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Medieval P.C.C. Will Transcription by L. L. Duncan - Books 47 & 48 page 6

RICHARD CHALKHILL,  Will 14 August 1482

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RICHARD CHALKHILL of Maydeston [Maidstone], 12 August 1482. To be buried in the churchyard (in cimiterio) of the parish church of All Saints of Maydeston before the image of the Blessed Mary on the north side of the said church (ex parte boriali). To the high altar 3s. 4d. To my confessor 8d. To the work (opus) of the said church 6s. 8d. To the fraternity of Corpus Christi there 20d. To the Light of St. Christofe there 12d.
I leave to Richard my son one bed viz a ‘federbed’, tramson, one pair of blankets, three pairs of sheets, one ‘counterpoynt’ grene called Verdes &e, one great Ewer, one great candle stick and two lesser candlesticks, all the tables and forms in the hall with all the ‘hangyng’ in my hall and parlour &e when 20 years of age and if he die to Margaret my daughter. To Margaret my daughter when 12 years old a bed &e with a ‘counterpoynt’ called Popynjayes’.
To Agnes my daughter when 12 a bed &e. If the said Margaret and Agnes die then to Alice my wife, and Residue to said Alice, to be executor with William Ensyng and Robert Raynold.
Last will: To my wife my messuage in which I dwell until Richard my son come to 20 and then my feoffees to enfeoff him. My feoffees to enfeoff my wife in a meadow of mine in Boxlee with remainder to Agnes my daughter.
Margaret my daughter immediately after my death shall have my orreum or grange with garden in Puddyng lane and my lands in Farmthefeld.  
My Feoffees shall sell my lands next Longesolehothe viz Linston, Walles and land called Netherbreche and Upperbreche for a chaplain to celebrate in All Saints church in Maydeston. My feoffees to sell my land in the parish of Gillyngham and my pasture in Greane. The indenture I have of a garden in Harflete to remain to the messuage I now dwell in. My feoffees to enfeoff Richard my son in 3 acres of wood in Estbarmyng of which two are at Stonesole and one at Ygate. My executors to sell my horses to dispose in deeds of charity.  John Tulle to be enfeoffed in a messuage in which William May now dwells. I leave to John my famulo 6s. 8d. Witnesses: William Ensyng, John Bukmer. 
Proved 13 August 1483 (P.C.C. 7 Logge)

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