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A complete transcription of Pages 1 to 59 of Leland L. Duncan's manuscript notes contained in 
Fifteen of his note book for lodged in the Library of the Kent Archaeological Society

Typed by Christine Pantrey, checked by Zena Bamping         

The Monumental Inscriptions in The Church and Churchyard of Charing, Kent.
By Leland. L. Duncan. Noted September 1920


Charing Churchyard.

Section A. : The South Side.

1. John PETERS, 21st April 1789 aged 87. Mary his wife, 4th February 1812 aged 84.

2. Thomas MEDHURST, 25th February 1756 aged 72; Catherine his wife, of this parish, 5th February 1749 aged 77. Issue three sons and two daughters: Ann, Thomas, Elizabeth, Daniel, and William. Thomas and Elizabeth are interred at her left side.

3. William MEDHURST, of this parish, 11th December 1765 aged 49. Left three sons: William, Thomas and John. Lines beginning: "Ye fair, ye gay, ye tim’rous and ye brave, who each in turn behold the silent grave"-

4. John HUMPHERY late of this parish, 6th May 1787 aged 59. Elizabeth his wife, 17th June 1792 aged 64.

5. John MEDHURST, 20th November 1791 aged 27.

6. Josias BISHFORD, 27th April 1796 aged 50. Mary HOWLAND, 18th August 1816 aged 58. Left issue one son and one daughter (by the above Josias Bishford her first husband) viz John and Mary.

7 Robert ELLS, who left issue by Ann his wife two daughters Ann and Elizabeth. He died 24th December 1740 aged 33. Mary his daughter, 20th May 1730 in ye 4th year.

8. Elizabeth wife of Richard GILES of this parish, 20th January 1821 aged 73.

9. Frances FOWLE, 3rd November 1817 aged 72.

10. Ellen wife of George JENNINGS, born 29th April 1841 died 24th January 1910.

11. George JENNINGS born 26th January 1827; died 14th October 1877 leaving a widow and three children, Frank, Letitia and Fannie. Frank born 24th April 1872; died 18th October 1877, child of above and Ellen his wife.

12. Frances JENNINGS, died 16th October 1860 aged 30.

13. William George ASHWELL, died 3rd July 1866.

14. Baker ASHWELL, born 10th April 1818, died 8th May 1882. Elizabeth Ann his wife, born 28th March 1822 died 18th August 1891.

15. William George eldest son of Baker ASHWELL, born 7th July 1852 died 22nd April 1885.

16. William WOOD of this parish, 5th September 1883 in 83rd year. Jane his widow, 1st March 1899 in 89th year.

17 Jane daughter of James and Rebecca JENKINS of this parish, 9th December 1818 in 16th year.

18. Edward LUMLEY of this parish, 23rd September 1770 aged 29.

19. Thomas son of William and Ann FLINT of this parish, 27th June 1788 aged 20. Elizabeth their daughter, 8th September 1788 aged 25.

20. William FLINT of this parish, Blacksmith, 10th August 1795 in 63rd year. Left surviving by Ann his wife, one son and two daughters: William, Ann and Mary. Ann his wife, 12th December aged 93.

21. Stephen SHERWOOD, of this parish, 6th March 1804 aged 38. Left surviving Mary his wife: three sons and one daughter: Thomas, Stephen, Edward and Elizabeth Ann.

22. William FLINT, watch and clockmaker, late of Ashford, 31st October 1813 aged 56. Left surviving by Elizabeth his life two sons and one daughter: William, Thomas and Mary. Elizabeth his wife, 4th January 1819 aged 63.

23. Thomas MILGATE of this parish, 23rd December 1803 aged 73. Jane his wife, 10th March 1828 aged 86.

24. George son of Thomas and Ann BOORMAN of this parish, 27th November 1812 aged 8 years nine months. 25. Thomas BOORMAN, 20th February 1874 aged 68. Susanna his wife, 2nd February 1882 aged 76.

26. Charles JUDGE of the parish of Westwell, 4th April 1857 aged 75, leaving a widow and one son. Parnell his wife, 15th March 1869 aged 81. Richard his son, 22nd January 1867 aged 57.

