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Tudor P.C.C. Will Transcription by L. L. Duncan - Book 54 page 7

JOHN MAPLYSDEN,  Will 15 November 1507

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JOHN MAPLYSDEN of the parisshe of Gountherst [Goudhurst] 15 November 1507 (23 Henry VII). To be buried in the churche of Gountherst in the chapell of Seynt Jamys bifore or lady of Pitie. A preest to syng half a yere at Guntherst and half a yere at Merdeyn. At my burying in preests and clerks and in mete and drynke 20s. and euery poor man and women penys a pece and euery child a white loffe (also at month’s and yere’s mynde). I bequeth to Seynt Johus payntyng in the Roodlofte 6s. 8d. To the house of Modenden 6s. 8d., of Combwell 10s. (to the prior 5s. and to euery chanon that preests 12d) and to euery noveys 6d.
To Johane my wiff 2 kyne and a calf. To Thomas Maplysden my son and John the son of the said Thomas all myn houehold stuffe and Jone my wif to have the stuffe she brought wt her. To John Bratyll 12d., Richard Reede 12d., John Shosmyth of Wadherst 12d., Richard Benett 12d., Margaret Fystynden 12d. 
To Joen Chattefeld my doughter 40s. To Thomas Cattefeld 10s. if he be a preest. To Kateryn Patynden att hir mariage 3s. 4d., Kateryn Stace 12d., Henry Willot 20s. To payntyng of or Lady of Pitie tabernacle 12d.
Residue to Thomas Maplysden my son and John Maplysden son of the said Thomas, executours.
This is &e., of my londs in the parishes of Gountherst and Horsmonden in thands of my feoffez. First I will that Thomas Maplysden and John his son shall sell a pece of lond lying in Gountherst callid Oldreding to pay my detts.
To Thomas Maplysden my son all myn other londs and tenements in Gountherst and Horsmonden and to ramayn to John his son.
Edward Redde to have 53s. 4d. upon condicon that he ordeyn Alice his wif during hir lif a joyntor of 26s. 8d. by the yere and the house in the lane that Clement dwelith in with the gardeyn somtyme callid Baldokks.
My executors shall pay to Jone my wif during hir widowhode 40s. a yere.
Witness: Dom. William Roger, chaplain, Richard Peymell, Christopher Pestilwhite, John Champnes and many others.
Proved 7 February 1507 by Thomas and John Maplysden. (P.C.C. 32 Adeane)

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