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Medieval & Tudor Kent P.C.C. Wills Transcriptions by L. L. Duncan - Book 9 page 343

Sir Richard Walden - Will 8 January 1532

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28 Dyngeley

8 Jan 1532 (24 HVIII). Sir Richard Walden of Erith in Kent Knyght. To be buried in cristen buriall. To high awter in the parishe churche of Erithe for tithes etc. 20s.
   Whereas I by my dede of Feoffament date 20 Nov 20 H8 geven graunted etc. unto the right honorable George Erle of Shrouesbury, Fraunces Talbot sonne and heire apparaunt of the said Erle George Hastyngs Knyght Lorde Hastyngs, Henry Ratclyff sonne and heire apparaunt of Robt Erle of Sussex Richd Whitehill Knt. John Hales oon of the Barons of the Kings Escheker, Wm Webbe and Reynolde Beere my manour of Gartons in Kent and all other my manors lands etc. in Townes parishes and places of Erith, Lesnesnes (sic) otherwise Lesones, Wellyng West Grenewiche, Deptford, Byxley, Plumsted, Saint Nicholas at Wade, Mounton in the Ile of Tenet.
   To have and to hold to theintent and perfourne my last wille. They to stand seased of same to the uses etc. that is to say I graunte that they seased of above and also in Borstall and ellswhere and of oon pastire in parishe of Crayford called Nasshe felde to the use of my right welbeloved doughter Countes of Shouesbury and hir heires except certeyn tenements and lands in the town of Erithe and parishe of same lemyted hereafter after my deceas to my doughter Elizth Hawte and hir heires.
   That is to say my chief howse in Erith which somtyme was oon Nechis with the landes belongyng called the olde Parke as it is dyked and inclosed aboute and oon parcell of ground that Sylverspores howse standith upon which lyeth bitwene the high wayes there and oon tenement that oon Mase lately dwelled in and oon olde house by ut, with ground belongyng and oon tenement next unto Henry Wythers howse and oon tenement called the Angell with a tenement adioynyng and all my tenements in Upper Strete hoole with Doufhowse and the grounde within the hegges and boundes that the same Doufhouse standith in.
   Also oon tenement somtyme Barfelds adionyng upon the Northside to the tenement of Wm Sampson. Oon other tenement adoinyng uppon the Northe parte of the tenement of John Bunges. Except also twoo Lessowes or pastires oon is called the Great Thurrowe Lessowe and the other conteyned 4 acres and lyeth by the comen marsshe gate.
   Also my howse in Brokestrete and lands belongyng and oon tenement upon the heithe next unto the pryour of Cristes Churche lande called Barlys and oon tenement late Pyrymans which I bought of oon Pemsey. Except also all my tenement in the Estside of the said Town of Erithe that is oon tenement called the Bulle and the tenements orcheyardes and gardyns belongyng extendyng from the saide Bulle to the mancyon and dwellyng howse of David Buller. Except also my londes and tenements etc. in the parisshe of Crayford but oonly the forsaid parcell of lande there called Nashefelde. All which in the towne and parisshe of Erith of Crayford but oonly the Closse called the Nashefelde I will etc. to my said doughter Elizth Hawte and hir heires.
   Also to my doughter Elizth Countes of Shouesbury all my fermes leesses etc. which I have in Kent.
   Also I wille Dame Mary Walden my wife shalhave 10 duryng hir lyfe owte all the saide lands and tenements as well of the said Countes and as Elizth Hawte. If not paid said Countes to forfeyte for every defaute xxs and said Dame Mary may distrain.
   And said my doughter Elizth Countes of Shouesbury shalhave all my said lands and tenements in hir owne handes ontill suche tyme as Dame Mary my wife or Elizth West late the wife of Robert Walden my sonne shall dyey the same Countes giving to hir suster my doughter Elizth Hawte 10 yerely and after death of Dame Mary or Elizth West my doughter Elizth Hawte shall immediatly have all suche lands and tenements as ar by me unto hir before gyven. My doughter Elizth Countes of Shousebury all my plate and juells except one goblet and a litill gilte salte with a cover and 6 silver spoones which I gyve to my doughter Elizth Hawte except also my best cheque of golde which I will shalbe solde to bery me and pay my detts. I will my doughter Elizth Countes of Shousebury shalhave my rynge of golde with the Turkeis whiche Dame Mary my wife gave unto me. To said Countess all the hangings of my house and stuffe and all that beloyns to my kechyn pottes pannes disshes and vessell in my brewhouse except which I doo gyve to my doughter Elizth Hawte that is the hangings in my sonne George Blagges chamber steyned upon Canvas and the bedsted and hangings next to the great Chambre and half a garnysshe of pewter vessel.
   To said doughter Elizth Countes of Shousebury all my catall goyng upon my grounde excepte twoo of the bullocks that be fatt and of the best shepe whiche shalbe spent in the house after my dethe and a hole brewing of bere to be layde into the seller for the same intent. To Dame Mary all hir own stuffe etc.
   My doughter the Countes of Shousebury and my doughter Elizth Hawte to be executrices desiring my said doughter the Countes of hir goodnes and charitie to gyve unto my sonne Petir 6.13.4. yerely durying his lyfe orells to gyve unto him som benefice or Freechapell that he may have a pour lyving durying his lyfe. By me Sir Richard Walden Knyght per me Johannan Morton clicu per me Reignolde Bere.
   On 23 June 1539 the exors renounced and admon. ad viam intestati to Joanni Rollesley sermen Dni Regis et Dno Roberto Maretyn clico.

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