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Tudor P.C.C. Will Transcription by L. L. Duncan - Book 53 page 80

JOHN SLEPYNDEN,  10 March 1533

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JOHN SLEPYNDEN of Oxforde, bachelar of Lawe 10 March 1533. To be buryed where I shall name at my departynge. To the lighte of Sainte Michell tharchangell in the chauncell of the parishe churche of Smarden 5lb of waxe, to thelighte of oure Ladye of Grace there one pounde of wax.
To my suster Myldred my cheste standynge wt Thomas Fayrmans wedowe in Smerden wt all the gere therein and her coffer stondynge at Motynden in the kepinge of Master John Gregory, mynystre there.
To John Coungehurste my godsone 20s. and to his sustre Katheryne 10s. To John Fryer my godsone 12d. To my said suster Mildred my beste gowne in Kent at Motynden.
To Thomas Fayremans wydowe of Smerden my worst gowne and all my potts, pannes, and my table in her kepinge so that she suffre my sustre Myldred to have the vse and occupying of all the premisses as longe as she levythe, if she fortune to come and dwell at Smerden.
To euery one of the couent of Motynden a priste 12s., a novice 6d.
To Alys Styche the wife of William Styche my lesser cheste in my chambr at Oxforde and all the sheettes and towells therin and all the pewtr vessell in my bedstrawe or chambr at Oxford having her fathers marke and all my keyne and Oxen that I have in Hedington and Merston.
To Johan Brytten the widowe of William Brytten a cow and 10 sheepe in the keping of John Brown.
To the church of Smerden 10s. for dirige and masses.
I make Sir John Amery and Thomas baker, vpholder of London my executours and the mynyster of Motynden my supervisour and they to cause a trentall of masses at Scala Celi in London at Savoye or Westmynster or where it is grauntyd by the Pope in Enlande.
Last will: 10 Marche 25 Henry VIII. Nicholas Badnor, John Francke, John Gregorye and William Worme my feoffes of Hedcrone to suffer the Mynystre of Motynden and his successours to take all the profite &e of a mesuage, garden and crofte in the towne of Hedecrone, bothe of Robert Symone, the space of 20 yeres to kepe an obite on tyme at Smerden another yere at Motynden for the soules of me John Slepinden, Mildred, Laurens, Julyan and Stephan and all xpen soules.
After my deceas Master Stevyn Pell, John Wolton, Thomas Slepinden, John Sharpe, Richard Sharpe his sonne, Jamys Newynden, Steven Newynden, Antony Norton of Smerden and William Norton and Steven Norton of Bethersden, my feoffes, to suffer my suster Myldred, and John Philippe her husbande, to take all thissue &e of all my mesuages &e in Smerden, Bethersden, Bydynden and Hedcron. Also my sustre Myldred all my lande in Bedenden and my mesuage in Smerden and 18 acres nowe in occupacion of Thomas Norton and his mother and 2 acres of medowe in occupyinge of Thomas Warden. After decease of Mildred and John my foeffees shall suffre the Mynyster of Motynden to take all the profitts by the space of 10 yeres, one part to Motynden, the second to a preste to saie masse in the parish church of Smerden for the sowles of me John Slypenden, Lawrence, Julyan, Steven and Myldred and my fryndes. And my priste to saie ons euerye weeke oure Lady sawter to make my soule brother of the Fraternitee of oure Ladye Sawter of Colen and the third parte to poure people of Smerden, Brotherhed and Hedcron. And after 10 yeres Thomas Slephynden the sone of John Slependen to have a pece of my lande called Marlinge of 4 Acres yf he be then alyve.
Also a prest to saie masse in Saint peturs churche in the easter or in the Trinite Chappell in Oxforde and yf Scala Celi be graunted by the Pope to eney place in oxford my priste to saye masse there ons in a weeke for vs or our soules and he to praye for vs after the tenour of the bull.
Witnesses: James Master, Thomas Tretton, Thomas Payne, John Franklyn, John Franke.
Memorandum that where I have bought of John Williams the baker the lease of his house and bakehouse wherfore he payethe me now 26s. 8d. a yere, I remytte 13s. 4d. so that he paye 3s. 4d. euery quarter to the contentation of my prists wags and also of twoo acres of meadowe lyinge in Burges medowe nye Oxforde 5s. and two tenements and two gardens in Oxforde in Saint Gilys and Mary Magdalen parisshes yerly 26s. 8d. and a tenemetn in Saint Peters in the Baylye in Oxforde solde to John Williams Baker, paying euery quarter of the yere 6s. 8d. till 12 be paid. I forgeve John Peerse of Smerden the farme of his house that he dwellyth in. I forgyve Rycharde Best 10s. of the farme he dothe owe vnto me to praye for me a retro at Sainte James thappostylle next comynge. I forgive peter Turvysnothe 40s. of the ferme he dothe owe vnto me and George Wedernden 3s. to praye for me a retro at Mighelmasse.
To William Borden of Hedcron 20s. euery yere duryng his lease of farme to pray for me paying me 13s. 4d. Also to William Turvysnoth my godsone two oxen and a cowe in kepinge of his father.
My survysour shall delyuer to Johan Brytten of Oxforde the doughter of William Brytten 3s. 4d. Also of the saide parte of almes to Davyson my godsone 3s. 4s. and to his mother as moche and to her husbande 2s. to praye for my soule.
Proved 13 April 1534 by Thomas Baker executor. (P.C.C. 12 Hogen)

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