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Medieval & Tudor Kent Wills at Lambeth - Book 22  Page 218

Will    ? Sept 1409

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ROBERT son of JOHN TOGOSE alias DE BRADEGARE Canterbury diocese. To be buried where my executors shall dispose. To each brother priest and sister of the hospital of St. James, Canterbury to pray for me 40s. To the prioress there 6s. 8d. To the Hospital 100s. To Sir Walter atte Hoke vicar of Bradgare 20s. To Joan Epenoc (?) and her husband 40s. To Sir Adam chaplain of the chapel of Bredherst 40s. To Sir Roger Barbor and his mother 40s. To Simon Rauenesdane and his wife 20s. To each of their children 12d. To William Broun and his wife 13s. 4. To Alexr. Wolsi and his wife 13s. 4d. To Johan Tautone and her daughter 6s. 8d. To John Pret and his wife 40d. and to each of their children 12d. To John Warner and his wife and children 40d. To Ely Primer 6s. 8d. To James Hochoun 40d. To John Olscathe, tailor, 6s. 8d. To Magote Monce 40d., Johan Payfrere wife of Philip Tacyn 6s. 8d., Roger Webbe 20s., Sir John Jurdelay 6s. 8d., Robert Fraunceys 6s. 8d., John atte Wode and Margaret his wife 20s. To the daughter of William Monk deceased 40s. ‘side meis ultra eos nichil exigatis’. To Alice Parker 6s. 8d., John Clerk and his wife 20s., Matilda Chaundeler of Ledys 6s. 8d. 
Item 20s. to be distributed amongst the poor of Bradgare to whom nothing is given above. To the lights of the church of Bradegare 6s. 8d. To Thomas Rote each week for life 6d and a gown (vestris) and another to his wife and to his children. To the reparation of the nave of the church of Bykenore 13s. 4d. To the repair of the principal chancel there 20d. To the repair of the nave of the church of Wornesell 13s. 4. and of the principal chancel there "cum de nouo fuerit factam" 13s. 4d. 
To the chapel of Howkyngge a missal which begins on the second folio "magnus et horribilis" under condition that the parishioners there do not demand anything further from me otherwise I wish the legacy deleted. I leave to the church of Holyngborne and to the Rectors there my breviary (portiforium) noted, ‘cum legneda’ in the same which is in a chest of the College of Bradegare existing in the Treasury of Ledis. Item a gradual ‘un mucilino conscrupt’ which is in the said chest. Itm an Ordinal which is at Holyngborne in the church there. Itm a ferial vestment. Itm a vestment without cope and a tunicle and dalmatic, white, which are in my custody. Itm a surplice with corporals, cruets, etc. fitting for the said Rector and his successors at Holyngborne. To the chapel of Bredherst 40s. to buy a missal. I leave to the same chapel for the use of the chaplains there in time to come a ‘Jurnale’ of mine. To the chapel of Selmenstone a vestment price 40s. To the Prebendal church of Hechfelde a vestment worth 40s. for which I paid first fruits of the chapel to the church of Chichester as appears by their acquittance which Master Denis Lopham has in his custody. 
I leave to Lora Hwit of Thornham 40s. and a new tunic with rabbits fur. I leave to William Herry 40s., Thomas Bonton 40d. To each of the mendicant friars of Canterbury diocese to pray for me 40 l, William Thetcher and his wife 20s. and each of their children 12d., John Monks and his wife 40s. and each of their children 12d. I leave to John atte Vise 40s. to be received each year for his life of the Manor of Swanton which I bought together with the said John, Thomas Jeakyn, Sir John West and others deceased. I leave to the same 100s. and to his wife 20s. and to Thomas his son and his wife 10s. to pray for me.I ordain executors, Sir Thomas Jeakyn, John atte Vise and Sir Richard Baili to whom 
I leave the residue of all my goods that they with them they may pay the debts of my College at Bradegar, keeping sufficient to distribute to my relatives or those near to me according to their merits. I leave to John Horner and Custance his wife weekly 8d. for the life of each. I wish that there be distributed to the poor of Holyngborne Howkingge and Bredherst 40s. I leave to the College of Chichester 10 marcs to buy a cope. To the College of Wyngham for a cope 10 marcs. To the Commissary of Canterbury a quarternus remaining like that he has. To our Lord Archbishop a book ‘de Vollym’ compiled by John of Limano. I leave to my vicar of Northgate for oblations unpaid 20s. 
Proved 23 September 1409. He is styled "Magister Robertus Bradegare defunctus". (109b Arundell II).
[Robert, son of John Togose alias de Bradgare may be the Founder of Bredgar College see, above, "my College at Bredgar". A Robert de Bredgar was a Canon of Wingham (Bonnington) 1370-1409. Parish of Chichester 1384 – Cal Pat Rolls Vol 1381, p 379 also p 250]

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