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The Monumental Inscriptions in the churchyard of Hothfield Church  Noted by Leland L. Duncan

Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1758, added 24th January 2008

The following is as far as possible an exact transcription of Mr L.L. Duncan's field notebook for the M.I.s. at Hothfield.  His notebook written up in his shorthand, in pencil, on the site leaves something to be desired. The paper of the notebook has over time become somewhat dirty and aged but is an immensely valuable record of that date.                                                         Transcribed and typed up by Christine Pantrey

Hothfield House Inscription, House facing Park.
1a.  Along eaves in front:- Dr COETLOGAN’S Genuine True and Original Tinctures and other Medicines by the Kings Patents. All sorts of Grocery Drapery and Haberdashery. Goods Optical, Philosophical and Mathematical Instruments of a new Construction Spectacles of New Invention. Ale Brown Amber Malts and Hops. Wholesale and Retail 1762.

Over Door guard " Drugs, Oyls, Glass and Earthen ware 1762.

Hothfield Church.
Under Tower.

1b. Here lyeth the body of John WILLIAMS ye elder, being aged 65 yeares and dyed October ye 18th 1676 . The wife of John Williams being ye daughter of Peter WILLMOT dyed July ye 17th 1678 aged 64 yeares.

2. G. M. ob. 17th April 1721 Aet. 72.

3. M. M. ob. 27th August 1729 Aet. 72.
4. Here Lieth the body of Rebecca - / wife of William HENMAN / Esquire. She departed this life / August 30 1739 aged 69. Also Anna Rebecca daughter of William and Rebecca who died / November 7th 1752 aged 49 years

5. Here lyeth the Body of Peter? WILLMOT Being the sonne of Thomass Willmot. He died the ….Ath….1656 aged 7- years. And the wife of Peter Willmot being The dafter of Robert JORDEN. She died August ye 7th 1639 aged 45 years.

Font 1620? Or thereabouts after the fire. Tho’ of a different shape it is not unlike the Charing font of this period.
Arcade decorated but Easternmost caps look like Jacobean restorations.

South Chapel
6. In South Chapel is a fine Tomb of Sir …. TUFTON with figures of himself and wife and a son. And at foot on Northside two daughters and two daughters in red and black. And on South side five sons. Here lyeth ye bodies of Sir John TUFTON knight and Baronet sonne and heire of John Tufton Esquire and Mary his wife daughter of Sir John BAKER knight one of ye Privy Counsell to King Henry VIII . Edward VI . Queen Mary .Queene Elizabeth and Dame Christia his wife daughter and coheire of Sir Humphry BROWNE knight one of ye Justices of ye Comon Pleas and of Dame Mary his wife daughter of ye Lord HUSSEY. The said Sir John Tufton had to his wife Olimpha BLOWER daughter and heire of Christopher BLOWER Esquire by who hee had three daughters; Ann, Elizabeth, Margaret and by ye said Christia his second wife six sons: Nicholas, John, Humphry, Richard, William and Thomas. Four daughters Cicely, Mary, Ann, Elizabeth –
Inscription on the North-side: The said Sir John TUFTON lived peaceably in this Country and was allwaies ready and weil furnised to defend ye same. Hee was Bountifuil in relifving ye Poor and continvall comforter to ye disterssed in all tymes of necessity and in his will gave a ppetuall legacy for ye succour of ye poore of this parish and of Rainham besides many other legacies to be presently bestowed upon divers of his neighbours parishes for ye reliefe of ye poore and for mending of the highwaies.
Inscription on the Southside:- Hee rectified ye two Illes (aisles?) of this Church (after it was burnt) at his owne charge and underneath yis made a vault for a burial place for him and his posterity. And after hee had lived 80 years and seene much viz of his sa’d children and childrens children Hee departed this life and cheerfully yeelded up his soule unto Christ Jesus his Redeemer with an assured hope of a joyful Ressurrestion. Arms: East end: (1) TUFTON impaling HEVER BROWNE.
Southside:- (East) ? Page 7- 11. Arms:- (1) Southside (below) FRANCIS ? MORLEY Same as above.
On West end: CHARLTON.
On South side:- [Eastern most] ? Third from West:- READ. Second from West:- ?

7. Mural Chancel. Henry TUFTON Esquire son of the Honourable Henry Tufton born at Valenciennes on 9th May 1807 and departed this life 20th September 1832. By his affectionate and disconsolate Father.

8. Sir Richard TUFTON Baronet Born March 4th 1813 Died June 20th 1871 aged 58. Buried in the Cemetery of Montmartre, Paris.

9. Sacred to the Memory of the Rev. Stephen BARRETT MA who died 26th November 1801. in the 83rd year of his age. He was born at Bent a very ancient Mansion of the family of Barrett in the parish of Kildwick in Haven in the County of York. He was during a long and flourishing period Master of the Free Grammer school of Ashford and almost thirty years Rector of this parish. Likewise to the memory of Mary his wife, youngest daughter of Edward JACOB Esquire of the city of Canterbury, who died 28th March 1786 in the 60th year. This tribute was erected by their only daughter and Heiress Mary wife of Edward Jeremiah CURTEIS Esquire of Northiam in Sussex. (See page 62.)

