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Medieval & Tudor Kent P.C.C. Wills Transcriptions by L. L. Duncan - Book 9 page 291

William Swetesyre - Will 31 July 1527

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23. Porche

31 July 1527. William Swetesyre of Northcray in Kent yoman. To be buried within the church yarde of Saint James of North Cray on the est parte there next unto the place where as Alice my wife lyeth. To high awter for tithes etc. 20d and to high awter of Rokisley for the same 12d and high awter of Dertford xijd. Toward the repacon or maynteynyng of the body of the churche of North Cray 23/4 nowe being dett to me by Marten Goodborough of Chesilhurst and I geve more to the same church of North Cray 16/4 the which Wm Makyn owith to me for five quarters barley.
   To John Swetesyre my sonne a great brasse pott which was my fathers.
   To Joane Lewyns my doughtr 20 shepe not of the best nother of the worst.
   To Rose my doughter a kowe and vj ewe shepe and oon of my gownes.
   To every godchilde 12d or ells a lambe.
   To Alice my wife 10 in corne and catall to be praised by myn exors and ij other honest neighbours and all her wering gere except oon harnes gurdell with all the silver belongyng to it the whiche was myn other wives and the same I geve unto Joane the wife of Richd Swetesyre my sonne of Rokisley. Also to my said wife all suche stuffe of householde she brought to me and I will she shall remayn and dwell in my house that I dwell in unto the fest of Saint Mighell next and she with myn extors to see the Innyng of all my corne and at the said feast she to departe owt of the said house laufully with all suche legacy and bequests as to hir before is gevyn. I will all the hangings and bedsteds within my said dwelling house shall remayn and abide there to the oonly use of him that shall inheret my said house.
   To x prests at the day of my buriall 6/8 To every prest 8d and at my monethes day. I will myn exors shall bestowe upon a Tombe to be made over my grave agenst my monethes day to be of bricke the nether part and in length and brede accordyng to the largenes of my grave and to be thre foote of hight and over that a marble stone and my name and Alice my other wifs name within the said marbill stone to be graved and written as the custime is in suche stones to be written and graved to the sum of 26/8.
   To parish churche of North Cray 2 torches, of Rokisley oon, Fotiscray oon and Boxley [Bexley] oon, Wyckham oon. I will Petir Strodyll of parishe of Northcraye shall kepe yerely two tapers of fyve pounds wax burnyng before the sepulcre within the said church of North Cray forevermore and for the perfomance of the same the said Petir Strodyll hath a certyn parcell of Londe of me called Williams londe in the parish of North Cray and also the said Petir is bounde by obligacon to performe.
   Residue myn extours shall egually devide unto my foure sonnes John, Wm, Richd and Richard and they to pray for my soule and their mother soule.
   Extours John Swetesire of Wickeham and Richd Swetesire of Rokisley my sonnes and supvisour Sir Edmond Walsingham kynght the Kings graces Levetennt of his Towre in London. Wit. Sr Henry Rypton Curate there, John Lane writer hereof, Edward Johnson yoman of the Crowne, John Cowper, Petir Strodill and Alexdander Maynerd.
   This is: I will John Swetesyre myn eldest sonne shalhave my tenement and lands within the parish of Fotiscray and certeyn other londs in parish of Cheselherst, Rokisley and North cray that in Cheselherst and Fotiscray a certeyn felde severally enclosed called Stepaunce late John Mogers (6 acres). In parish of Rokisley a felde or close called Culverhousfeld (7 acres) and oon litell hope within the same parishe late Bachelers and also within the parish of North Cray a parcell of arable londe and woodlond called Squyers crofte (7 acres) yelding and payng yerely to the chief lord of Rokisley 2s of Rent whiche that Richard my yonger sonne shuld pay yerely to the said Lord for the londes sumtyme John Welsshes.
   To the said John Swetesyre and his heires males and for lack of heires to my next eldest sonne and so from oon heire male to another.
   Nevertheles I will that if Beatrice the wife of my said sonne John overlyve him the said Beatrice shalhave all the premisses as longe as she kepith hir sool widowe and if she mary then 20s yerely duryng hir lyfe owt of the same londes.
   I will Richd Swetesyre thelder my sonne shal have the londs and tenements late my fathers Petir Swetesire within the parish of Rokisley, Powliscray and Dartford to him and heires males [remainder as before]. Nevertheles
I woll that Joane the wife of said Richard shalhave all as my gifte lymyted unto Beatrice my sonne John is wife.
   I will Wm Swetesyre my sonne all my londes and tenements called Griggs within the parishes of Saint Mary Craye, Rokisley and Dartford that is to say all and as moche as was late oon John Swetesyre unkill [as before and to Agnes his wife].
   I will Richd Swetesyre my yonger sonne all my tenements and londes within the parishes of Northcraye, Rokisley and Dartford except all before gevyn that is I will to him all the hole tenement whiche I dwell nowe in called Waletts tenement oon other tenement called Mayes with all appurts. All the londes late John Bullands except Squyers crofte aforsaid. All the landes late John Walshes and Garrards. To him and heirs male [as before and to Alice his wife].
   If all my sonnes dye as God forbed then all to Joane Lewyn my doughter to her and next heire male of her body and in default to my next eldest doughter Rose. If all dye then to be solde by two of the best and most discrete honest men of the parishes to the which I have gevyn the torche unto my feoffers yf any be alyve and the churchwardeyns of North craye and the money bestowed by them in dedes of almes for my soule, etc.
   I will Alice my wife shalhave my tenement called Mayes tenement with the gardyn, kechyn and stable as longe as she kepith her self soole and it shall remayn hool to Richd my yonger sonne as above.
   My sonnes John, Richd, Wm and Richd shall pay yerely unto my said wife Alice 26/8 every of them 6/8 duryng hir life and foure loads of fyrewode to be brought her home at their costs and charges but if she happen to remoove to dwell out of the parish of Northcray then they shall not pay her her no more fyrewood but only the 26/8.
   And I will that Richd Walett and Joane his wife shalhave my tenement whiche they dwell in duryng their lyves keping the said tenement and after their decesses I will that it shall remayn for evermore to theuse and profite of him that shalbe parishe clerk of Northcray.
   My sonnes shall dispende xd the whiche is in the hole 3/4 upon oon obite for me and my frends duryng their lyves within the church of Northcray yerely to be doon upon the thursday next after passion Sunday.
   Wit. Sr Henry Ripton curate there, John Lane writter hereof, Edward Johnson yoman of the crowne, John Cowper, Petir Strodill and Alexander Maynerd.
   Probate (St Pauls) 2 Oct 1527 by exors.

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