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Medieval & Tudor Kent Wills at Lambeth - Book 23  Page 347

Guy MONE,  Will 17 August 1407

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"Guido, dei gratia meneveusis Episcopus" (GUY MONE, Bishop of St. David’s) 17 August 1407 in my manor of Charleton, Rochester Diocese. To be buried in the Coventual Church of Ledys, Canterbury Diocese viz in the chancel of the said church "in parte boriali" next the high altar. I will that in my "exequiis" there shall be five wax candles each of 5 lb weight, to burn on the day of my burial. I will and ordain that one cloth of black ‘russete’ be placed upon my body with a cross of white linen and that the same cloth, my funeral service being completed, shall be distributed to the poor. I will that twenty garments of russet cloth for the day of my funeral and that the same poor folk hold round my body torches of good sort which after the completion of my burial shall remain in the church of Ledis. I will that each poor person coming to my funeral (exequias) have and receive of my goods a penny of English money on the day of my burial to pray for my soul. I will that my executors with all possible haste after my decease caused to be celebrated ten thousand masses and this in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ as they shall answer at the day of Judgment. 
I will that 60 Trentals of Blessed Gregory be celebrated for my soul. I leave to the said Coventual Church of Ledis if it shall fortune that my body be buried there to pray for my soul £25 sterling so that those £25 be expended in reparation and amending of their church as my executors shall dispose. I leave to the Collegiate church of Maydenston my great breviary and great missal which late "per Wennocum Chamburleyn clericum meum scribi feci" so that the same books remain there in perpetuity. I will my executors arrange for three good and honest priests to celebrate at my charge at that altar near which I shall be buried for seven years immediately after my decease. To each chaplain present at my burial and celebrating mass there 2s. and those not celebrating 12d. 
To the most reverend in Christ Father and Lord, the Lord Thomas, dei gratia Archbishop of Canterbury a gold cup of the value of £40 and also £40 in money. To the works of the Holy and Venerable church of Canterbury 40 mrcs. To Henry Pomfret citizen and saddler (cellarius) of London 100 mrcs which the said Henry and Simon Dosier owe me by their written obligation. 
I make executors Drew (Drugonem) Barentyne, William Walderne and Henry Pomfreyt, citizens of London, Thomas Rede "domicell de partibus Wallie", Master Robert Raulyn, my canon in the Cathedral church of St. Davids and William Maydenston my ‘camararius’. 
Probate not entered (246b Arundel I).

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