10. (Brass):- To our father Richard Charles SWAN MA for 44 years Rector of this parish. Died January 29th 1894 aged 76.

11. In memory of the Rev. John MOSSOP MA . Rector of this parish, died October 3rd 1849 and Mary his wife, died July 9th 1828.

12. (East window):- In memory of Richard TUFTON Baronet who died 20th June 1871.

13. South window of Chancel. To Cecily Mary Isabel wife of the Hon. SACKVILLE-TUFTON who died 26th June 1912. Her parents dedicated this window.

14. South side mural. Alfred TUFTON Esquire who died in London on 29th March 1812 aged 47. He was for many years a Judge at Gya in the East Indies in which dignified Station and in every subsequent Office he discharged his various duties in a most just, honourable and exemplary Manner.

15. In memory of Sackville TUFTON Esquire died March XVI 1794 aged 28. Erected by his brother Alfred Tufton Esquire in the Curl service of the Hon. East India Company in Bengal [ See page 62].

16. A South window of the Nave:- To Thomas Bunyan RUTHERFORD Died August 28th 1880.

17. North window, North chapel:- To Alice, Lady HOTHFIELD by her husband and children 1915.

18. South-west window of South aisle:- To Katherine Edith ELLISON MCMXV.

South-east corner.
19. (Cross) Richard Charles SWAN 44 years Rector of this parish. Died January 29th 1894 aged 76. Elizabeth Denne SWAN Born 13th December 1822, Died June 12th 1911. Buried at Charing.

20. (Cross) Mary Anne ASHBEE died December 31st 1883 aged 74.

21. (Curb and fallen cross) Clara M. COOK 27th August 1911 aged 61.

22. Augustus C. E. HILL son of George Augustus Hill. Born at Godmersham Park, Kent 9th March 1839 died at the Ashes, Hothfield December 9th 1908.

23. (Cross and angel) Cecily wife of the Hon. Sackville TUFTON and daughter of Captain and Mrs Arthur HILL of The Ashes, Hothfield who died at Hothfield Place 26th June 1912.

24. Jane wife of David BROWNE of Cow Lees Westwell died 3rd February 1914 aged 77.

25. John PEARSON of this parish died 23rd (?) May 1803 aged 65 years. Left issue by Martha his wife three sons and one daughter. (viz) …. vis, Thomas, John and M…. Also Martha Pearson his wife, January - 180 -aged 5- years.

26. Mary PEARSON Daughter of Henry and Anne Pearson died 3rd October 1747 aged 19.

27. Henry PEARSON 5th August 1762 aged 64. Ann wife of Henry Pearson, February 12th 1786 aged 86. She was Mistress of The Charity School of Hothfield 62 years and left issue two sons and three daughters: viz Thomas, Frances, Grace and John

28. (Obelisk) Alice Harriot ARGYLL wife of Henry James first Baron Hothfield died June 29th 1914.

29. (Two heads by porch) ….lotte wife of John GILBERT …. …. Parish sone …. …. …. … his life …. … 9th 1824 7…. .ears.

30. John GILBERT 2nd May 1860 aged 73.

South side:
31. Two flat stones in rails. Helen Maria Daughter of Edward and Susan STROUTS Died December 19th 1833 aged 6. Susanna PHILPOTT their daughter died December 31st 183 – aged five months. Susanna Philpott their daughter died November 20th 1836 aged five months. Frances Mary their daughter died May 20th 1842 aged 11 years.

32. Susan wife of Edward STROUTS of this parish Died December 25th 187(?) aged 73. Also of Edward Strouts of Yonsea in this parish died October 13th 1881 aged 81.
Page 22 began from last 4 lines above.

33. (Low tomb with raised cross in low rails):- Thomas DELL/late of Aylesbury/in West Bucks/Died 2nd June 1874at Bath,/Somersetshire aged 56.

34. (Small old head):- Ye body of Thomas son of Richard FOSTALL and Susan his wife who died December 25th 1714 aged ? 27 years.

35. (Mounted by porch West side):- In grateful memory of Katherine Edith ELLISON died at Hothfield 23rd March 1914 aged 39.

36 Elizabeth MURTON daughter of Edward STROUTS Esquire of Hothfield and widow of the late Thomas DELL Esquire of Aylesbury Bucks. Born 13th March 1831 died 16th January 1909 aged 78.

37 Elizabeth wife of Edward PILCHER late of Faversham died 18th April 1856 aged 43. Also Edward Pilcher of Faversham, born 6th July 1810 died 13th October 1896.

38 Benjamin LEIGH many years gardener to the who died June 7th 1797 aged (?4)9 years. Also Sarah wife of the above Benjamin Leigh who died March 14th 1812 aged 47.

