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Archaeologia Cantiana -  Vol. 1  1858  page 48
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larger lands in Mr. Gibbs's collection, as well as in those of Faussett and Mr. Rolfe, are equivalent to the Roman pilum; the smaller and slighter represent the framea mentioned by Tacitus1 as inseparable from the German warrior. Of the latter an excellent example is afforded in that which we took from the grave excavated in the cemetery upon the summit of the down at Wye.
   You will not fail to observe that among the sepulchral remains acquired by Mr. Gibbs are some which are Roman. This is not an unusual occurrence, especially in the vicinity of the sites of Roman towns and villages. The Saxons appear to have selected in such cases the burial-places of their predecessors: a fact of some weight in a review of the general information we are obtaining from these discoveries, and in the deductions and conclusions they may reasonably supply. Such conclusions will be best promoted by a careful accumulation of facts, which are the groundwork and basis of all sciences: and archaeology is a science, and as a science it should be estimated and studied.
   With every good wish, and with a full appreciation of the services you have rendered and are so zealously rendering to archaeology, 
                                           Believe me, my clear Sir,
                                                   Yours sincerely,
                                                           C. ROACH SMITH.
Temple Place, Strood, July 26, 1858.

To the Rev. L. B. Larlring,
     Hon. Sec. Kentish Archaeological Society.
   1 " Hastas, vel ipsorum vocabulo frameas gerant, angusto et brevi forro, sed ita acri, et ad usum habili, ut eodem telo, prout ratio poscit, vel cominus vel eminus pugnent; et eques quidem scuto frameaque contentus est." óDo Mor. Germ. c. vi.

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