27. Richard JO..SON/…of….st 1833/ aged…8./ also …Mar……wife/ ……of se…./ ….(?4)7 years/ …hildre…/ ……..mes, Ch…../ ……chard….by/ …and Ann. Footstones: M.J. 1807. R.F.1833. [Registers: Mary Johnson buried 11th September 1807. Richard Johnson buried 24th August 1833 aged 78.]

28. Thomas WISE of Westwell, 2nd September 1742 aged 86. At his left side lyeth his first wife and four children. Left issue three sons: Thomas, William and Henry. Ann relict 16th January 1746 aged 60.

29. John BRENCHLEY of this parish, 26th May 1806 aged 76. Mary his wife, 9th March 1801 (or 4) aged 72.

30. George KNOCK of this parish, farmer, 8th December 1819 aged 57. Leaving issue by Ann his wife ten children: Richard, Mary, William, Edward, John Brenchley, Henry Thomas, Frances, Anne, George and Francis. Edward their son, 6th September 1824 aged 23. 31. George JENKINS of this parish, 18th October 1883 in 77th year. Kitty his wife, 4th April 1887 in 75th year.

32. Thomas WOOLLEY, 38 years Clerk of this parish, 4th September 1768 aged 77.

33. Thomas WILLSON of this parish, 27th August 1750 aged 76. Jane his wife, 11th November 1748 aged 75.

34. Elizabeth daughter of Thomas and Jane WILLSON of this parish, 29th September 1721.

35. Joseph WHITE of this parish, 4th February 1788 aged 74.

36. Joseph WHITE, 31st May 1756 aged (?)80. Mary his wife, 16th December 1754 aged 72. Left issue one son Joseph and five daughters: Elizabeth, Mary, Martha, Ann and Jane.
[Neither of these two burials appear to be in the Registers.]

37. Thomas BRENCHLEY of this parish, 24th May 1780 in 52nd year. Martha his wife, 26th January 1810 (or 6) in 85th year. Issue two sons, Solomon and Thomas. [See No. 229)

38. Mary and Martha daughters of Thomas and Martha BRENCHLEY of this parish. Mary, 9th February 1782 aged 19. Martha, 20th May 1783 aged 19.

39. Jane late wife of John WILKINS, 15th October 1757 aged 68.

40. Harriet STANFORD, 12th December 1859 aged 55. James Coveney Stanford her husband died suddenly in this churchyard, 9th February 1875 aged 63. Erected by their son William of Auckland, New Zealand.

41. Ann JOHNSON daughter of late Mr Richard Johnson of this parish, 19th March 1867 aged 71.

42. John JOHNSON of this parish, born 6th September 1793, died 4th April 1873. Mary Ann wife of above born 11th February 1804, died 4th March 1875, leaving issue Elizabeth, Mary Ann, Selina, Charlotte, Sarah, John and Charles.

43. Sarah JOHNSON fifth daughter of John and Mary Ann Johnson, 11th November 1868 aged 27.

44. Thomas George only son of Thomas and Mary Jane
PARKS, 2nd October 1876 aged 19 years 12 months.

45. Isaac GILES, 7th June 1883 in 59th year.

46. In memory of the children of Robert and Elizabeth HARVEY of this parish. Robert George born 20th March 1863 died 14th February 1865. Robert George born 28th September 1865, died 23rd March 1866. Frances Hughes born 31st March 1868, died 4th August 1868. William born 1st June 1869, died 14th October 1869. Lizzie Clother born 15th March 1867, died 24th June 1871. Roberta born 23rd October 1877, died 3rd June 1878. The above Robert Harvey died 5th August 1888 aged 49.

47. John WOODGATE, 20th June 1877 aged 69. Also Charlotte his wife, 18th January 1870 aged 71. Left three daughters: Elizabeth, Mary and Charlotte. Edward and Joseph their sons died in their youth.