39..(Curb opposite porch):- Emma Jane wife of James C. CLEMENTS, died February 25th 1915 aged 60.

40 Dorcas BOURNE wife of Daniel Bourne, April ye 3rd 1742 aged 44, who left three sons and one daughter: John, Daniel, Dorcas and Thomas. Daniel Bourne died April ye 6th 1774 aged 85.

41 Thomas BOURNE of this parish yeoman 30th August 1789 aged 61 years. Left Catherine (nee TONG) his wife a widow by whom he had issue 14 children of which five sons and one daughter survived him. Viz Daniel, Charles, Ramsden, Ottaway. (29-12-2002 Marytn Taylor from Brockenhurst, Hants states that Phobe and Felix also survived, Felix being the one referred to below at No. 145)

South West on line with East end of tower:-
42 Mr John WOOD of this parish Yeoman, who in all his conduct as a son, brother, neighbour and friend, subject and Christian did most truly prove that an honest man is the noblest work of God. He died May 7th 1822 in the 70th year.

43 Daniel LUCKHURST late of Westwell who died April 1790 aged 66. Elizabeth wife of above died 2nd August 1782 aged 40. Left issue one son and four daughters Viz. Daniel, Lucy, Elizabeth, Dorcas and Esther.

44 Elizabeth wife of Daniel LUKUST died April 18th 1765 in ye 43rd (?) year. She left issue one son and two daughters viz. Daniel, Luse and Elizabeth. (other half not filled in).

45 Daniel WOOD died November 7th 1796 aged 47. Left issue by Frances his wife two sons and two daughters: Thomas, Daniel, Mary and Elizabeth. (29-12-2002 Marytn Taylor from Brockenhurst, Hants states that Frances nee MILLS later married Ottaway Bourne, referred to in No. 41 above, and had children by him.)

46 William WOOD of this parish 28th May 1803 aged 47. Also Robert Wood brother of above died 25th July 1757 aged 7 years.

On a line with West End of tower.
47 Stephen PAINE February 19th 1873 aged 48. Left surviving two sons and three daughters; George, Stephen, Elizabeth, Emily- Marion and Frances Jane also Mary Jane who died February 12th 1855 aged 10.

48 Here lyeth the body of Mary the wife of William SAVAGE of Hathfield and daughter of William JACOB late of Boughton Aluph who departed this life 24th day of June 1702 aged 54 yeares.

49 (
East side):- Here resteth the body of Anna the loving wife of William SNOATH. She was a vertuous woman in her life and her dying words were Come Gow to meet with God and Saints. She departed this life July 12th 1672 aged 29 yeares and Here lyeth the body of Elizabeth the daughter of William Snoath. She dyed an infant November 2nd 1672.
On West side of above):- O As thou tenderest thy own Sowls welfare remember to Love thy Creator and serve him with a perfect heart and be a doer of the word and not a hearer onely Deceiving your own selfe For we must give account of what we have done and our own conscience will bear witness for us or against us at the resurrection at the last day Therefore do not m…. and improve precious time upon which Eternity dependeth

50 William HUGHES of this parish, January 19th 1810 aged 73. Left issue by Mary his wife two sons and two daughters: William John, Mary and Frances. Mary Hughes, November 26th 1818 aged 8(?4).

51 James HUGHES son of William and Elizabeth Hughes of this parish, 22nd September 1803 aged eight months.

52 William HUGHES late of this parish, 12th November 1836 aged 71. Elizabeth his wife, June 24th 1810? aged 71. [prob. 1840 & sc] Left issue surviving nine sons and two daughters: Henry, William, John, George, Edward, David, Robert, Richard, James, Winni and Charlotte.

The above completes those on South side from East to West.

North side.
53 (By West wing of North aisle):- Rev. Harry Wright RUSSEL Parish chaplain to Lord Hothfield and ten years Rector of this parish, Died 2nd May 1904 aged 56.

54 (The Western slip from tower Northwards):- Thomas BETTS of this parish, January 9th 1825 aged 79. Mary his wife died May 10th 1829 aged 73. Leaving surviving two sons and two daughters: Thomas, Mary, Elizabeth and William.

55 James SWEETLOVE Of the parish of Westwell died September 9th 1817 aged 75. Leaving issue by Mary his wife five sons and five daughters. Mary his wife, April 9th 1850 aged 86.
Also five of his children; William died November 23rd 1816 aged 30. Harriot died 23rd April 1819 aged 22. Thomas 2nd January 1821 aged 26. John 26th April 1821 aged 22. 56 Sarah GABY widow, 7th September 1832 aged 43. Likewise Charles son of above died June 23rd 1837 aged 30, and Charlotte his sister who died November 29th 1839 aged 30.

57 John PICKERING died December 11th 1861 aged 65. He was Gardener at Surrenden and Wrinsted Court in this County for nearly 40 years. Elizabeth his wife died 25th November 1857 aged 70.

