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Medieval & Tudor Wills at Lambeth transcribed by Leland L. Duncan

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Introduction to Lambeth Wills

The following pages, listing Kent medieval wills, probates and administrations, are taken from the notebooks of the late Mr Leland L. Duncan. These seven quarto notebooks compiled by Duncan were written up during his researches into the bequests to Kent churches; some of the results of which were published in Archaeologia Cantiana and Transactions of the St Paul's Ecclesiological Society amongst others. As they stand, his notebooks were written up in pencil during his lunchtime visits to the various archives where he had to study the papers not always under the best conditions.
    Since the notebooks were intended for his own use he naturally tended to use contractions and shorthand in transcribing. Now, some 80 years later, it is somewhat difficult at times to read his writing or contractions. Therefore it is always recommended that anyone wishing to pursue these wills should return to the originals as it is just possible, in spite of the great care taken, that some errors have occurred.
    One final word should be added to the effect that these notebooks are but some of his prodigious output and are by no means complete. It is almost certain that many more notebooks were compiled at the time and are now mislaid. So that one hopes that in the future these will be recovered and published.
                                                                                                                             Indexed by Zena Bamping 

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These probates without wills are to be found in Book Four.
22 Jun. 1389 Courteney Folios 354 and those following deal with a vacancy in the see of Rochester and start with a commission Magro Robto de Bradegar canonico eccl. London to act as vicarius in Spualitz gendalio.
Courteney Folios 355/6
List of Vicars and rectors in Dio. Roffen. cited
"Willmus, vicar de Leuesham"
Courteney Folio 356
A list of wills proved.
VOTESCRAYE Test. quondam Dni Johis Godard de Votescraye.
BURHAM Test. Marg'ia que fuit ux Johis Seluestre de Borgham com. to Johi Selvestre and Johi Cowherde de poch p'dci exec.
SCHORNE Test. Egidii Berywar de Schorne and com to adm. Johna nup uxor euisd and Thome Beywar exec.
TEWDELE Test. Johis Brokes de Twedele to Alice nup ux and Rico filio.
WERBURGE Test. Marg'rie Schepeyes de p Scie Werburge in Hoo to Willo Schepeyes exec.
WOLDHAM Test. Johne Lynkhelle de Woldham com. to Walter Taylor de eadam.
Test. Beatrice Baker de Wouldham and com. to Thome Baker de eadem exec.
ASSCHE 2 July ao suprascript Probate test. Robti Jasper de Assche and admon. Petro Jaspar and Clementi Wodeman exec de eadam.
Courteney Folio 357b
Sessio fca in eccl. poch de Derteforde coram Magro Johne Scharyngton comissario. [He was rector of Bromley and his com. on fol. 356a is d. 2 July 1389. - L.L.D.]
DERTEFORDE Prob. Test. Alice Pouchon de Derteforde by Wm. Pouchon de eadem exec.
LEE Prob. test. Johis Gylberd, junior, de Lee, adm to Isabella Gylberd and Edmundo Gylberd, exec.
BROMLEGH Test. Emme atte Brodegate de Bromlegh by Johi Mortem' de eadem exec and Johne Umfrey alio co-executor. Test. Rogeri Wylkyn de Bromlegh and adm. to Johi atte Noke de eadem exec.
WYLMYNGTON Test. Alic Godebour de Wylmyngton by John Godebore exec.