48. William JEFFERY, 15th May 1884 aged 56. Anne his wife 5th August 1860 aged 33. Anne their daughter died in infancy.

49. Richard Thomas son of George and Mary Priscilla LEE, 9th November 1874 aged 3 years five months.

50. Charlotte wife of William BOTTLE of Charing, 13th July 1874 aged 65, leaving two sons and seven daughters.

51. Mary HYDE of this parish, 30th October 1884 in 81st year. George Hyde, 3rd February 1875 aged 70.

52. George ATKINS of this parish, 23rd May 1877 aged 54 leaving a widow and three sons, Charles, George and James Jackson. Frederick his son, 28th February 1866 aged nine months. Above James Jackson Atkins, 22nd August 1899 aged 40 and was interred in Brighton Cemetery grave 33011.

53. John SMITH, 9th September 1792 aged 75. Issue by Mary his wife five children: John, Thomas, William, Mary and James. William their son, 21st September 1791 aged 44. James died in infancy. Mary his widow, 11th March 1807 aged 81.

54. Henry DOWN of Charing died suddenly, 28th May 1875 aged 73. Ann his wife, 13th November 1880 aged 77.

55. Stephen CROUCHER, 12th July 1884 in 69th year. Susanna his wife, 29th October 1888 in 68th year.

56. Elizabeth POST, 21st March 1886 aged 65.

57. Walter Richard BRISLEY, 2nd August 1884 aged 42. Ellen his widow, 11th April 1899 aged 54.

58. To Henry and Mary TICKNER also nine sons and five daughters. Ann LAW died 2nd September 1886 aged 75. Erected by Olive FOREMAN the last survivor.

59. Richard KNIGHT, 20th January 1887 aged 87. Harriet his wife, 28th October 1889 aged 87.

60. Rosa Harriet LANGLEY born 4th November 1857, died 10th April 1876. Ada Emma wife of J. H. Ernest JARVIS died 8th October 1885 in 23rd year.

61. Caroline DENNIS widow of this parish, 12th November 1867 aged 59. Mary Ann HYDER her sister and daughter of Thomas and Mary Hyder of this parish, 4th December 1872 aged 76.

62. John Frederick son of Charles WILKS of this parish and Sarah Jane his wife, 19th June 1860 aged 8.

63. Charles WILKS late of this parish, 16th March 1873 aged 70. For nearly 50 years he practised as a surgeon in this and adjoining the parishes where his unselfish devotion to his professional duties will long be remembered, Sarah Jane his wife, 30th September 1906 aged 84.

64. George PAINE, 25th March 1869 aged 27 leaving a widow and two children, Godfrey-Edward and Barbara-Emma.

65. Thomas Bedo CHAPMAN late of Monkery Farm in the parish of Westwell, 11th August 1867 aged 72. Left surviving Thomas, George, Henry, Frederick and Mary. Charlotte Ruth Chapman his wife, 18th September 1871 aged 73.

66. Mary widow of James Joseph BARRY of Ramsgate, 14th May 1882 aged 73.

67. Matilda Frances youngest daughter of Joseph and Sarah BRENCHLEY of Stone Stile in this parish, 8th October 1873 aged 35. Erected by her only surviving sister.

68. Richard GILLETT, 6th October 1866 aged 76. Elizabeth his wife, 22nd June 1891 in 89th year. Left one daughter and two sons; Joanna, George and Eli.

69. Robert third son of William and Mary Ann CHEESMAN of this parish, born 25th January 1839, died 25th December 1883.

70. Edward LUCKHURST, 8th January 1863 aged 68. Elizabeth his wife, 20th November 1871 aged 77.

71. William Bradley FENNER formerly of Lenham but late of Maidstone. Licensed victualler, 2nd September 1882 in 64th year.

72. Susannah Martha wife of Alex HORTON, 23rd September 1880.

73. Ellen wife of John S. WALTER, 1st September 1869 aged 32.

74. Charlotte wife of John MURTON of this parish, 29th June 1869 aged 51. John Murton, 5th July 1885 aged 75.

75. Charles MURTON born 13th September 1846, died 10th August 1877.

76. Eliza CHEESMAN born 10th July 1843, died 23rd November 1871.

77. Mary Ann CHEESMAN widow of William Cheesman of this parish, 17th May 1876 aged 74.

78. Thomas HILLS, 27th February 1866 aged 76. Mary his wife, 11th January 1867 aged 70.

79. Roseanna FOSTER of this parish, 12th February 1862 aged 50. Joseph Foster of Sprotland, Willesborough, 6th June 1876 aged 68. Sarah Foster of the parish of Ashford, 29th November 1867 aged 65.

