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Tudor P.C.C. Will Transcription by L. L. Duncan - Book 54 page 26

JOHN BESPICHE,  Will 9 August 1528

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JOHN BESPICHE thelder of the parish of Goutherst [Goudhurst], 9 August 1528. To be buried in the parishe church of Goutherst. To Jesus awter there to helpe towarde the wagis of the bretherhede prest a kowe. Tot he
hersse light 4d.
John my sonne shall sell my clothes now being at London to the best price and divid bitwene Joane my wife and John and Richard my sonnes and my wif shall have the keping of the above assigned unto my sonne Richard vnto the tyme he come to 20 yeres.
To Alice Fystenden and Joane Fystenden my doughters children oon shepe. To Thomas Evan oon shepe and to Joane Bucklande oon shepe. To James Bucklonde the same. To Joane and Elizabeth doughters of Richard
Evan to either oon shepe. To Alice and Agnes my doughters oon seam of whete. To John Evan 40s. when 20 yeres. To Dorathe my doughter 5 marcs at hir mariage.
Residue to Joane my wife and Richard my sonne and my wife to be executrice.
Last wille: My londes in Goutherst. My feoffes, John Sare, George Fistenden, shall suffer Joane my wife to take all thissues &e, except two pecs of londe called Saunders and Or the tyme Richard my sonne come to 20 yeres. In default to my son John. My feoffes to stand seased in the pece of londe called Oorgars to the vse of John my son. If George Fistenden will during the life of John my soone bye the said pece for 10 then after the payment thereof my said feoffes shall stand and be seased in the said pece called Orgars to the oonly vse of the said George.
Also to stand seased in the pece called Saunders to the vse of John my son he to cause to be paid to Dorathe my doughter at hir mariage 10 marcs.
I will Alice Buclonde the house she hath nowe in occupying for oon hole yere.
Witness: William Smyth, Stevyn Mereham, and George Fistenden.
Proved 17 October 1528 by Joanne relict and executrix. (P.C.C. 38 Porch)

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