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Tudor P.C.C. Will Transcription by L. L. Duncan - Book 54 page 9

NICHOLAS SMYTH,  Will 8 April 1507

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NICHOLAS SMYTH of Goutherst. 8 April 1507. My soul to God, Our Lady, Seynt Jamys and all the holy company of heaven. To be buried in the parisshe church of or blessed lady of Goutherst. To the light of the herse 12d. To light of the high crosse 4d., of Seynt Kateryne 4d. A dirige at Combewell for my soule, fader and moder and all xpen soules for 7 yeres.
To my 4 doughters to their mariages eueryche of theym 10, and in default to remain to Thomas and John my sonnes if they die. To Thomas and John my sonnes all the implements of my crafte if they will lern the saide crafte orells to him that will lern it. To William Smyth my servant 20s.
Residue to Johane my wif, executrix and John Burges, John Kyngwode, and John Mayne ouerseer.
This is &e. of me Nicholas Smyth. My feoffez shall suffer Johane my wif, John Burges and John Kyngwoode to take profitts of all my londs and tenements unto the tyme my sonnes be 24 yeres old for to performe suche bargeyns as I am appoynted at Alice Robert of Hawkherst and wt Maistres Adams of Flecching and when Thomas my sonne cometh to thage aforesaid I will he have my tenement late purchased of John Higham, Comborne Melle, Gowtherst and that I shuld purches of Alice Robard.
Also I will John my sonne have all myn other lands at 24 yeres except my house at Kerseys that I will to Johane my wif and John m y son to pay his moder 40s. by yere furthwt hir joyntor. If my sons die then my place I dwell yn to my broder Stephen Smyth and his childern. Residue of all my londs to my doughters.
If all die to be sold for a prest to sing and to the making of a newe bell frame 5. To a coueryng for the founte 5. To the shynglyng of the church 10. To the reparacion of the Roofe of the North Ile 20. To fowle wayes betwene the church and the gore 20. To fowle wayes betwene the churche and Comborne Melle 3.
Also I will my londs at Tysehert the which William Roper herith be sold by my foeffez and all my londs in Merden and also the Hamme and the Hoke. I will to be sold for the mariage of my doughters.
Also my feoffez shall suffre myn executrix to sell of the wood of Groveherst asmoche as shalbe nedefull to fulfill suche bargeyns as I have begon.
Proved 14 February 1507 by William Potkyn, proctor for Johan relict and executrix. (P.C.C. 32 Adeane)

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