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Tudor P.C.C. Will Transcription by L. L. Duncan - Book 51 page 24

JOHN DARELL,  6 September 1509

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SIR JOHN DARELL, Knyght, of the parisshe of litle Chart, 6 September 1509. To be buried wt in the churche of litle Chart in the chauncell of Seynt Kateryn at the north side of my grandfather. I bequeth for a stone to lye ouer me wt the epithappie 4. I bequeth to an honest Englissh preest to syng and say masse for the helthe of my soule &e. for 5 yeres, 50 marcs. To the light of the hole beame 3s. 4d. To euery light in the churche beside 20d. Also four torches of ^s. 8d. euery torche to be ordeyned for my burying, monethe day and yeres mynde and then the stokks to be delivered to the church of litle Chart.
To Dame Anne my wif all hir hole apparell, money and jewells and of my plate to take at hir choise the value of 40 to be devided gilt plate at 3s. 4d. le onze and white plate at 3s. 4d. the onze. The prioresse of Shepey to have my potell pott of siluer to the profite of the house to kepe an obite for me. Residue of my plate to Jamys my son and Alice Engeham my doughter.
To Dame Anne my wif my coler of gold of Esses. To the mariage of Isabell my doughter 100. To 20 of the porest mennys doughters wt in the parisshes of litle Chart, Bederysden, Smerden, Westwell, Charyng and Preston beside Feuersham to their mariages 5 marcs. Also all myn other stuff of household I will it be devided in three parts of all maner that is to sey beddyng, hangyngs and napry, brasse and pewter, my wif to chose first and James my sone nexte and Isabell the thirde parte. To James my son all my corne and catell excepte of the same asmoche as shalbe spende at my burying monethe daye and yeres mynde and nede be the residue to help to pay my detts.
My tawney welwet gowne to be made a cop at my coste for the church of Litell Chart wt myn armes vpon it and goodly orfrays be thadvise of the werkman.
To my godsonnes beryng my name at Christenynge at in the hundred of Kalehell to eche of them 3s. 4d. To Susanne Auger my goddoughter 10s.
Also I bequeth for londs that I bought of Pykerell in Westwell for certeyn whet that she [sic] goo owt yerely of the same lond in almes to poore people by the will of Olde Pykerell his fader for my discharge 3. 6. 8. but I will myn executours by thadoiz of my feoffez see it be made suer for ever in annuytie of lond.
To my suster Julian Deryng 5. To all my couenaunt seruants their quarterage at Seynt Mighells daye and a quarter more. To Agnes Ame 10s. To John Querstede 10s. To Thomas Pokhill for his labor and writing 20s. To Sr. William to synge a trentall for me 10s. To Anne Mannyng my seruant to hir mariage 20s.
I make Dame Anne my wife and James my son executours. Witnesses Sr. William Robynson curate ther, Thomas Polhill and Thomas Ame and other.
This is the last will of me Sr. John Darell, Knight, 18th September in the first yere of the reigne of King Henry the VIII of all my maners, londs, and tenements in the Countie of Kent. I will my feoffez of and in my maner of Pery and all my londs and tenements in Feuersham, Trouleigh, Luddenham, Preston beside Feuersham, Kyngesdon beside Sidyngborn and Dungate, shall stonde and abide seased therof wt oute any execucion or deliuery of estate or other acte to be doon to thuse of John Darell my son for terme of his life and after the decesse of the said John Darell the saide my feoffez their heirs and assignez shall stond therof seasid to thuse of the heirs of the body of the saide John Darell laufully begoten and for defawte of suche yssue of the body of the saide Jehan (sic) my son begoten to the vse of the heyres of the body of me the said Sr. John Darell begoter for euer. Also I will my feoffez of and in all myn other londs and tenements in Kent shall immediately after my decesse and at such tyme as they by Dame Anne my wif or her assignez therunto be requyred by their deede sufficient in lawe to be made ensealed and deliuered graunte vnto the said Anne and other by hir to be named on the yerely rent of 33. 6. 8. goyng owte to be perceyned of all my maners and tenements except theym bifore assigned the maner of Pery and other londs and tenements to thuse of my said sone John Darell to be had and perceyned vnto the said Anne and to hir assignez for terme of the life of the said Anne at the fests of Seynt Andrewe thapostell and Penthecost yerely to be paid wt a penaltie of 40s. at euery daye of payment for noon payment therof and wt a clawse of distresse. Provided alweys that the saide Anne bifore the saide graunte of 33. 6. 8. or any parcell therof to her to be made relase by hir dede vnto my feoffez to thuse and perfourmance off this my last will all suche right and title as she hath or claymeth to have by title of Dower in any of my maners, lands &e. in Kent and if she that refuse to doo than the said graunte of the yerly rent not to be made vnto her.
I will my feoffez by their dede graunt vnto John Gaye and John Toke squyers oon yerly rent of 20s. out of my purchased londs in Westwell late purchased of Pykerell during the if naturall of Dorathie my doughter which is nonne professed in the mynster of Shepey to thuse of the said Dorathie wt a clause of distresse for non payment therof.
Also I will my feoffez shall stond and be seased of and in all my londs, maners and tenements in Kent except bifore except to thuse of Jamys my son and the heirs of his body laufully begoten.
Witnesse, John Gage squyer, John Hales and Thomas Polhill.
Proved 4 February 1509 by Ann relict and James Darell, executors. To exhibit inventory before the feast of St. David, bishop, next. (P.C.C. 24 Bennett)

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