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Tudor P.C.C. Will Transcription by L. L. Duncan - Books 49 & 50 page 12

THOMAS HENLE (Y),  Will 1495

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The yere 1495 Thomas Henle of Cranebroke clothemake thelder. To be buried in the church of Saint Dunston in the south yle be fore Saint Thomas. To the parish prest 20s. to the clerk 6d. To euery religious house of the four ordres of Freers in Kente 6s. 8d., at Winchester 6s. 8d., to the House of Freres at Rie 6s. 8d. To reparacion of the church of Warbolton 40s. To reparacion of the church of Wingham 20s., of Chislet 10s., of Ledd 20s., of Tendirton 20s., of Bidenden 20s., of Hawkhurst 10s. To the Religious House of Combwelle 20s. To Sir John Halden, chanon of Combwelle 3s. 4d. To the churche of Cranebroke 7 torches and 4 tapirs and all of 24lb of wexe for my obite &e and they to a bide vnto the honour of the awter of Saint Thomas. To the church of Cranebroke a chesible with 2 teneculs for the prest decon and subdecon to the good and large of fyne clothe of veluet with honorabul offerays of imagery well wrought. Unto the awter of Saint Thomas and where my body restith two clothes oon of theme to be a bove for the face of fyne veluet wt a semely crucifix of golde werke in the medill and with two images of Mary and John oon to be at oon corner and that other image at that other corner and that other cloth to be at the fote of damaske. To the same awter two curteyns of sarcenett.
To Johanne Henley the doughter of my son John Henley 10 marcs to her mariage. To Kateryn Henley the doughter of my broder Robert Henley 5 marcs to her mariage. To my doughter Agnes Baker 10 marcs. To Agnes Tailour and Jone Tailour the doughters of Robert Tailour eche 6s. 8d. to their mariage. To Johanne Kitte and Agnes Kitte the doughters of John Kitte 3s. 4d. to ther mariage. To the parson of Bidenden, Horsmonden and Vicar of Benynden each 6d. 8d. to pray for me. To Thomas Henley the yongest son of John Henley my son 100 when 24. To Gerueis Henley and William Henley sonnes of John Henley my son eche 10 bales wode when 24 and if they decease to Thomas Henley their broder and son to the said John Henley my son, and if he decease then to Gerueis Henley my son and to the said Gerueis my son 2 saltes with a covering &e. Residue to Johane my wife and executrix wt. Edward Horden and Richard Baker the son of Thomas Baker.
This is &e the 28 September 11 Henry VII of my landes in Kent and Sussex. My feoffees to deliver vnto Johane my wif a tenement in Tendirton late Thomas Whithedes, two tenements som tyme Biggis a tenement som tyme William Newmans in Bedenden and all my other londes in said parish of Bedenden and Tendirden. Also my londs in Cranebroke behvene the Cornecrosse of Cranebroke and Hertecrosse and also a dihouse and all hustilments to the seid dihouse and three peces of lande, a woode and a berne called Luggynhale sometyme William Betenhames, three peces of lond lying in Tannerslane som tyme Bishoppes, a mesuage and five peces of land callid Telden some tyme Hancokces, three peces of land sonme tyme Philpottes, three peces of land some tyme Saddillers, four peces of land and a house sometyme Carders, four peces of lond and a woode called Halfepenyfeldes, Cobbe, le hok and Hokewoode lying togeder wt. in the parish of Cranebroke and also 6d. rent charged and to be paide of the mesuage and londe of John Sampson at Swatlynden, a mesuage and land called Somers thewhich on William King occupieth, a pece of lande lying in Wilnesley called Quicolynfeld and also a pece of londe and a woode some tyme Sharpies lying to the Mille of the said Sharpies.
Also my feoffeers to deliver to my wife a tenement called Roses in the parish of Hawkehurst and 3 peces of land at the Water that Robert Vescenden occupieth, 2 peces called Waits, 4 peces of londe lying at Hertlehill called Guardifeldes, Birchecosce and the Strake. All the same for her life provided my said wife shall honestly finde Gerves, William and Thomas sonnes and heres of John Henley my sonne during all the terme of her life. [then all to be divided for which arrangements follow].
Also my feoffees to delyuer to Gerves Henley my son a tenement called Cushorne and all my other lands thewhich the said Gerves nowe occupieth and also my cotage and a shope thereto lying upon Houndisduffishyll 3 peces of land called Samells and a pece called the Parke. Also a tenement called the Hacche in the parishes of Chistelett, Hode and Recoluer, a tenement in the parishes of Wingham, Preston and Asshe called Welmeston and all my londs &e in Lide, Bromehill, Midle and Olde Romney to him and his heirs for euermore. Also after death of Jone my wife to Gerves my son all my londes &e in the parishes of Bidenden and Tendirden.
To Robert Henley my broder an mesuage in Cranebroke somtyme Saddelers and 5 peces of lond lying at Brabours som tyme Wm. Salts and Coners conteyning 12 acres and after his decease to John Henley son of the said Robert Henley when 24.
To Alice my doughter wif of Edward Horden a parsell of londe in the parish of Goutherst the which the saide Edward Horden occupieth.
Proved 11 February 149 5/6 by Edward Horden and Richard Baker executors. (P.C.C. 29 Vox)

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