80. Robert DENNETT, 13th April 1874 in 74th year. Charlotte his wife, 24th March 1895 in 84th year.

81. John only son of John and Sarah Ann AMOS of the Tile Lodge, Charing, 11th November 1875 aged 18.

82. Eliza ELLIS of the Tile Lodge, Charing, born 20th July 1817, died 20th January 1878.

83. William MARTIN of this parish, 26th August 1875 aged 71.

84. Charlotte WHITE, widow, 19th July 1859 aged 59. Sarah TOLHURST, 23rd November 1859 aged 81. Daughters of the late Thomas COPPINS and Sarah his wife.

85. Jemima wife of Samuel John PAYNE of this parish, 19th March 1872 aged 79. He died 17th July 1888 in 86th year.

86. George CHEESMAN, 3rd March 1886 in 82nd year. Hannah his wife, 14th January 1883 aged 57.

87. William HARRIS. F.G.S., 13th May 1877 in 80th year. Hannah his wife, 20th March 1881 aged 79.

88. William, third son of late Thomas and Elizabeth BURGESS of this parish died very suddenly through the breaking of a blood vessel, 19th January 1876 aged 39.

89. George FOORD, 15th March 1886 aged 55. Mary Ann his wife, 22nd January 1913 aged 74.

90. Edith, second daughter of Benjamin Kelly and Harriette THORPE, 15th November 1869 aged 24. Harriette his wife, 29th October 1876 aged 58. He died 1st October 1900 aged 82.

91. Anne Maria DOWN, 12th February 1861 aged 27.

92. George DOWN, 16th September 1872 aged 53. Mary his
wife, 26th September 1871 aged 66.

93. Stephen GODWIN, 14th May 1863 aged 33, leaving surviving Louisa his wife and one son Percy John.

94. Mary Ann wife of Philip EDWARDS, 20th February 1888 aged 47. Philip Henry their only son, 22nd August 1880 aged eleven months.

95. Francis wife of William COPPINS of Charing, 29th June 1843 aged 89. William Coppins, 14th November 1878 aged 76. We his children say with the psalmist, "Blessed is the man in whose spirit is no guile".

96. Thomas COPPINGS of this parish, 4th February 1830 aged 77 leaving a widow and ten children. Sarah Coppins (sic) relict, 3rd November 1842 aged 85. Their daughter Mary HIRST, widow, 13th December 1849 aged 64.

Section B by South Transept and East of Porch.
97. Richard WHITEWOOD of this parish, 25th July 1772 aged 64, leaving three sons and two daughters. Mary his wife, 3rd August 1775 aged 61.

98. Mary ye wife of John CREED who had issue by him eight sons and five daughters; where of twelve survived. They lived together 44 years, four weeks and four days. She died 25th August 1714 aged 59.

99. Toke SIMMONDS died 1st (? 3rd ) January 1820 aged 70 [ buried 20th January] leaving his widow and six children: Elizabeth (?), James, Thomas, Stephen, Ann and Charlotte. Ann his wife, 8th June 1842 aged 82 [buried 12th June from Canterbury].

100. William SIMPSON, 26th March 1735 aged 63. Martha Simpson, 18th June 1761 aged 79.

101. Thomas LOFTUS late Quartermaster in the 43rd Regiment of foot who died greatly regretted 13th May 1804 aged 52. He was wounded at Bunkers Hill and served in England, Scotland, Ireland and Guernsey, 14 years, 51 weeks and 6 days. In America 9 years, 7 weeks and 6 days. In the West Indies 6 years, 31 weeks and 6 days in the same Regiment and saw it twice broke. Leaving issue by his first wife one son and one daughter: viz John and Margaret and by his second wife Ann HY[DER?] one daughter. This stone was erected by his brother officers.

