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Medieval & Tudor Kent Wills at Lambeth - Book 23  Page 257

John Welles - Will 7June 1442

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JOHN WELLES, citizen and grocer and alderman of the city of London. 7 June 1442. To be buried in the chapel of Saints John Baptist and John the Evangelist on the south side of the church of St. Anthony, London, by me ordained and constructed. I leave to the new making and construction of a ‘canape’ with adjuncts for the Body of Christ to hang over the high altar of the said church according to the orders of Thomas Knollys, John Chichele or Master William Cleue, clerks, and not otherwise, nor to be converted to any other use, 20 marcs.
   I leave 300 marcs for a chaplain to celebrate for my soul, the soul of Margery late my wife and for the souls of John my father and Isabel my mother and for John and Marion father and mother of the said Margery and our benefactors etc. in the said chapel of St. John Baptist and St. John Evangelist for 30 years and the chaplain in his proper surplice every day shall be present at all and singular the canonical hours and masses in the quier of the said church of St. Anthony.
   During the said 30 years the wardens of the mistery and commonalty of grocers 40s. to attend my anniversary viz to the Mayor of the City of London attending 3s. 4d. the sword bearer before the said mayor to be there 12d, to each of the three wardens of the grocers 3s. 4d, bread, wind and wax 11s. 8d, priests clerks bells ringing 6s. 8d, poor of parish of St. Anthony 4s.
   To Henry Inglose Knight my kinsman a silver cup price £10.
   To Thomas Knolles citizen and grocer my psalter written in Latin and my best gold chain with a cross dependent with diamonds and ‘Baleys’ and my pair of Beads of with a Lords Prayer and ten Angllie Salutations and one Apostles Creed of gold, am my chest ‘de Cupris’.
   To John Chichele a cup called ‘Stondyng-cupe’ of silver gilt and my gold ring called ‘Mase’ and £10.
   To William Clyve clerk my [blank] and £10. To John Routhe my best gown with fur and £10. To William Osborn son of said Margery late my wife my two cups one called ‘Pere’ and the other called ‘Appull’, my scales called ‘Goldbalance’ my sword, my baslard and all my ‘harness’ and belongings for horses and all my armour.
   To Walter Hunte grocer £20, Robert Gayton grocer a cup called ‘Stondyngcoppe’ of silver gilt. I pardon Henry Archer my servant all the debts and give him £10. To Robert Loumos (?) 10 marcs. To little John my boy 5 marcs. To John Portar 5 mrcs, Thomas Howerwode 10 mrcs, Thomas Fastolf my kinsman 5 mrcs. To little Olyver 40s, John Martyn 20s, and Margaret Cartmell £20 on condition she is married with consent of my executors and mean while £20 to be in their keeping. To Agnes Russell 20s, Johan my servant £10, Alice Pankeborne my servant 40s, Amie my servant 40s. All servants not named to be remunerated at discretion of Thomas Knolles.
   To John Stede of Levesham 20s, Elisabeth Marchall my best primer. To Beatrice Knolles my second best primer. To the wife of John Routhe 12 lbs of wax of Malik (ceria de Malik). To the work (opus) of the parish church of St. George of Maspoole in City of Norwich in which I was received at the sacred font 100s. [Gifts to Friars etc. in London also to poor prisoners, Lepers’ House and to Anchorites within the city]
   I wish that two chalices four priests vestments, a pair of silver cruets and two pair of candlesticks of laton in my above mentioned chapel remain there for the praise of God.
   To the new making and erection of a certain standard in my ward in Westchepe after the discretion of John Chichele, Thomas Knolles and William Clyve costing 50 marcs. To the renovation of the aqueduct and further continuation £20. To the repair of London Bridge 10 marcs. To the poor tenants within he ward of Cordewainerstret especially in the parish of St. Anthony £10. To Johan late wife of John Kyngescote £5.
   I wish my feofees in all lands and tenements which I bought of William Burton citizen and grocer of London in ‘Tourstret’ to make a state to the wardens of the misterie and commonality of grocers of the City of London to them and their successors dwelling in the tenement next Grocers Hall in the parish of St. Mildred in Poultry lately built that they for ever pray and keep yearly my obit or anniversary for my soul and the soul of Margery late my wife and our fathers and mothers souls.
   I wish that all the lands and tenements in the parish of St. Mary Magdalen next the Old Fishmarket, in St. Peter’s next Poulyswharf, St. Michael’s Paternosterchirch ‘in Riola’ and St. Swithin in Candelwykstreet in the City of London be sold and the money distributed for my soul.
   I wish that after my death my manor of Sippenham in the parish of Levesham (Lewisham) in Kent with its appurtenances and all other lands and tenements rents and services which I have in the parish aforesaid be sold and the money disposed in deed of charity.
   Provided that in the said sale good and sufficient provision be made that William Osbarne especially shall receive for his life from the said manor an annual rent of 40s. with power of destraint.
   I will that my executors make a state of my term of years of and in y mansion house with shop and garden in the parish of St. Anthony, London, to some honest person of my mistery and dispose the money received for my soul.
   If William Osbarn is not content with the legacies give him and in any way molests my executor of and in my manor lands and tenements all gifts to him made shall be cancelled and he shall have nothing. Residue to pay for my will and funeral. I ordain Thomas Knolles, John Chichele, Master William Clyve and John Routhe executors. Dated at London, 7 June 1442.
   Probate act is not recorded in the Register. [484a Chichele I]

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