58 Mr Thomas STANFORD of Park Street Grosvenor Square died March 26th 1830 aged 61. (Eulogium) Mrs Sarah Stanford his mother died of the Small Pox July 7th 1790 aged (?61) years. 59 Mr James Stanford his father died March 17th 1800 aged 74.

60 Mr James Stanford his brother May 1(?8) 1830 aged 72. a loving husband.

61 Joseph and Elizabeth GIMBER He died 26th October 1812 aged 73. She died 8th May 181(?5) aged 82. They had issue two sons and three daughters of whom one survived them viz Elizabeth who erects this stone.

62 John GAUNT, 22nd October 1873 aged 62. Jane daughter of above, 30th September 1871 aged 39. Charles his son 24th July 1873 aged 33.

63 James GAUNT 40 years Shepherd in Hothfield parish, died July 12th 1868 aged 47. Rachel STANFORD youngest daughter of above died October 10th 1882 in 22nd year.

64 Mary Ann wife of Samuel Pope STANDING who died 4th May 1891 aged 71.

Here O is the yew

65 Mary Jane ROUTLEY of North Tamerton, Cornwall, 16th January 1909 aged 69.

66 To my husband Jesse COLLYER, 11th March 1895 aged 60.

67 Reuben Henry EDWARDS of this parish, 31st January 1887 in 30th year. Ellen his wife, 11th February 1918 aged 67.

68 Edward EDWARDS of this parish, 27th February 1881 aged 53. Sarah his wife, October 20th 1914 aged 80.

69 (Obelisk near gate):- Thomas Bunyan RUTHERFORD Born 1st August 1822 at Angrum Craig N.B.
Died 28th August 1880 at Hothfield.

70 (Curb):- William Luckhurst, 22nd January 1919 aged 75.

North part of yard.
71 Frances wife of John GURR, 27th October 1896 aged 71. John Gurr husband of above, 8th January 1914 aged 83.

72 Mary Ann wife of James HUGHES, 25th October 1895 aged 75. James Hughes husband of above, 4th June 1911 aged 80. [ James Hughes was Cowman and John Gurr was woodman on the Estate.
The two wives were sisters. (told me by sexton)] .

73 Thomas HARRIS died 6th February 1796 aged 38. Left issue by Elizabeth his wife four children viz: Thomas, Edward, Harriot and John.

74 James the son of George and Hannah Harris died January 30th 1779 aged 24. Also George brother of James died March (?27) (?1780 aged 32 years left surviving M…. his wife one Viz Stephen.

75 Richard TAPPENDEN Late of this parish yeoman, 13th September 1797 aged 36. Sprightly youth whoe’er thou art ve

76 Richard TAPPENDEN of this parish Yeoman, 4th February 1795 aged 68. Elizabeth wife of above died 26th November 1795 aged 69. Issue three sons and one daughter viz. Richard, John, Henry and Elizabeth.

77 Henry TAPPENDEN late of this parish died 18th December 1813 aged 44. Left surviving by Mary his wife three sons and three daughters: Mary, Frances, Henry, Richard, Elizabeth and William.

78 Harriet eldest daughter of Henry and Mary TAPPENDEN died 17th May 1860 in 19th year.

79 Mary wife of Henry TAPPENDEN of this parish, 23rd December 1862 in 59th year.

80 (Second row from path):- Elizabeth wife of Reginald PARTRIDGE of this parish, 17th January 1771 aged 57. Left issue Greenhill and James.

81 James WATERS under Gardener at Hothfield, accidentally thrown down by a horse on 9th September 1874 and died 17th aged 50.

82 Henry HUGHES late of Westwell died 8th May 1814 aged 14 years.

83 John HUGHES late of Lenham Court Lodge died January 27th 1850 aged 78. Left surviving by Elizabeth his first wife one son – William and by Rebecca his second wife one daughter – Catherine WITHERDEN.

84 Elizabeth wife of John HUGHES of Westwell Castle in this County who died July 30th 1825 aged 60. Left surviving one son and one daughter Viz William and Mary.

85 Peter STANFORD native of the County of Norfolk but late of this parish, died 18th May 1853 in 32nd year.

86 Elizabeth COAST wife of Thomas Coast, 14th December 1899 aged 73. Emily Jane CALTON daughter of above, January 17th 1900. Also Thomas Coast, 8th February 1902 in 81st year.

87 David COAST Born 24th June 1776 Died 18th August 1846. Mary his wife Born 4th May 1786 Died 1st August 1870. Had issue eight children; five sons and three daughters: Mary, David, Elizabeth, Jane, John, William, Thomas and James. Elizabeth died (in London) 26th August 1859 aged 49. Mary died (at Hernhill) 15th August 1870 aged 63. David Coast died in Folkestone, 8th December 1877 aged 69. William Coast died in London, 22nd June 1871 aged 52. James Coast died in London 26th January 1885 aged 60.

