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Tudor Kent P.C.C. Will Transcription by L. L. Duncan - Book 56 page 24

THOMAS KEMPE,  Will 4 February 1488

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Dominus THOMAS KEMPE late Bishop of London, 4 February 1488. My soul to god, our lady, Saint Michall the archangel, Saints Peter & Paul. Saint Thomas the Martir, Saint Erkenwalde, Sainte Osithe, Saint Friedeswide and All Saints. TO be buried in the nave of my Cathedral church of Saint Paul in London, within the chapel founded and constructed at my expense in honour of the Holy Trinity.
William Kempe my nephew. Thomas Kempe my nephew [nepos]. John Kempe my brother £20. To John Kempe his son my nephew [nepos] £20. To Nicholas Strelly Knight my nephew [nepos] £20. To Thomas Strelly his brother my nephew [nepos] £20. To each of the sister of the said Nicholas and Thomas Strelly £10. To William Vppeton ’consanguineo meo’ £5.
I give my books described below for the use of the officials of the Dean and of the examinators, advocates and proctors of the Court of Canterbury on condition that within a year from the time of my death place, competent is provided for the safe custody and conservation of the foresaid books in the city of London near the Cathedral Church of Saint Paul at which place the Court of the Offical of the Dean and the Examinators, advocates and proctors and other masters of Canon or Civil (law) doctors or Bachilors can conveniently have access at proper times. And if within the said year such a place is not found I wil and dispose that then the Wardens and Fellows of the College of All Souls in the University of Oxford shall have the said books for the use of the Fellows and scholars of the College in their library.
Baldus super XI°li decretal cum Reportorio de textibus et glo. singularibus 2° fo. pene porco.
Item Lectura Nich. Cecilia super prima parte 2° libri decretalium vsque ad titulum de probac 2° fo quo ad intellectum.
Item lectura ejusden Nicholai super 2° parte 2° libri decretal et a ti° de probac usque in fine 2° fo bro principali.
Item Recolette dmi Johannis de Alexandria super primo libro decretal a ti° de officius Dele cum almo anterius 2° fo edictalis non est.
Item ff Vetus 2° fo in hiio penitus in teso / in glo/ qui de.
Itm ff inforciatum 2° fo erit eciam in tex/ in glo/ sicut feceru.
Item Albricusi de Allbrici sup ff veteri 3. a 3° li° vsque ad titulum / si ser petat / 2° fo coi vt dca li.
Item 3w pt euisoden Albrici super ff veteri a ti° si cer pe vsque in finein 3° fo statim et de significati.
Item lecutra Angeli super ff veteri 2° fo necessaric.
Item lecutra Bald super primio libr 2 fo. pluoes myo im.
Item lectura Baldi super vij mo viij no yt ix no cum lecturum Saleget super non 2° fo ferabile ita dicat glo.
Itm Lecutra Albrici de Rosata super foto in doubus volumimbus quorum fermi 2° fo et ordinate 2mo / 2° fo / in Indive.
Itm Lectura Johis de Platea super mstitute cum Angelo super antem 2° fo illud.
Itm Lectura Baldi super vsulz Fendose cum samus Johis Raynardi et Johis Blance super Fendis. Bar super constituciono ad repremendal et super freibus libris 2° fo/ visi/ essent.
Itm textus cum glo in vsulz feudosp 2° fo Brene testatum.
Itm Recolette Johannis de Grassis super prima parte 2° fo de hae 11t.
Itm Recolette de Cathonis super 2no parte 2° fo l preses.
Itm Recolette de Cathonis super prima parte ff nom et A de Malett super prima parte ff Veteris 2° for familie.
Item Recolete Cathonis super 2° fo et xm intelleclum.
Item Recolette de ja de Puteo super 2no parte ff inforti 2° fo. Here protestatem.
Itm Vnum volumen in forma mezana cum repeticobz et aliis consiliis 2° fo quod eciam discit.
Itm Leber cum diversis oracionibus, comedie et exlis 2° fo credebam ego.
Itm Glo super lic decretalium 2° fo omd postent.

To the chaplains at the church of St. James Garlikhithe.
Prima fo s biblie 2° fo inter ceteras
Itm 2n pars Biblic 2° fo todcet recto.
Itm Magister Historiarum 2° fo dundit aquas.
Itm Legenda Sanctorium post tabula 2° fo et accipit quod.
Itm Catholicon preum.

Last will dated 8 February 1488 concerning the Manor of Blicourte alias Stapulherst with its appurtenances and of my lands, tenements, rents and services in the parishes of Beterisden and Smerden in Kent. My feoffees, Master John Gigles of London, Thomas Jan of Essex, Richard Lichefeld Archedeacon of Middlesex and Master Richard Fitz James Treasurer of St. Pauls, Master William Wylde, precentor and master Thomas Dulginge chaplain of the Chapel of the Holy Trinity aforesaid, to have and hold all the aforesaid lands &e in perpetuity (partly for his said chapel and £4 yearly to Christs church Canterbury) and the 4th part to Thomas Kempe my nephew and if he die to John Kempe son of the John Kemp my brother and in default to Nicholas Strelly, Knight, my nephew (nepos) and in default to Thomas Strelley and in default to my right heirs.
Whereas I have lately conceded an acre of land with it s appurtenances in Stepulherst in Kent together with the advowson of the church of Stapulherst to Master Richard Fitz James S.T.D., Master Nicholas Wright, Master of the College of Wye, Master William Wilde precentor of the Cathedral Church aforesaid and Master Thomas Dultyng, penitenciarium of the same church and their heirs for ever, to fulfil my last will, my will in this behalf is such that the said Richard &e, shall stand enfeoffed and siezed and those who shall be foeffed shall permit the Master or Warden of the College or Hall of Merton in Oxford for the time being so often as from time to time there shall be a vacancy in that church to present to the same the Master of the College of Wye to the ordinary of the place, so that the Master of the College for the time being shall be Rector or ‘Persona’ of the said church of Stapulherst from time to time for ever. And so often as it shall happen that by death the number of persons enfeoffed in the said acre and advowson falls to three only alive then those three at the request of the Chaplain of the Chantry at that time or at their own will shall take two minor canons of the Cathedral church and they five within eight days shall appoint five others, canons of the said church, to the fulfilling of my last will as above.
Proved 22 October 1489. (P.C.C. 28 Milles)

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