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Tudor P.C.C. Will Transcription by L. L. Duncan - Book 54 page 28


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The 20 day of Maye 1540, 32 Henry VIII, I ALEXAUNDER COLPEPER of Begeburye wt in the parishe of Goutherst [Goudhurst] in Kent, Knighte. To be buried in the Chappell being on the sowthe syde of the churche of Goutherste wherin I have preparide my Tombe for my body therein to be buryde or in some other place afore the blesside Sacrament.
My body to be broughte in earthe and to be don for at the day of my buryall and at the day of my mounethe mynde according as shalbe meate for a man of my degre and because that greate multitude of prese of people will resorte and come at the day of my buriall by the wch resorte prese and mulhlude dyners and many parsons mighte therby perishe and also dyners other inconvenyents mighte therby ensure and for avoyding the occasyon therof. I bequeth certeyne somes of money particulary to be dispoaside tin dyners and sundry parishes that is to say I will my Knyll to be ronge in Goutherst with the greate bell the day of my buryall and dyrige to be song there the same daye and three masses one of the Trynitie and other of oure Ladye and the thirde of Requiem to be song the next daye after my buryall for the whiche I give and bequethe three poundes to be dealyde at Goutherst in fourme following: To the vycar for his payne and labor yf he be there present 20d., and to the parishe priste for the tyme being 16d., and to euery priste 12d., to the parisshe clarke 8d. to euery singyng man 4d. and to euery childe that singithe in the Queare 2d. and to the Sexlyn for the bell knylle and the grave suche some of money as shalbe thoughte meate by the discretion of myne executrix and the Resydue in almys to pore people of the same parishe in twoo penny dole to pray for my soule my frendes soules and all xpen soules.
I will my knyll to be Ronge in Cranbroke the day of my buryall and dyrige to be songe there the same daye and 3 mases [as before] and I geve or bequethe fourtye shillinges [same as beofre only "to the Sexten for the bell and knyll suche some as shalbe thoughte mete by my executrix]. [Same at Haulkherste and 20s. but only two masses one of the Trynite and the masse of Requiem]. [Same at Lamberhurst and two masses one of or Ladye and one of Requiem and 13s. 6d.]. [Same at Horsemonden, Merden and Stapleherst with two masses one of Trynitie and the other of Requiem].
I will myne executrix geve to 12 pore men to euery of them a black goune wt a hood and 4d. and they to stande about the hearse holdinge euery of them a Torche praying all the servyce tyme for my soule my frendes soules and all xpen soules at the day of my buryall and on the morowe all the tyme of the masses and other obsequies to be doon there in lyke manner at the day of my mounethes mynde.
Also I will that Dame Constance my saide executrixe shall geve to as many parson or parsonnes blacke gownes and cotes as she shall thinke convenyent.
All my detts to be fully contentid and paide and restitution to be made of all wornges and miuryes by me done if anny suche cane be duely provide before myne executrix and ouerseers.
Dame Constance my executrix shall exhibite and fynde one honest seculer priste to sing and pray for my soule within the forsaide Chappell by the space of fyve yeres and my saide executrix geving to the saide priste yerelye for his Sallary and wage 6. 13. 4., the same
priste findinge hym selfe waxe, wyne and
breade to syng and say masse with.
To the churche of Goutherst 20 wt in 6 yeres towards the Reparacons of the same churche and vestry there.
To twoo of my doughters Margaret & Katherin 200 towards theire maryages being not maryed in my life, to either 100.
To Alyce Colpepper one other of my doughters one yerely pencon of 3. 6. 8. for 20 yeres but if she be advanced in maryage then the saide pencon to cease and to be utterly voyde.
I bequethe 10 for to by fyve Vestmentes for pristes to syng masse yn wherof the furst thereof to be for the priste that shall singe masse for me in the saide Chappell where I have prepared my Tombe and the secounde to the churche of Awsteley in the county of Warwyk and the thirde to the churche of Manchester in the saide County of Warwyk and the fourthe to the churche of Fynchingfelde in the county of Essex and the fyfte to the churche of Sainte Marye Bewers in the County of Suffolke.
An obyte at Goutherste the space of 20 yeres 6s. 8d. Tenne marks to the porist people and inhabitants of Goutherste in almys that is to say yerelye 33s. 4d.
