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Medieval & Tudor Kent Wills at Lambeth - Book 24  Page 355

Philip SEYNTCLERE,  Will 16 May 1406

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PHILIP SEYNTCLERE Knight, 16 May 1406. To be buried in the chancel of the parish church of Penshurst. He gave for his burial there to the rector and for the burial of his wife and to be prayed for 10 marcs. He gave to the Priory of Lewes 10 marcs. To each of his Esquires and gentlemen and women of his household 26s. 8d. To each valet of his household 20s. To each groom (garcioni) 10s. He gave to John Croxton a long gown of Scarlet furred with Menever, and an annuity of four marcs to be received from whatever manor he elected during his life and his feoffees were to make a sufficient state of the said annuity. 
To a certain Isabella a gentlewoman of his house who was with his mother and his wife, while she is alive, for her good service her sustinance. He gave to Thomas Thurkyll a whole bed. To Richard Wakherst, Thomas Joope and John Croxton for each day they shall ride or go about the business of getting in his debts 2s. Residue to his executors for his soul and the souls of his father and mother Margaret his wife and all faithful departed.
Executors: Thomas Ydell, John Rolfe. Witnesses: John Croxton and John Dowly. 
Proved 26 June 1408 (he is styled Sir Philipp Seynteclere Knight) by John Rolfe with reserved power for the other. (254b Arundell Pt. I).

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