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Tudor P.C.C. Will Transcription by L. L. Duncan - Book 54 page 22

THOMAS FOULE,  Will 28 November 1513

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THOMAS FOULE of the parisshe of Godherst in Kent, 28 November 1513. To be buried in churchyarde of Godherst besyde my father.
To Alice Preston my goddaughter a cowe price 6s. 8d. John Andrey my godson a cowe price 6s. 8d. Richard Beching my godson a cowe price 6s. 8d. To Esabell Senet the same.
I ordeyne to bury me with all 10s., at monethes mynde 10s. and yeris day 10s. To 8 men to bere me to church 2s. 8d.
To my father in lawe my sorell gelding with loke mane and here I ordeyne myne executors Robert Lary and Thomas Savey.
This is &e. Immedyately after my decesse my faders feofers forthwith my executours to sell my tenement called Lucas to the best pryce and fyve marks to a preest secular to syng for my soule and my fathers soule within the church of Goodherst half a yere. To mending of the Kings highway fro Chenley Larre to Felmwell strete 5 marcs.
My father in lawe and my moder to have my mylle called Elherst Myll for 10 yere and then to be solde. My two susters Bryde and Dorathe 10 marcs.
To the paynting of the rode lofte of Godherst 5 marcs. To the reparacons of Comwell church 5 marcs. To a vestment in Merden church 5 marcs. To the church of Chefinyng [Chevening] otherwise callid Chepsted 20s.
Witness: Robert Apse, John Pelham, Robert Brad and William Skynner.
Proved 31 March 1514 by Thomas Lare.

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