To Thomas Willenhall 20s., Alexander Dodde 20s., John Browne 20s., Robert Thorpe 20s., Jane Porter 20s., John Dod 13s. 4d., William Haddon 13s. 4d., John Wateman 13s. 4d., Hughe Pecoke 10s., Thomas Arglas 10s., Rycharde Kempe 6s. 8d., George Cots 6s. 8d., John Style 6s. 8d, Rycharde Mose 6s. 8d., John Emery 6s. 8d., Leonarde Larshar 6s. 8d., William Clowte 6s. 8d., John Emery, cooke, 6s. 8d., to all other of my saruauntes as shall happen to be in my servyce at the tyme of my death to euery one of them 3s. 4d.
Resydue of all my goodes, juells &e to Dame Constance my wife to her owen proper vse, the whiche Dame Constance I doo ordeyne and make my sole executrix and supervysours and Ouersears my brouther Sr. Edwarde Chamberlayne, Knighte, and John Baker, Esquier, generall attorney to the Kynges highness and to either of them a blacke gowne and 40s.
In wittness whereof I the saide Sr. Alexander to this my pnt testament and laste will have putt my seale and written this lyne wt myne owen hande by me Ser Alexander Culpeper Knight. By me Thomas Harlakenden, by me William Sydenham, William Hyne priste, Henry Rogers, Thomas Willinhall, Symonde Willenhall, Thomas Darell, Henry Sampson, John Wellys curate of Goutherst.
This Codyceel made by me Sr. Alexaunder Culpepper Knighte the 5 May 33 Henry VIII. Furste where as Thomas Culpepper myne eldist sonne with other doo rest and standen bounden vnto the saide Ser Alyxander Culpepper and to other by ther writing oblygatory in the some of 1000 and endorsyd apon certeyne condycons as by the same it doth apeare, whiche condycons be not parfourmde, wherfore the some of 1000 is due to be paide as a verry dett. Yett neuerthelesse I doo declare my will and mynde as followinge: If the saide Thomas Culpepper myne eldist sonne doo well and truly paye 300 to myne executrixe, 100 within one monethe after my deceasse in the parishe churche of Goutherst and within one yere 50, of that remaynethe, the same 50 to be delyuerede to the Reparacon of the churche of Goutherst and of the vestrye there, and other 50 parcell of the Resydue to be paide in the saide parishe churche of Goutherst to John my sonne to his exhibicon and findinge, and also fourescore poundes parcell of 100 the last of the saide 300, the same fourescore pounds I will and geve as folowithe: To Anne, John, Margaret and Katherine my doughters evenly to be shisted and paide, and 20 the hole resydue of the 300 I give to Robert Gaen, Thomas Willenhale, and Symonde Willenhale egally, and if the saide Thomas my sonne well and truly kepe paye and parfourm all the payments, then
the writing oblygatory of 1000 shalbe clerly acquited. And if not my executrixe to procede in sute of the saide oblygacon and with the 700 resydue my foresaide executrix shall lye and purchase the parsonage of Goutherst with the Advouson therto belongyng, and the same to remayne to one of my sonnes and his heyres whome I t shall happen to have the Maner and Denne of Goutherste. And if the 700 will not purchase the saide parsonage then 200 to be bestowed in repayring and amending of the highe waye between the parsonage gate of Goutherst and Begebury Crosse and 100 in the high way from Goutherst Church vnto Iden Crosse and 100 in the highe way from the playne of Goutherst a long and through the Stony lane there and so forthe to Techinghole Mylle and so vpp along to Winshott hill
and 100 in the highe way ledyng from Winshot hill vnto the Crosse in Merden Streten. Also 100 in the highe way from Harteley Crosse vnto Cranebroke and 100 Resydue of the 700 vnto 12 parsonnes that shall have the Rule and ouersight of the Repayring and amending of all the highe wayes above written to euery of them 8. 6. 8. In wittness wherof to this pnt codycell in paper I the foresaide Ser Alexaunder Culpepper have subscribed my name with myne owen hande. By me Alexaunder Culpeper knighte.
Proved, with codicil 21 June 1541 by relict and executrice. (P.C.C. 30 Alenger)

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