102. Ann wife of Thomas HYDER of this parish, 9th July 1795 aged 64, leaving issue two sons and four daughters: Richard, Thomas, Mary'Ann, Catherine and Elizabeth. Thomas Hyder, 1st November 1813 aged 81.

103. William RAYNER of this parish, 19th October 1768 aged 64. Left issue by Mary his wife five sons and one daughter. Mary his wife, 4th January 1795 aged 84.

104. Hannah daughter of Thomas and Catherine HYDER, 14th September 1854 aged 14. Henry their son died an infant.

105. Ann wife of Richard HYDER, 6th February 1833 aged 45. Sarah his second wife, 4th June 1865 aged 72. Richard Hyder 3rd April 1874 aged 88.

106. Richard SLAUGHTER of this parish, 17th September 1811 aged 35. Left issue by Elizabeth his wife three sons and two daughters: Thomas, Alfred, George, Ann Hyder and Eliza. Sudden was the stroke and severe the blow. Also two sons Richard and William died young. Elizabeth wife of above Richard Slaughter, 23rd April 1842 aged 70.

107. Mary wife of Thomas HYDER of this parish, 22nd October 1831 aged 65, leaving issue five sons and five daughters. Thomas Hyder, 22nd December 1845 aged 83. Elizabeth wife of John STALLARD and daughter of above, born 6th April 1801, died 9th January 1887, interred in Brompton cemetery.

108. John SUTHERN of this parish, 1st October 1821 in 81st year. Ann his wife, 3rd March 1825 in 76th year. Left issue one daughter, Catherine Ann who died 17th June 1864 aged 83.
An old of Bethersden marble quite illegible only a letter or two remaining.

109. An old stone of Bethersden marble quite illegible only a letter or two remaing

110. John MYERS, 24th March 1843 aged 63. Mercy Myers his wife, 29th August 1864 aged 84.

111. John FREDERICK, 9th February 1751 in 69th year. Left issue one son and three daughters [buried 11th February] [Baptised June 6th 1684 John son of Henry and Sarah Frederick].

Section C. Stones to South of Chancels.
112. Amy HAWKER widow of William Hawker, late of this parish, surgeon, 7th January 1825 aged 71.

113. William HAWKER, late of this parish, Surgeon, 27th August 1819 aged 74. His grandson Frederick Hawker, 12th December 1819 in 4th year.

114. John HAFFENDEN, 9th September 1769 aged 76. Elizabeth his first wife, 7th April 1738 aged 48. Also two sons by Elizabeth his wife who died young. Left issue by his surviving wife one daughter Amy.

115. Amy HAFFENDEN widow of John Haffenden, late of this parish, 5th May 1802 aged 87. John Haffenden HAWKER, eldest son of William and Amy Hawker of this parish, 20th April 1799 aged 28.

116. Mrs Mary HAWKER late of this parish, 9th April 1822 aged 74.

117. Ann HAWKER, second daughter of William Hawker, surgeon, late of this parish, and Amy his wife, 14th August 1841 aged 64.

118. Thomas Prescott WILKS, surgeon of this parish, 4th July 1850 aged 76, 55 of which were spent in the active discharge of the duties of his profession. Mary his wife, 22nd April 1850 aged 75.

119. Anna Maria the wife of Charles WILKS, surgeon of this parish, 17th August 1843 in 33rd year. Left a husband and four young children. James their second son, 11th October 1842 aged six weeks.

120. Jane SMART, 3rd May 1860 aged 85.

121. William SMART, gent, 12th November 1815 aged 57. Elizabeth Smart his sister, 2nd September 1806 aged 38.

122. Catherine SMART, 15th November 1845 aged 88.

123. Mary daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth RACHELL, 11th June 1818 aged 29. Ann HODSOLL, 2nd April 1825 aged 69.

124. Elizabeth wife of Thomas RACHELL, 21st March 1795 aged 36. James their son, 11th June 1788 aged six months. The above Thomas Rachell, 23rd October 1818 aged 60.