88 (Cross headstone):- James COAST died 3rd May 1863 aged 5 years. Jane Coast died 23rd September 1865 aged six weeks. Children of Thomas and Elizabeth Coast of this parish.

89 John COAST of this parish died 8th February 1898 aged 83. He worked as Estate Carpenter at Hothfield Place for 61 years. Jane BYERS sister of above died 22nd November 1878 aged 66.

90 Here lyeth the body of Margarit BOURNE the wife of Richard BOVRNE Dafter of John SAVAGE. Deseased November the 20th day 1698 aged 47 years.

91 Thomas LUCKHURST died December 25th 1743 aged 76 years. Also Elizabeth Relict of Thomas Luckhurst died December 25th 1763 aged 86. They had issue four sons and six daughters viz- Thomas, John, William, Daniel, Margaret, Elizabeth, Hannah, Mary Ann and Sarah. This stone was erected by Daniel the youngest son.

92 Thomas LUCKHURST of this parish Died 20th August 1807 aged 20.

93 John LUCKHURST of this parish, December 7th 1827 aged 76. Sarah his wife died 31st December 1818 aged 66.

94 Mary Ann WILKINS, July 31st 1870 aged 29. Louisa Wilkins, August 27th 1860 aged 11 years.

95 Here lyeth ye body of Frances the daughter of Daniel and Bethulia BOURNE who died March the 22nd 1706 aged 26.

96 John HOPE late of this parish Carpenter, 9th July 1808 aged 35. Left issue by Martha his wife six children: Mary, William, John, Martha, Thomas and Catherine.

97 Leonard GURR Died 3rd October 1810 aged 71. Left surviving by Margaret his wife one son and two daughters viz; Leonard, Pearcy and Charlotte.

100 John WEST of this parish, died 24th September 1850 aged 79. Leaving a wife and one son. He lived in the service of three Earls of Thanet during a period of 61 years. Learn from the example of this Good old faithful servant.

101 John his son, 1st August 1854 aged 53. Charlotte his wife, 25th December 1866 aged 72.

102 Thomas HYDER died March 19th 177- aged 70. Also Mary his wife died May 17th 1775 in 80th year.

103 Richard HYDER late of Charing died April 12th 180(?9) aged 71.

104 John FOSTER of this parish, Yeoman, 15th March 1845 aged 45. Left issue surviving by Mary Ann his wife one son and three daughters: Elizabeth, John, Emily, Frances and Albenia. Henry son of above, 23rd January 1836 aged thirteen months. John son of above, 9th May 1851 aged 17 years. Albina Foster daughter of above died 3rd January 1854 aged 12 years.

105 Hester daughter of Leonard and Mary GURR of this parish, February ye 8th 1780 aged 22 years.

106 Rachel wife of Robert GILES who died September 8th 1790 in 77th year. Left issue one son and two daughters: Mary, Margaret and Robert. Robert Giles husband of above Rachel died 15th February 179(?8) aged 82.

107 John HINDS, 3rd September 1845 aged 20. William Hinds, September 30th 1871 aged 37. Henry Hinds 23rd March 1872 aged 32.

108 Richard HINDS 3rd May 1889 aged 90.

109 Elizabeth COURT daughter of John FOSTER of this parish and widow of Stephen Court of Dover born 17th April 1832 died at Ashford December 25th 1899.

110 George PHILLIPS 17th April 1865 aged 53 leaving a widow and two children. Mary Ann wife of above, 22nd October 1889 aged 79.

111 (Flat):- James PHILLIPS who was born 11th November 1780 at Crunden in the County of Aberdeen and died 14th October 1835. Leaving issue by Penelope his wife two sons and four daughters: George, Penelope, Harriett Mary Anne and Ruth. Also Penelope wife of above died at Ashford, 22nd January 1878 aged 86. Ruth youngest daughter of above died 22nd September 1884 aged 65. Mary Anne Phillips third daughter of above, 11th November 1889 aged 73.

112 William STARNES son of James and Mary Starnes died December - 1798 aged 11 years eight months.

113 Footstone:- J.S. 1801 W.S. 1798.

114 Elizabeth BUTLER of Westwell, 15th June 1915 aged 84.

115 (Cross):- James BUTLER, 23rd October 1902 aged 46.

116 Jane BUTLER, 27th February 1890 aged 53.

117 Elizabeth wife of Thomas BUTLER of this parish, 28th January 1855 aged 59. Thomas Butler, 22nd December 1862 aged 78.

In North East Corner.
118 Charlotte PARKS daughter of Stapleton and Mary Parks of this parish, October 17th 1827 aged 34. ‘Charlotte Parks it was my name and England is my nation Hothfield was my dwelling place And Christ is my Salvation’.

