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Medieval & Tudor Kent Wills at Lambeth - Book 25  Page 532

Robert Atte Brome - Will 1372

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ROBERT ATTE BROME, Canon of the Collegiate church of Wyngham (Wingham), Thursday in the Feast of the Apostles Simon and Jude, 1372. To be buried in the church of Blessed Mary of Wyngham. For my exequies on the day of my burial £10. To each Vicar of the Collegiate Church of Wyngham together with the priest of the chantry of the said church and with the sacristan of the choir 13s. 4d. To three Canons of the said church viz Master Richard de Wermyngton, Master William de Berton and Sir John de Aumberle for a pittance 5 marcs. To the fabric (fabrice) of the church of Wyngham 7 mrcs. To the church of the Holy Trinity, London 10 marcs. 
   To Juliana Bardon 5 mrcs. To Isabel Longe 100s. To each house of Friars at Dunstaple, Hicchin, Ware and Canterbury and London 13s. 4d. To Stephen Baker my servant 100s. To Sir John Sturman vicar of Shephale 20s, John Bacheler and Beatrice his wife 20s, Sir Peter Nuhole, chaplain 10 mrcs. To each of my servants 6s. 8d. 
   To the fabric of the church of Stevenache 100s, of Shepphale [Herts] 40s. To Sir Walter de Newenham my chaplain 10 mrcs. To Agnes Homle 40s. and one of my best gowns and a silver cup. To Philippa de Brokesborne a gown furred with gris. To Richard de Brokesborne 3 qrs of barley. to the Priory of Welmondle 40s. To William ate Brome £3, Master Richard de Bosyngton 20s, John Breche 10s. To the wife of John de Horsenorde 100s. of the money he owes me. To Thomas de Brakenburgh £12 and 5s. 8d. of the money he owes me. 
   To each of my executors 100s. To Idoyne maiden of Dame Parnel de Benstede 40s. To John son of John Cook 20s, Bartholomew ate Corner 6s. 8d, the daughters of John Noreys £20 of the money he owes me, the children of the wife of Isabel Longe [sic] 10s, Brother William Brome 40s, Alice ate Hoke a covered cup, John Squiry 20s, Brother Ancelme "fratri predict" 10s [?brother of John Squiry]. To Marion Jardyn 5s, Richard ‘garcioni’ of Sir John de Aumberle 5s. 
   To the poor of Stevenache, Shephale, Daccheworth 100s. To the poor of Esseche, Godewynston, Nonyngton, Wymelyngeweld 40s. To Sir Roger Aylward chaplain 20s. To the Sacristan and clerk of Stevenache 10s. To Sir Thomas, parish chaplain of Wengham 5s. To Margaret wife of Stephen baker 40s, John Lavender 2s, Cecilie Crot 3s. 4d. "Lego elemosine Domini Regis CXX li" of the money owed me by Thomas Dolsaly on condition that our Lord the King causes levy to be made to my executors of £40 which Sir Thomas Dolsaly owes me beyond the said £120 I have given to the King above.
   To the little clerks serving in the church of Wengham 20s. To Agnes de Ely and her daughter 5 mrcs. To the servants of John ate naske 13s. 4d. between them. To Robert son of Robert atte Brome 5 mrcs. To Agnes Homle 10 mrcs. To Joan Merseye my neice 10 marcs, John son of John Norreys 20s, the children of Joan ate Naske each 20s. To Jaket my servant [a man] 5s.
   I make executors Richard Merseye, John Noreys, William Brome, Stephen Baker and Master John Brien supervisor. To Vincent my servant beyond is commons 20s, to Joan Cruder 10s.
   These are the debts owing to me: Thomas de Brandon is held to me in £8 and Thomas de Brakenburgh in 100 mrcs. John de Foxcote in £20 and Sir John Whis chaplain in 40s. Henry Breslee in £7, John Ouenyld (sic) in 5 mrcs, Alice de Horsenorde in 20 mrcs, John Noreys £60, Sir John Hermer 25 mrcs. Sir Ralph, Vicar of Woston in 20 mrcs, Alan Skynner of London 10 mrcs, William Hayle 100s.
   These are the nuncupative legacies which are not recited in the will: Firstly a long cloak furred with menever ‘[de blumelle’ he gave to Agnes Noreys. A green gown furred to Sir Walter Neuham.
   A breviary according to Sarum to the same Sir Walter. A green ‘gown’ to Elene atte Brome. A mantel he gave to Agnes aforesaid.
   Proved 7th Kaln of August 1373 in the Collegiate church of Wengham. [128a Wytleseye]

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