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Tudor P.C.C. Will Transcription by L. L. Duncan - Book 54 page 12

ALLEXANDER BURR,  Will 26 January 1507

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ALLEXANDER BURR of the parish of Goodherst [Goudhurst] 26 January 1507. To be buried in the church yarde of Goodherst beside my fader. To Denys my doughter 10 marks. To Agnes my doughter 10 marks. If both die then between my childern that lyve. All myn innstuffe to my sonnes for to be shisted amongs theym and my doughters 20s. a pece when they be maried. To the brethered of Ihu in Goodherst a kowe. To the prior and conuent of Comewell 6s. 8d. To Kateryn my wiff all hir owne stuff she brought wt hir. To Stephen my son 2 kene that bee in Goodherst.
To Goodherst church 6s. 8d. To Jamys Rolff 6s. 8d. To our lady light 20d. To William Austen my best doublett and a musterdevelys gowne. My catill vnbequethed shalbe sold to pay wt my detts.
Kateryn my wif and William Austen, executors and James Rolffe ouerseer.
This is &e. of me Alexaunder Burr written 23 Henry VII. I will Kateryn my wif have her Joynter during hir lif xls a yere, reysed of parte of my lands the which shalbe in Clayfeld and in Clayfeld crofte and the maryll pett lond and Reglond and Gorlond wt the Myll house and the barne.
All my housing and lond in Goodherst orells where shalbe shisted amongst my sonnes and they to have it when they come to 22 yere of age. If all die I will my suster Agnes have the lond that is nowe my moders joynter and residue to be sold and part shall goo to the fynding of a preest in Goodherst church and residue in maydens mariages and high wayes and other charitable deeds. And this is my last will Sr. William Rees parishe preest of Goodherst, Richard Pemyll, Morgen Austeyn, John Reve wt other moo testes of the same.
Proved 18 March 1507 by Katerine relict of William Austeyn executors. (P.C.C. 33 Adeane)

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