119 John MILLEN of this parish 30th January 1824 aged 80. Hannah Millen wife of above, February 2nd 1833 aged 85.

120 Elizabeth wife of George HEBBURN of this parish, 11th May 1833 aged 66.

121 Robert William HALL Formerly of this parish, 7th March 1892 aged 64. Mary Ann wife of above, 19th April 1908 aged 79.

122 Caroline wife of Thomas HALL of this parish, 27th March 1833 aged 36. She left issue six sons. Also William their son died 16th August 1832 aged four months. Also Edwin Hall son of above who died of Yellow Fever at Sierra Leone, 8th August 1839 aged 19. He was clerk of H.M.S. Harlequin and his uniform conduct procured for him the esteem of the ships crews. Also Thomas son of above aged 17 years who was drowned during the wreck of the Brigg Industrious of Whitstable on 6th January 1848 at the mouth of the great River Tag on the coast of Scotland. Also Thomas husband of above Caroline Hall died 19th November 1854 aged 65.

123 James SHIPWASH son of John and Dorcas Shipwash, 7th November 1806 aged 15 years. Elizabeth Shipwash sister of above died 6th August 1807 aged 19 years.

124 John SHIPWASH 25th May 1841 aged 91. Also Dorcas Shipwash wife of above, 2nd October 1819 aged 65. Left issue one son and one daughter: William and Charlotte. Charlotte SHIPWASH, Died 23rd March 1854 aged 65.

125 Mary wife of Philip EDWARDS of this parish, 3rd October 1886 in 74th year. Henry second son of above, 30th April 1843 aged seven months. Left surviving four sons and two daughters: Philip, Ellen, George, Francis, Mary Ann and Joseph. Also above Philip Edwards, 18th December 1890 in 77th year.

126 Elizabeth EDWARDS daughter of William and Maria HARRISON 26th October 1889 aged 36.

127 Mary Ann EDWARDS 14th August 1901 aged 48.

128 Flat in rails against North-east wall:- William Henry ROCHFORD, Esquire, 4th February 1852 aged 57.

129 Large curb:- Persis Mary infant daughter of William and Mary DUREY, 11th March 1888 aged six weeks. William Durey died 7th February 1886 aged 59. Mary died 28th March 1907 aged 62.

Following are in the newer part – North of church:-
130 Jane Elizabeth only daughter of John and Jane Elizabeth COAST of this parish, 17th December 1875 in 24th year.

131 John COAST died 24th May 1895 aged 67. Jane Elizabeth wife of above, 22nd March 1897 aged 72.

132 Sackville Pickard VALLERIEU died 4th March 1880 aged 72 Leaving a widow and five children.

133 Henry BEAN 19th November 1883 in 36th year. Leaving a widow two sons and one daughter: Henry, William-Edwards and Lilian- Mary. Also Ellen wife of above, 24th January 1919 in 75th year.

133 William GANT, 15th January 1884 aged 70. For 42 years and six months Gardener at T. S. Pix Esquire , Woodside, Peasmarsh, Sussex.

134 William THOMPSON of this parish, 17th March 1884 aged 79. Lydia his wife, 6th February 1889 aged 76.

135 (Cross):- Maria wife of William HARRISON, 13th April 1896 aged 69. William Harrison died December 18th 1903 aged 80.

136 Annie wife of Charles CROUCHER died 10th December 1911 aged 42. Ethel daughter of above, 17th May 1907 aged 2 years.

137 Daisy Annie, 3rd January 1905 aged 14 years. Minnie Beatrice, 19th February 1909 aged 11 years. Daughters of John and Elizabeth PALMER.

138 To Dear Mother Marion Elizabeth wife of John Horatio FIRMIN Born 7th February 1852, died 22nd May 1904.

139 Frances Anne FREESTONE, 18th July 1907 aged 73

140 Frank son of Horace and Ellen BROWN of Kingsland Westwell, 19th April 1906 aged 21.

141 Catherine Matilda wife of Thomas BRISLEY, 26th December 1898 aged 54. John George Brisley son of above, 1st April 1912 aged 32.

142 (Cross):- Henry Nere husband of Edith RIDDIFORD, 18th September 1914 aged 29.

143 (Flat stone in North-East part omitted):- Sarah wife of Henry EDWARDS of this parish, May 24th 1865 aged 71. Above Henry Edwards, February 7th 1876 in 86th year.

The church is said to have been Burnt in 1590 and to have been ‘re edified’ in or about 1624. The font and the two caps on either side of the entrance to chancel look like this period. The windows are mostly temp Henry VI or Edward IV repaired and in some cases renewed lately. Tower entrance is decorated(?).
The South Chapel where the Tufton tomb is, is surrounded by breast high iron work and at the East end under what was the window is a Tudor fireplace. A Vestry is now to the East of this but is in part Old I think.
L.D. 14th May 1921.

In Hothfield Church
144 By South Door – flat:- William WOOD late of this parish, died 19th aged ?80. Dorcas his wife, 4th September 1804 aged 7(?9). Left surviving one son and two daughters: John, Dorcas and Elizabeth.

