader's acquaintance with these records, we have given a facsimile of one of the earliest, which will be found at p. 249, No. 18; and for the convenience of those who may not be familiar with the language of middle-age Latinity, we have prefixed to each Fine the substance of its extracts in plain English, and have appended the genealogies which appear deducible from the record.
   2 The words in brackets are applied conjecturally from other Fines or context.
   3  i.e. Hubert Walter, Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Chancellor, and Lord Chief Justice.
   Richard Nigellus, Bishop of London, Lord Treasurer.

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