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Medieval & Tudor Kent P.C.C. Wills Transcriptions by L. L. Duncan - Book 9 page 314

Richard Percyvale - Will 1 August 1528

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7. Jankyn

1 Aug 1528. Richard Percyvale. To be buried in the church yarde of Saint Mary Virgyn at the Keys in the same place where as Margery my late wife lyeth buried in. To high awter 20s to theintent that the curat of the same parishe there for the tyme being may be a mediator bitwene God and me and to pray to Him for me. To Doctour Hadley of the Grey Friers within Ippeswich 20s in like maner. [gifts to religious house there for masses etc].
   To Fraunces Percyvale, James Percyvale, Edmond Percyvale & William Percyvale my children every oon 20 when 24.
   If all die then to Margaret my wife. All the forsaid money shall remayn in the custody of James Hill of Ippeswich portman to the use above wirtten and if he decease then to surely and savely putt into the towne of Ippeswich is treasor hutch under the custody and keping of the Clauygers of the same town. I forgeve Richd Bulle of Ippeswich merchant all such detts as he owith me. To John Glayser of Ippeswich glasier otherwise called John Reynold of Ippeswich glasier my best gown and my best capp to thentent that he may the better pray for my soule. To John Hampton of Ippeswich skynner another of my furred gownes and to his wife called Margaret the doughter of Wm Bull late of Ippeswich 20/-.
   To John Percyvale my eldest sonne and heires my messuage or tenement called the George in Fernbrugh (Farnborough) in Kent with almaner of londes meeds leeses woods and pastures to the said messuage apperteynyng and lying as well in parishe of Fernbrugh as in the parishe of Orpyngton (Orpingtonton). If he decease withoute heires then to remayne to (1) Fraunces my sonne, (2) James Percyvale, (3) Xtopfer Percyvale my sonne and (3) to Edmond Percyvale my sonne, (4) to Wm Percyvale my sonne and for lacke of heires to remayne to the perfourmyng of the last wille and testament of Sir John Percyvale Knight and alderman of London by whom the forsaid mesuage etc discended and cam from.
   To Frauncis Percyvale my sonne and his heires my house called the Long house in parish of St Mary Virgyn at the Key in Ippeswich and in defaulte in succn. to James, Cristofer, Edmond, William, John Percyvale myn eldest sonne and in default to Richd Bull of Ippeswich merchant and right heires of his body. Noon of my children to entre until full age of 24 yeres.
   Margaret my wife to take rents etc. of my messuage in Fernbrugh in Kent and of my house called the Long House in Ippeswich unto tyme my children come to 24. Residue to Margaret my wife and I make her exx joyntly with James Hill and Richd Bull of Ippeswich merchants
   On 8 May 1529 coram Com (in St Ps) Margaret relict and James Hill exors in person of Ric. Felde ?firoc. sui renounced oneri excors and com. to adm. ? viam intestati to sd. Margaret in person of said proctor.

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