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Tudor P.C.C. Will Transcription by L. L. Duncan - Book 54 page 65

THOMAS HORDEN,  Will 6 October 1552

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THOMAS HORDEN of Gowtherste [Goudhurst], Esquyer, 6 October, 1552, 6 Edward VI. My boddy to the earthe. In almes at my buryall to the poore inhaibtance of Horsemonden 20s., and at my monethes mind licke manner 20s. and to poor of Lamberherst in licke manner 6s. 8d. Resydue of all my movable goodes &e to my sonne Edward my soole executor. In presence of Thomas Roberthe, William Anderson, Richard Wiggonden, John Norton, Nicholas Andslye, Geoffrey Cooke.
Last will of Thomas Horden of Gowtherst gentilman made and by me personally declared 3 August 6 Edward VI. My principall meswage place or tenement called Finchecokkes set and being in the said parrishe of Gowtherst and all my landes &e in the parishes of Gowtherst and Cranbrocke, Stapleherst, Horsemonden and Lamberherst.
Forasmoche as I have no landes, tenements nor other hereditaments holden by any person by Knightes Service. First where I have by my severall dedes made severall grauntes of annuyties to euery of my thre sonnes. That is to say Allexander, Wyllyam and Richarde and a joynter to Anne nowe my wieffe of ceytain parcelles of my said lands and a state of certen parcelles of my lands in Gowtherst, Cranbroke and Stapleherst to Edward Horden my sonne and heire apparent and Elizabeth his wieff. I requyer, chardge and commande my said sonne Edward and all my other sonnes to be contented with the same. My princypal messuage called Finchcoks &e to the said Edward my sonne. Witness: John Baker, Knight, William Culpepper, Richarde Baker, John Baker, Anne Horden, Martyn Collyn, clerke, John Norton, Thomas Lyndley, Thomas Beste, Richard Lacke, Alleyn Mathewe.
Proved 28 January 1552 by Justinian Kidde proctor for Edward Horden, executor. (P.C.C. 2 Tashe)

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