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Medieval & Tudor Kent Wills at Lambeth - Book 26  Page 660

JOHN BATE,  Will 8 August 1560

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JOHN BATE of the parish of Sandherst husbandman, 8 August 1560. To be buried in the churche or churcheyarde of the parrish of Sandherst where it may be godlie done. To the poore people of the same parrishe 12d. At my buriall 10s. at discretion of myn executrixe. To George Bate my sonne 5 markes at the nativitie of Our Lord God next also my baye mare and her colte and to have keepinge for the saied mare and colte free for nothinge as longe as the saied George abydeth and dwelleth with his mother. To eche of my two sonnes Thomas and Harbart 5 markes when 18. To Anne Bate my dawghter 20 and to Elizabeth Bate my dawghter other 20 at theire mariages or 24. To Joane Tolerst my servaunte 6s. 8d. Residue of all my moveable to Ellis my wyfe to the bringinge vppe and governaunce of my children. 
Executrix: Ellis my wife and William Bate and Nycholas Bate my two brothers supervisors. To Ingram Bate my brother 6s. 8d. To eche of my godchildren that be any of my brothers children 12d. and others 4d. My will is my executrix shall paie vnto Vens (sic) Grove or her assignes 33s. 4d. within two yeres. If any of my daughters die then vnto George Bate my sonne 20. Witnesses: John Fowle, Wm. Bate, Ingram Bate, John Rede, Robert Drynker, George Sett. 
As concerning my messuages, landes, rentes etc. To George Bate my sonne the messuage and other buyldings, a garden and foure peces of land (8 acres) now in occupation of Ingram Bate, to the said George when 22. To Thomas Bate my sonne my messuage barne and other buyldings, a garden and all the landes and woodes I late purchased of John Holman now in occupacon of John Drynker when 22. To Ellis my wyfe my messuage and other buildings a garden and all the landes and woodes that is called Whydickes in occupation of John Beale all the terme of her lyfe and after to Harbart Bate my sonne. To Ellis my wyfe a certain annuall rente of 5 markes by the yere out of a messuage and landes at Mapsister whiche I purchased of one Stephen a ford, to my saied wyfe vntill Harbart my sonne come to 22 yeres and then he to have it hole at that age duringe the lyfe of Ellis my wyfe and after to come to the saied Thomas Bate and Harbart Bate equallie. Witnesses: Thos. Goldinge, John Reede, John Fowle and Thos. Gyrdlar. 
Proved 24 September 1560 by Elice relict and John Reve and John Fowle. (310a Parker I).
Note: in the entry of probate on folio 307 Parker I the Testator is styled John Batt.

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