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Medieval & Tudor Kent Wills at Lambeth - Book 21  Page 63

John COLPEPRIR,  Will 24 June 1413

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JOHN COLPEPIR Knight. In the Feast of the Decollation of St. John Baptist 1413. My soul to God, the B.V.M., all Saints and St. Thomas the Martyr. To be buried in the parish church of West Pecham [ West Peckham ] next the sepulture of my father there. 
I leave 40s. between the poor dwelling at Offarm. To the church of West Pecham a gradual to be in the custody of Katherine my wife while she lives at Oxnode under the best arrangement she and my other executors shall see fit. 
I leave to be distributed between the poor for my soul and of John Solas of Ledys 20s. To the Friars of the House of Elisford to celebrate for me 40s. To Walter Ladde vicar of West Pecham for tithes etc 10s. To the Vicar of Hadlo for the same 6s. 8d. The Vicar of Wrotham for the same 5s. and the Vicar of Brenchele 10s. To John Wyght 20s., Willm Onger 13s. 4d. To each of my agricultural attendants (familorum meorum agristorum) 2s. 
To each house of poor called Spitelhous between London and Canterbury 6s. 8d. to pray for my soul and the souls of Walter Colpepir, Richard Charles and Alice his wife. To be distributed amongst the poor of the parish of Maydeston [ Maidstone ] and Est Farlegh [ East Farleigh ] for my soul and the above souls 5 marcs. 
I will 2000 masses be celebrated in churches of London, Canterbury and elsewhere viz 1000 of Requiem for my soul and another 1000 for souls of my father and mother and the soul of Walter Colpepir. To Walter Thorold 40s. Residue to Katherine my wife and I make her, Thomas Botiller late Vicar of Hadlo, John Wodechirch, John Brokeden and John Godfray my executors. I leave to the parish church of West Pecham "ad opus et fabricam" thereof 20 marcs. Proved 10 October 1414 by Katherine relict, Thomas Botiller, John Wodechurch, John Brikeden and John Godfray executors. (265b Chichele I).

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