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Medieval & Tudor Kent Wills at Lambeth - Book 24  Page 399

Geoffrey COLPEPER,  Will 8 February 1389

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GEOFFREY COLPEPER of West Pecham. Monday next after the feast of the Purification of Blessed Mary the Virgin. To be buried in the parish church. To the Prior of Ledis the best silver cup that I have with a cover and twelve silver spoons to pray for the health of my soul and the soul of Walter my father. To each canon there 40d. To the parish church of West Pecham 100s. The Vicar there 20s. The Vicar of the church of Wrotham 10s., of Hadloo 40d. The Carmelite Friars of Ailesford 20s. To William Anngi (?) 5 mrcs. To Walter Waltier 5 mrcs. William Goudere 10s. To the parish church of Schynglewell a new chalice. To each poor person coming to my funeral a penny. To Richard son of Isabelle Muston 6s. 8d. To Johan at Thorne my attendant (famulo) 10 mrcs. I will there be six poor men to hold six torches round my tomb on the day of my burial and each to have a gown. Executor the reverend and my special friend, Sir Emericus Prior of Ledes and John my son and they to dispose for the health of my soul. I leave Thomas at Crouche kinsman (cognato) of Master John Colpeper 7s. To Margery my sister 40s. Residue to John my son and Katherine his wife. 
Proved 5 June 1390 by John Colpeper executor, reserved power for the other. 
(NOTE: he does not call himself Knight). (235b Courteney).

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