145 Felix BOURNE late of Ashford, 18th June 1813 aged 32. Left surviving by Charlotte his wife one daughter Elizabeth Ann. Charles brother of above died at Bapchild, 26th September 1824 aged 55 and is here interred.

146 (Small square):- Rev. Stephen Barrett MA Rector and Mary his wife are interred here [ below 1801 TSE].

147 (Small square):- J. M. 1849 M. M. 1828.

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Also some Monumental Inscriptions  Noted by Rev Bryan Faussett noted 1758, added 24th January 2008

Typed up for the website by Pat Tritton

In The Chancell.
148. There are no Inscriptions; nor any Thing else remarkable.

In The North Chancell.
149. Under ye Eastmost Arch between ye 2 Chancells, on a very sumptuous Marble Tomb, adorned with Pillasters (sic), Statues, Arms, etc. lye ye Statues, as large as ye Life, and at full Length, of Sr. John TUFTON, and of Dame Christiane his Wife, with ye following Inscriptions. Round ye Verge of ye Tomb. Here lyeth ye Bodies of Sr. John Tufton Knt. & Barontt. Sonne and Heire of John Tufton, Esq and Mary his Wife, Daughter of Sr. John BAKER Knt. one of the Privye Counsell to KING HENRY 8, EDWARD 6, QUEEN MARY & QUEEN ELIZABETH. And Dame Christian his Wife, Daughter and Coheire of Sr. Humphrey BROWNE, Knt. one of the Justices of the common Pleas, and of Dame Mary his Wife, Daughter of The Lo. HIUSSEY. The Said Sr. John TUFTON had to his First Wife Olimpha BLOWER, Daughter and Heire of Christopher Blower Esq; by whom he had 3 Daughters, Ann, Elizabeth and Margaret. And, by ye said Christian, his 2d. Wife, Six Sonnes: Nicholas, John, Humphrey, Richard, William & Thomas. And 4 Daughters; Cicely, Mary, Ann and Elizabeth.
On The North Side of The Tomb. The said John TUFTON lived peaceably in his Country, and was alwaies ready and well furnished to defend the same. He was bountyfull in releiving the Poor; and A Continual Comforter to the Distress’d, in all Times of Necessity; And, in his Will, gave a perpetuall Legacy for the Succour of this Parish, and of Rainham, besides many other Legacies to be presently bestowed upon divers of his Neighbour Parishes, for the Releife of the Poore, and for mending of the High Waies.
On The South Side of The Tomb. He reedified The 2 Isles of This Church (after it was burnt) at his own Charge; and, under Thys, made a Vault for a Burial Place, for Him and his Posterity. And, after he had lived 80 Yeares and seen much Joy of his said Children, and Children’s Children, he departed this Life, and cheerfully yeilded up his Soule unto Christ Jesus, his Redeemer, with an assured Hope, of a joyfull Resurrection.
Round the Tomb are 10 Images or Small Statues, each about 30 Inches high; viz. 6 Men, and 4 Women. Over the Head of each is a Coat of Arms, to shew ye Families they Married into. One of the Sons, I imagine died a Batchelor, as he impales No Coat wth. his own.
Over 1 of ye Ladies Heads is - La. Ann TRESHAM.
Over a 2d. - Cicily, COUNTESS of RUTLAND.
Over a 3d. – Mary, COUNTESS DUNBAR.
Over a 4th. – Lady CAROL.
The Coats of Arms, wch. were, in No.13, are so much defaced (some are lost) that I avoid Copying them, being not sure of ye Proper Bearings and, indeed, had they been ever so plain, I had not Light enough to distinguish them properly.*

150. *At The East End of this North Chancell is a Darkish Room, having a Door or entrance to it, out of the N. Chancell, not above a Yard high; which, I was told, had not been opened for Many Years. I enquired ye Use of it; and had for Answer, that, it was to put Corpses into, to be kept till they amounted to a Large Number, on Acct. of the Difficulty of opening the Vault wch. is under the Tomb. This Account of the Room, tho a bad one, is the best I cd. get.

151. This Family buried cheifly at Raynham; where they have a remarkably large & fine Vault.
For a Further Acct. of this Family, see COLLINS’s Peerage of England, Vol.2, P.210 etc. Edit 1735.

In The Body.
152. On a Flat Stone. Here lyeth the Body of Petter WILLMOT being the Sonne of Thomas Willmott. He died the 14th of September 1656. Aged … And the Wife of Petter Willmott, being the Dafter of Robart JORDEN, she died August the 7th 1639. Aged 45 Yeares.

153. On Another. Here lyeth the Body of John WILLIAMS the Elder, being aged 65 Yeares, & died Oct. 18 1676. And the Wife of John Williams being the Daughter of Peter WILLMOT, died July 17 1678. Aged 64 Yeares.

