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Tudor P.C.C. Will Transcription by L. L. Duncan - Book 54 page 1

WILLIAM LOVE, Will 9 October 1493

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WILLIAM LOVE, 9 October 1493, of the parish of Goutherst [Goudhurst]. To be buried in the church under the herse (sub hersie) and for my burial 6s. 8d. To the light of the Herse there 12d. To the high cross 4d. To the Light of the Blessed Mary 4d. To painting the new work there 10 marcs. To the Light of St. Christopher 4d. To Dom. Walter Zeynden, priest, to celebrate in the church for the health of my soul and of my parents 10 marcs. 
To Thomas Leede 6s. 8d. To Thomesin my sister 6s. 8d. To Richard Leede my godson 6s. 8d. To each of the doughters of the said Thomas Leede 6s. 8d. To James Rolf my godson 6s. 8d. To William Paintor my confilio 6s. 8d. To John
son of Thomas Roberth my confilio 6s. 8d. To William son of Thomas Love my confilio 3s. 4d. To Eomund son of John Roberth 6s. 8d. To William Jenkyn of Haukeherst 6s. 8d. To his wife 6s. 8d. To his son 6s. 8d. To William Baytop 6s. 8d. To his son my confilio 3s. 4d. To John Fowzenden 6s. 8d.
Executrix Elizabeth my wife and Nicholas Smyth and I ordain John Roberth my supervisor. Residue to John my son.. [Latin]
This is the last will &e. My feoffers shall suffer Elizabeth my wif to have the profitts of my messuage that I duell yn forthewith the shop at the churche gate vnto John my son come tot he age of 20 yeres. My wife to have the profitt of my messuage called Brewton all the term of her lif. Also my shoppe of mercery she paying 10 to Thomas Astyn of Merden.
To the mariage of Elizabeth and Johan my doughters 20, and my wife to have the keping of my children and have 40s. for euery child yerely.
To John my son my lands &e not assigned when 20 and at 24 to have a lawfull estate in all my said lands.
After decease of my wife 50 marks to a sute (i.e. of vestments) for the churche of Goutherst [Goudhurst] as goodly as can be had by thadvise of John Roberth and other my feoffees and 20 marks to a wele disposed prest to syng yn the 
church of Goutherst [Goudhurst] for my soule my fadre and modre and all my frends soules by the space of two yeres and to be at the divine service songyng and seid in the seid churche. Also I ordeyn 10 marks to the sufficient makyng of the way in the nether strete and that wel doon the residue to be bestowed at barke and beneth Thomas Lovys gate.
To my brother Thomas of the sale of my seid lands 20 marks.
To Thomas Leede 13s. 4d., to his wife 40s., to Richard his son 10 marks and to euery of his doughters 40s. To the mariage of 10 pouer maydens within the parish of Goutherst [Goudhurst] 6s. 8d. To Thomas Love 40s. To John Love 40s. To Mergary Smeth 40s. and to William Baytop 40s.
Residue in deds of charite. A yerely obit for me in the church of Goutherst 20 yeres, bestowing euery yere 3s. 4d.
To my seruaunt Alice Spryngat 40s. if she fulfill her covenaunto. To Stephen
Page my godson if he dwell with my wif till he be of the age of 18 yeres, 40s. To Harry Lymden and his wife 20s. in forme abouesaid as vnto my other kynnesmen.
Proved at Maydeston [Maidstone] 31 December 1493. (P.C.C. 18 Vox)

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