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Tudor P.C.C. Will Transcription by L. L. Duncan - Book 54 page 67

RICHARD AUSTEN,  Will 31 December 1554

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RICHARD AUSTEN of Goodhurst [Goudhurst], Sithesmythe 31 December 1554. To be buried in the parishe churche of Goodhurst believing that wheresoeuer my body is layed yt shall rise agayn at the last daye and the soule and bodye I trust to receyve euerlasting lief.
To my sonne Thomas my booke called the Byble and my beste gowne, the table in the hall, the cubberd and a chayer, the new table in the chamber &e., my best horse and two payer of the best bellose and two of the best anvells and hamers and tonges to them, the fornes and all the tubbes in the bruhouse, the horse mylle, the quern wt all bordes, plancks, presses but I will they shall remayne in the house save only my best gowne and my best horse and his bedd and his anvells, hamers and tonges that I will my
sonne Thomas shalhave when he will.
To the poore mens box 30s.
To my wief all my moveable goodes.
To my doughters a house that sometyme John Afford dwelled in and two pecs of lande callyd Holbern fyldes that I purchased of Thomas Cradocke and a pece called the Ham that I had by the will of Willyam Peres. If any of my doughters dye within age the other then lyvinge to have her parte.
To my wief a house that Asshenden dwellith in and a pece of lande callyd Griggs Rede that I had by the will of my father, she to paye John Carpenter of Farent in Sussed 40.
To my wief all my landes and tenements unbequeathed paying my debtes. Vnto Beaterys my wief for her joynter 5 by yere.
Executors my wief and my sonne.
Witness: Edward Rode, Thomas Lake and Robert Lake and Willyam Lake.
Proved 19 September 1555 by Beatrice relict. (P.C.C. 32 More)

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