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Tudor P.C.C. Will Transcription by L. L. Duncan - Book 54 page 23

ALEXANDER NORTON,  Will 10 May 1513

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ALEXANDER NORTON of the parisshe of Goudherst [Goudhurst] gentilman, 10th Maye 1513. To be buried in the churchyard of the parish of Goudherst before the west dore there. To high altar 20d. To high aulter of parish church of Horsmonden 12d. and of Lamberhurst 8d.
To euery of my doughters 10 marke at the tyme of ther mariage. To Agnes Gaskyn my servaunt 10s. and a cowe at hir mariage. To John Kyngwode 6s. 8d. To Thomas Horden 6s. 8d. the which John and Thomas and Agnes my wyfe to be my executors. Residue to said Agnes my wyfe.
This is &e. My feoffes shall suffer the seid Agnes my wif to have and occupie all my lands, tenements, rents and fermis in parisshes of Borden, Biknore, Iwade and Tenterden vnto the tyme my sonne Thomas comyth to the age of 22 yeres, she to pay him 20s. when he cometh to thage of 18 and so yerly and when 22 my son Thomas have all my lands and tenements &e in Bicknor and Iwade and in Bordon, except a messuage wt all lands that William Glasier now occupieth except also a nother messuage callid Movers wt all lands in the seid parish of Borden he to paye to Agnes my wyfe yerly 6s. 8d. and my foeffes shall suffer Agnes my wife to take thissues of all my other londis unto the tyme my son John cometh to the age of 22 yeris she to pay him 13s. 4d. yerely when he comith to 18 heris and when he is 22 my sone John shall have the forsaid mesuage and londis that William Glasyer now occupieth and the mesuage called Mowers in the seid parish of Borden and also a mesuage in the parish of Tenterden.
If both die then to said Agnes and after her decease I will my brothers John and Thomas have all the forsaid londis and tenements equally, they to pay to my doughters 100 betwene them egally and if they die before Agnes my wyfe then the 100 to the churche wardens of Borden and four of the most honest yomen of the saide parish to dispose after ther discrecions.
If it please god my wife be wt child and have a man child and lyve he shall have 10 and if it be a woman child 10 marc at her mariage. If Thomas my sone decease wt out heirs then John my sonne shalhave all such londis &e as I have wyllydunto the said Thomas. If any of my 4 doughters decease before mariage then the childe my wife now goith wt if it be a doughter to have her porcion.
Proved: 6 November 1515 by Agnes relict and Thomas Horden, executors.

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