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Tudor P.C.C. Will Transcription by L. L. Duncan - Book 54 page 73

JOANE PORTREFFE,  Will 11 May 1559

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JOANE PORTREFFE widowe of Goodherst [Goudhurst] in Kent 11 Maye 1559. 1 Elizabeth. To be buryed in the churche yarde of Goodhuerst. Vnto Alice my mayde 3. 6. 8. and so moche Bussett as will make her a peticote and a gowne, whiche is kepte oute already, and my best peticote and the greatest remnaunte of canvas saving her father shalhave a shirte cloth and my doughter Alice Style shall have an
elne of ytt. Also my best brasse potte my cheiste and 2 candlesticks.
To John Cradock my sonne 3. 6. 8. and his sonne James 6.s 8d. and his doughter Isabell 6s. 8d. and his doughters Jone and Elizabeth eyther of theym 3s. 4d., and Jone shall have my worst pillought and one of the worst pillough cotes to hym, 2 pewter dishes and a sawcer and her father shall have a
sacke and the malt that is in my chamber.
Also I will that James Cradocke my sonnes children shalhave eyther of theym 6s. 8d. wch is to saie, Richard and Constaunce, Jone, William, Thomas and Mercye and I will that theyre father shall paye ytt out of the tenne pounds that he oweth and he theire father shalhave the rest of the tenne pounds vnto himself.
And I will that Richarde his sonne shalhave a greate brasse pott. James my sonne theire father shall have my greate brass pott and the worst blankette vpon my bedde and Richarde his sonne my worst Ketill stopene, and his suster Constaunce a platter and a pewter dishe and Jone his suster one candlesticke and a pewter dyshe and Mercy her suster one candlestick.
I will unto my sonne James Cradocks wif my pewter chardger. I will that Thomas Cradock shalhave my cawdron and his wif my siluer spone.
To my sonne James Cradock and Thomas my sonnes all the rent due unto me which is behynde unpayde of Harry Vpton and William of Roberts Bridge in Sussex his sonen due to me by the last will of
my husbande James Cradocke out of the landes that were my forsaide husbands.
To Alice Style my doughter 3. 6. 8., my fetherbedde and bolster, my cupborde and my best kyrtell and she to paye her sonne John Style 12d whiche I do gyve hym and also will her my malte querne, my stocke cardes and my best brasse kettell and she shall paie to William her sonne 8d.
To my thre doughters Alice, Annes, and Elizabeth my thre gownes and vnto Alice and Annes my doughters all my lynnen unbequeathed and all my Tubbes and vessells of woode.
To Edwarde Style my flocke bedde and bolster and the couerlett there vpon. Vnto Simon Stile her sonne my Irne pott and to William her sonne one Irone kettill that is with Bayles. Also vnto my sonne Styles children my cowe and calf which is to saie Edwarde, William and John, Symon and Thomas and she to be solde and they to have the mony egallie.
My best harnesse girdle shalbe sold and the money gyven to the poore.
To Agnes my doughter 3. 6. 8. and my best couerlett and my best pilloughe and one of the best pilloe cotes and my musteride querne and to her doughter Margarett 3s. 4d. and my brasse panne and to the rest of her children eyther of theym 3s. 4d. whiche is to saye John, William, Edwarde, Richarde, Stephen and Elizabeth.
To Elizabeth Baker my doughter 20s. and to eyther of her children 10s. which is to saye Jone, William, Jeremye and Agnes and to Jone her doughter my diaper table clothe and I will Alexander Love 12d. and vnto William Vousdens childe my godsonne 4d. Vnto Richard Fowsden 18s. whiche he borowed of me. And also I will that Thomas Cradock shalbe myne executor.
Witnesse Thomas Jewes, Alleyne Cryer and other moo.
Proved 19 July 1559 by Thomas Cradock. (P.C.C. 35 Chaynay)

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