South Isle.
154. On a Flat Stone, with this Coat.
[A lion rampt. betw. 3 mascles (no tinctures) imp. WHITFIELD (1.59, Adisham)]. Here lyeth the Body of Rebecca, Wife of William HENMAN, Esq. She departed this Life Aug. 30 1739. Aged 69. Also Anna Rebecca, Daughter of William and Rebecca who died Nov. 7 1752. Aged 49 Years.

155. This Church consists of The Great North and South Chancells, the Body and 2 Side Isles. In a Cap’t Tower, at the West End, hang 4 Bells, thus inscribed.
1. Henry WILLIAMS, C.W. 1741. Thomas CARTER of London made Me.
*2. Joseph HATCH Made Me. 1607. *This Bell is cracked.
3. Joseph HATCH Made Me. 1607.
4. Joseph HATCH Made Me. 1607.

156. In The Church Yard. Is an Head Stone for Ann, The Wife of William SNOATH, in 1679 with ye Following Inscription. As thou tenderest Thy own Souls Wellfare, Remember to love thy Creator, & serve Him with a perfect Hart; and be a Doer of the Word, and not an Hearer only, deceiving Your own Selfe; for We must give Account of what we have done; and our own Conscience will bear Witness for us, or against Us, at ye Resurrection, at ye last Day. Therefore, do not misimprove precious Time, upon wch. Eternity dependeth.

157. On The Right Hand of the Entrance in at ye North Door, in an Arch in the Wlal, is a Stone Cistern for Holy Water.

158. It is a Rectory in the Patronage of the EARL of THANET.

159. It was Dedicated to St. Mary. The Present Rector viz. 1758 is …….

160. The Rebel JACK CADE, in ye Reign of HENRY 6, was here killed by One Alexander EDEN (or IDEN) a Gentleman of this County, who, for his Reward, was knighted, and received 1000 Markes.

Index of Names and Places

Name Index
BAKER 6, 149
Barrett 146
BEAN 133
BLOWER 6, 149
BOURNE 40, 41, 45, 90,
   95, 145
BROWNE 6, 24, 149
Bunyan 16, 69
BUTLER 114-117
CADE 160
COAST 86-89, 130, 131
   RUTLAND 149

DELL 33, 36
Denne 19
Earls of Thanet 100, 158
EDEN 160
EDWARDS 67, 68, 125-127,
ELLISON 18, 35
FOSTER 104, 109
GANT 133
GAUNT 62, 63
GILBERT 29, 30
Greenhill 80
GURR 71, 97, 105
HALL 121, 122
HARRIS 73, 74
HENMAN 4, 154
HINDS 107, 108

HUGHES 50-52, 72, 82-84
HYDER 102, 103
IDEN 160
JACOB 9, 48
JORDEN 5, 152
LUCKHURST 43, 70, 91-93
 J. M., M. M. 146
G. M 2
M. M 3
PEARSON 25, 26, 27
PHILLIPS 31, 110, 111
Pickard 132
Pix 133
Pope 64

Sackville 132
   15, 23
SAVAGE 48, 90
SHIPWASH 123, 124
SNOATH 49, 156
STANFORD 58, 60, 63, 85
STROUTS 31, 32, 36
SWAN 10, 19
Taylor 41
TUFTON 6-8, 12, 14,159
WEST 100
WILLIAMS 1b, 153, 155
WILLMOT 5,152, 153
WOOD 42, 45, 46, 144
Wright 53

Places Index
Angrum Craig N.B. 69
Ashford 109
Aylesbury, Bucks 33, 36
Bapchild 145
Bath, Somersetshire 33
Bengal 15
Boughton Aluph 48
Brockenhurst, Hants 41, 45
Canterbury 9
Charing 19
Crunden, Aberdeenshire 111
Dover 109
Faversham 37
Folkestone 87
Godmersham Park 22
Gya, East Indies 14
Hernhill 87
   Ashes 22, 23
   Hothfield Place 23, 89
   The Charity School 27
   Yonsea 31

Kildwick, Yorkshire 9
Lenham Court Lodge 83
London 87, 155
   Park Street,
     Grosvenor Square 58
Montmartre, Paris 8
Norfolk 85
North Tamerton, Cornwall 65
Northiam, Sussex 9
Rainham 149, 151
River Tag, Scotland 122
Surrenden 57
Valenciennes 7
Westwell 43, 55, 82, 114
Cow Lees 24
Kingsland 140
Westwell Castle 84
Whitstable 122
Woodside, Peasmarsh, Sussex 133
Wrinsted Court 57
Captain 23
Carpenter 96
Cowman 72
drowned 122
Estate Carpenter 89
Free Grammer school of Ashford 9
Gardener 133
Gardener 57
H.M.S. Harlequin 122
Hon. East 
   India Company 15

Judge 14
Master 9
Shepherd 63
Small Pox 58
the Brigg ‘Industrious’ 122
thrown down by a horse 81
under Gardener 81
woodman 72
wreck 122
Yeoman 42, 75, 76, 104

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