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Tudor P.C.C. Will Transcription by L. L. Duncan - Book 54 page 63

WILLIAM AWSTEN,  Will 26 July 1551

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WILLIAM AWSTEN of the parish of Goodhurst [Goudhurst], clothier, 26 July 1551. To be buried in the parish church. At my buriall 6. 13. 4. among poor people. To my weie 120 and the chamber and that ys in yt. To euery of my children 20.
I will John Orglas shall have the occupying of 20 of my doughter Ellyns till she is 16. Hughe Morlay the same till my doughter Johane be 16, and thother three score pounds my wief till my two sonnes and Elizabeth my doughter cometh to thage of 16.
To Richard Awsten my brother 10. To Richard Alleyn 6. 13. 4., James Love 20s., Robert Adroull 6s. 8d., Stephen Howford 3s. 4d., Harry Merram 3. 6. 8., Edmond Olyston [or Clyston] 28d., William Osborne 6s. 8d., Symon Merell 40s., Johan Baram 40s., Julyan Maister 40s., Johane Olyston [or Clyston] 3. 6. 8., Agnes Bacheler 20s., Johane Chrofer [?Christopher] 13s. 4d.
To William Austen the wever the house he nowe dwellith in and Buttons Crofte. To Lawrence Hardynge 26s. 8., John Davy 40s., Harry Harte and to his faithfull brethern 6. 13. 4., James Bockland 40s., John Capell 10s., William Browne 6s. 8d., Alice Overy 3s. 4d., Lawrence Clyston 6. 13. 4.
Thomas Awsten my brother executor and 20. Hughe Morlay overseer and 10.
Residue to my children towardes their bringing vpp.
Last Will: Immediately after the decease of ------------ my mother, Isabell my wief to have all my landes till my two sonnes be 23.
Witnes: Hughe Morlay, John Davy, Richard Aleyn and Symon Merell.
Proved 7 November 1551. (P.C.C. 31 Bucke)

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