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Medieval & Tudor Kent Wills at Lambeth - Book 24  Page 449

John KIRIEL,  Will 1 December 1376

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JOHN KIRIEL son of Nicholas Kiriel sometime Knight, Canterbury Diocese. Monday next after the Feast of St. Andrew the Apostle 1376. To be buried where God shall dispose. I leave for the expenses of my funeral 100 marcs. To be distributed amongst poor folk on the day of my funeral 100 marcs. For a chaplain to celebrate Masses and divine service for my soul and my father and mother and ancestors in the churches of Walmere and Ostrinhanger 100 marcs. For trentals to be celebrated 100 marcs. For distribution in vestures to poor people in the year of my burial 15 marcs and the poor serving in my manors to have the said vestures first, then the rest. I leave to be distributed to the poor at the Feast of the Assumption of B. Mary the Virgin at Ostringhanger the same year as my burial 40s. and at the Feast of the Nat: of St. John Baptist at Ostringhanger 40s. To be distributed to the poor at Walmere that year at the Feast of St. Katherine the Virgin 40s., at Eynesford at the Feast of B. Mary Magdalene 40s., at Stockbury at the Feast of St. John Apostle and Evangelist 40s. I leave to be distributed to the poor each Wednesday in the year of my burial 10s. whence the sum per ann. £26. I leave to the House of the Religious of Langedone £10, of St. Radegunde 100s., of Hortone 100s. Friars Minors at Canterbury 5 mrcs. Friars Preachers there 5 mrcs, Augustine Friars 4 mrcs. Friars Carmelite of Sandwich 40s. I leave to the work (operi) of the church of Ostringhangre 40s., of Walmere 40s., of Stockebury 40s., and of Eynesforde 40s, Northbourne 10s., Monyngham 10s., Dele 10s., Scholdone 10s., Ripple 10s., and the works (operi) of the church of Richelyngwode 10s., of Lymen 10s., of Sellyng next Smethe 10s., of Stanford 10s. I leave to Roger Eybrightone 10 mrcs. To each woman "in statu gentile" serving me 40s. To each "ex famuliaribus meis de statu vallet in hospicio meo deservientibus 20s." To each page (garcioni) 6s. 8d. 
I make executors Letice my wife, Sir Stephen Valence, Sir Peter prior of Hortone, Willm de Horne, Nicholas Kiriel my son and William Etone. I will that Sir Stephen Valaunce have for his labour 20 marcs, Sir Peter Prior of Hortone 100s., Wm. de Horne £10., Wm. Etone 100s. Dated at Ostringhangr. I will that Letice my wife have fully and enjoy all her silver vessels, masers, beds, her jewels and all other things that were hers before marriage and to these I leave to the same Letice my wife twelve silver dishes, a silver cup with cover of the best and both gilt, a bed of ‘camata’ with half celur with hangings and other pertinencies and half the sheets and towels and napkins. 
Proved 14 Kal. of March 1376 by Nicholas Kiriel son of deceased and William Etone. Reserved powers for the other executors. (96a Sudbury).

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