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Medieval & Tudor Kent P.C.C. Wills Transcriptions by L. L. Duncan - Book 12 page 222

 Stephen Lewty - Will 15 July 1512

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9. Fetiplace.

15 July 1512. Stephen Lewty of Larkefelde (Larkfield) in the parishe of Est Malling in Kent. To be buryed in the parishe churche of Est Malling before the image of Saint Cristofer. To the high alter 20s. I will one Taper of wex of Vli shall bren before the ymage of the Trinite in the same churche by the space of X yeres and a nother Taper of Vli shall bren in Ester tyme before the Sepulcre in the same churche by the space of X yeres and a nother of thre poundes I will shall brenne before the ymage of oure Lady of Pitty thre by the space of X yeres and a nother of ijli before the Image of Saint Anne and a nother of one pounde before the Image of Saint Cristofer.
   Towarde the sustentacion of the same churche of Est Malling X kynne and a bull the same to be delyvered to the church wardens for the tyme being abowt the Feste of Phillip and Jacob next insuyng the date hereof the same Wardens and their successours to set the same kyne to ferme for xxl a cowe and the money comyng to apply and converte to the behoff of the same church and that the same wardens and thyre successours geve accompt therof before the vicare and the parisheners there yerely within V dayes next after the feste of the Trinitie. I will myn extours shall by a candilstike of Latten the same to be sett before the saide Image of the Trinitie and bestowe aboute the same 10s.
   To Alice my wyf 30. I woll the saide Alice shall take to her owne use all the profytt and avauntages comyng of my shipp And yf the same Alice will by the same shipp I woll thanne that she have the same in full payment of those 20 I willed to be paid within xij monythes. I woll the same Alice shall have to her owne proper use the one half or moyte of my shipp callid the Cristofore wherof John Tamlyn is cooptener.
   To the same Alice all my stuff of houseold and plate except a cupp garnished with silver and the cover gilt, iiij silver sponys the one of theme with a short stele, a fetherbed, a paire of blanketts, ij paire of shetis, a coverlet, a bo[l]ster, a pillowe and a pillow bere which I bequeth to John my sonne. To the same John 4 whenne he comyth to the age of 21 yeres.
   If it fortune the same John to decesse then the same 40 shall remayne to Johan my dougher whenne 21 or her mariage. If both decesse then 20 shalbe bestowed in and about the rode loft of Est Malling in suych wyse as myne extours shall think moste necessary and other 20 myne extours shall ordeyn and fynde an honest preste to sing in the said churche of Est Malling by the space of thre yeres for my soulle. To Johan my doughter V mark at the age of 18 yeres or her mariage and when 18 myn extours shall geve unto her 40s toward stuff of howssolde.
   To Stephen Hame my godchilde ?33/4 and to every other godchildren xijd. To Alice wode V marke at her mariage.
   Toward the churche werks of Bryncheley 6/8. To the churche of Pembury 6/8. I will a preiste shall sing in the saide churche of Est Malling thre yeres for my soulle and all Cristen sowllis. I woll a Trentall of masses be saide for my soulle in the said church the day of my burying and in lykewyse at my monythis mynde. And an obite in the said church 10 yeres and spende therabouts yerely 6/8 to preistes clerkis lightis and other things convcernyng the same and other 3/4 emongs pore people.
   I will myn extours within a yere shall delyver the saide 40 to my sonne bequethid to thabbes and Convent of West Malling ther to be kept to thuse of my saide sonne and take suche wryting under the convent seale of the same Abbes and Convent for thassurance of the delyvering therof as myn extours shall think necessary.
To the same Abbes and Convent to theintent they have my soull in theyr devoute prayers 40s to be paide at the delyverance of the said 40. Residue in charitable dedis of mercy.
   I make Thos Nevyll squyer, John Dedyke at ?day and Cartar myn extours.
   This is of my Stephen Lewty as to all my landes and tenements etc. in Kent etc. First I woll Alice my wyff have to her duryng her lyff my thre Tenements with gardens and landis in Larkefelde Strete in the parish of Est Malling.
   I will those persons enfeoffed in all my lands and tenements shall licence and suffer John my sonne and his heires to take all the issues etc. of my landes etc. in the parisshes of Est Malling and Burham not before willid and the reversions of the landes to my wyff willid after her decesse except oon tenement late of John Lokke with ij gardens the one called Colts and the other is to the same Tenement adioyning. The which Tenement with gardens I geve unto John Lewty the sone of Rauf Lewty. If John my sone dye withoute heire than my feoffes shall suffer Johan my doughter to take all thissues etc. I will my feoffes shall suffer Johan my doughter to take and have thissues etc. of my landes and tenements within the parishe of West Malling and yff the saide Johane dye withoute here than John my sone.
   If bothe John and Johan my children die thanne all my landes etc. shalbe solde and the mony comyng in forme folowing, first a suete of white vestments of the valew of 15 be bought and geven to the churche of Est Malling and with other parcellis of the said money a preist be founde to sing in the churche of Est Malling for my soulle and the soullis of my fader and moder and all Cristen sowllis thre hoole yeres And 10 parcell of the money in making and repayring the high wey betwene the churche of Est Malling and Newhith where as moost nede shalbe thought and the residewe in charitable dedis.
   Executours shall take thissues unto the tyme John come to the age of 21 and Johan 18 in fynding and exhibicion of my saide children.
   I will Helyn Pleby shall dwell in my howsse that she now holdith duryng her lyff paying yerly to my said wyff Vs.
   Probate 4 Nov 1512 by John Dedyke and John Carter and resd power to Thos Nevill.

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