In eccl poch de Malling 24 July
St MARIE in HOO Prob. Test. Magri Henrici Ptrych nup. rectoris eccl. poch Sce Marie in Hoo and adm Dno Stepho Wormedale cappns. and pcinallo Lyner exec.
EALDYNG Test. Willi Agate de Ealdyng by Margerie quondam uxor sue and Thome Agate exec.
WAT'YNGBURY Test. Henrici Baker de Wateryngbury by Petronille quondam ux sue exec.
EALDYNG Test. Johis Agate de Ealdyng by Matildi quondam ux sue. Test Willi Bekyndenne de Ealdyng by Isabelle quondam ux sue et Robto atte Melle exec.
Courteney Folio 358a
MALLYNG Test. Simonis Chayne de Mallyng by Alice quondam ux suo et Willo quondam filio suo.
EALDYNG Test. Thome Tornor de Ealdyng by Alic. quondam ux sue.
LULLYNGSTON Admon. of goods of John Bernes de Lullingstone intestato to Walter Meller de eadem.
Courteney Folio 358b
Sessio in eccl. Roff. 2 Aug. coram Magro Johne Scharyington.
WERBURGH HOO Prob. Test. Will Schepee de p. Sce Werburgh by Simon Longe et Gilbert Schepeye exec.
GRAVESEND Test. Johis Stace de Gravesend by Sabine his wife and Johan filie sue.
WOLDHAM 4 Sept. Prob. test. dni Willi Hygham nup. rector eccl. de Woldham by Dno Johan Dene capellno and Thome Grygge
LAMBERHURST 16 Sept in eccl de Halling Prob. test. Rici Walsyngham de Lamberhurst by Isabelle his wife.
Courteney Folio 359a
Sessio fca in eccl de Derteforde 27 Sept. before Mag. Johne Scharyngton.
DERTEFORD Prob. test. Margar Osteler de Derteforde by Nicho Leget and res. ptate Robin Lovecok alio exec.
SUTHFLETE Test. Simon Bery by Katherine his wife.
SWANESCOMP Admon. ou bon. Julane Suthflete de Swanescomp intestato to John Frybench.
Acta in Eccl. Roffen 7 Oct. (before the same)
STRODE Prob. test. Johne uxoris quondam of John Sokelyng de Strode et com dco Johi exec.
WERBURGH in HOO Test. Petri Boydon by Godelew his wife and Luce filio suo.
STOKE Test Cecilie Boots by John Boots exec.
WERBURGH in HOO Test. Elene Kennes by Richard Ken and Hugh Fynel.
St MARIE HOO Test. Stephen Wytebard by Petronille his wife and John Belde exec.
In eccl. p de Malling 21 Oct.
SELE Prob. Test. Willi Newman by Margart his wife and Gilbert his son.
BURGHAM Test. Johis Selvestr by Isabelle his wife and Walter Hangstaple exec.
HADLOO Test. Matild Hamound by Gilbert Hamound exec.
Penult Oct. in eccl. p de Derteforde.
Pbat. est test. Dni Robti Snypston quondam vic. de West Grenewych and com to Johi Clerk exec. Thoma Clerk alio exec. recusanti.
Acta in eccl. Roffen 11 Nov. 1389.
Coram Mro Robto de Bradegar vicario generali.
ADYNGTON Probat. test. Johis Tulk by Matilda his wife. Wm. Mory other exor. recusante.
WERBURGH in HOO Admon. of goods of Alice Cost intestato to Wm. Cost de eadem.
Folio 360a
HORSMe'DENNE 25 Nov. coram Magro. Johi Scharyngton comiss. Probate est test. Will Blake de Horsmonden by Johan his wife and John his son.
EYLESFORDE 2 Dec. in eccl. de Eylesforde Prob. test. Thome Prentys de ead. by John Rede senior exec.
Acta in eccl. Roffen. 16 Dec.
SUTTON Prob. test. Laurenci atte Welle de Sutton by Hugh atte Bregge exec. Res. ptate. Agnet. relict.
Sce MARGAR Pb. test. Thome Launce de p Sce. Margaret iuxta Roffen by John Coteler and John Budde exec.
FRYNDESBURY Test. Margar ux. quondam Simon Petter de Fryndesbury by said Simon.
Courteney Folios 360b, 361a and 361b.
"Correceoes facta in eccl. Roffen, Eccl. Derteforde &c."
1 July 1389
Mostly cases of adultery in parishes all over the Diocese. It gives a good many names if one wanted them. - L.L.D.