125. Ann wife of John RACHELL of this parish, 5th March 1810 aged 42. Left issue two daughters Elizabeth and Catharine. Above John Rachell, 28th May 1830 aged 74. Above Elizabeth Rachell, 3rd November 1856 aged 67.

126. William SMART, gent, 27th July 1776 aged 63. Left issue by Amy his first wife one son and one daughter. He also left issue by Catharine his surviving wife one son and six daughters. Said Catharine died 23rd December 1773 aged 61.

127. Jane wife of Edward ELSTED, 28th May 1788 aged 66, leaving issue one son and three daughters; Stedham, Elizabeth, Mary and Jane. Edward Elsted, 8th November 1796 aged 70.

128. Thomas CHAPMAN late of Wickins in this parish, 15th June 1804 aged 79. Had issue by Mary his wife six sons and three daughters: Ottaway, Thomas, John, William, George and Henry, Susanna, Mary and Ann. Mary his widow, 1st (or 4th) November 1806 aged 77. These last two stones 127 and 128 are under the East window of the Wickins or Lady Chapel.

129. John SMART, formerly attorney at law at Sittingbourne in this County and son of the late William Smart whose remains are near this stone. He was very eminent and indefatigable in his Profession which endeared him to his very numerous acquaintance friends and relations by whom he was much respected and belov’d. He died after a long and painful illness, 20th December 1770 in 37th year.

130. Richard HOUSDEN late of Norton in this County, 26th August 1767 in 64th year.

131. Richard STEDMAN late Glover and Felmonger of this Parish, 20th October 1750 aged 57. Elizabeth his wife, 1st February 1774 aged 81.

132. Thomas CHAPMAN late of this parish, 4th July 1767 aged 63. Left issue by Susanna his first wife one son, Thomas. and by Ann his second wife six sons and two daughters: Simon, William, Henry, Samuel, John, George, Elizabeth and Catherine. Jane his third wife died without issue. They are all buried near this place.

133.. Stephen CHESMER of Bobbing, miller, 27th August 1785 aged 33.

134. Thomas RADE, late of this parish, butcher, 26th December 1722 aged 73.

Section D. Stones East of the high Chancel.
135. Frank son of Francis and Amy DAY of this parish, 24th December 18(?5)3 aged 1 year and eight months.

136. Here lieth the body of John HART of Charing, Chirugion (surgeon), who was buried the 22nd of April Anno Domini 1669 aged about 87 years.

137. Here lieth/ the Body of I….HART/ …. Ch….ion/….h….ion/ ….died 70 years/ ….ft issue one son/ …a..m….n [John?]….body of/ R…..l [ Rachel?] wife of the said/ John Hart who dyed Ye/ first day of May 1696/ aged 80 years whos wif/ she was 44 years and widow/ ten months. [Note the Registers are missing from 1685 to 1698.]

138. Louisa daughter of John and Louisa CHEESMAN, 30th March (1851?) aged eleven weeks.

139. Robert HARRISSON of Acton Farm in this parish, 19th January 1801 aged 58 and two sons died in infancy. Leaving issue by Mary his wife one son and five daughters; Robert, Mary, Martha, Ann, Frances and Elizabeth.

140. Mary wife of Robert HARRISSON of Acton Farm in this parish, 22nd January 1817 aged 72. She left issue surviving one son and two daughters: Robert, Ann and Elizabeth.

141. George son of George and Mary MIRION (?) of….who died….180-, aged 8 years.

142. John son of George and Mary MIRION (?)December 180 (?5) aged 1 year.

143. John JENNINGS, 29th December 1878 aged 54. Mary Ann Frances daughter of above died in infancy. Mary Elizabeth his wife, 22nd April 1882 aged 56.

144. James WEST of this parish, 24th October 1813, after a painfull illness of twelve months, aged 34.

145. George HARRISSON, yeoman, late of this parish, 13th March 1780 aged 82. Had issue by Martha his wife five sons and seven daughters, of whom three sons and five daughters (viz Robert, John, Peter, Elizabeth, Martha, Mary, Frances and Hannah) with their mother survived him. Martha his wife, 4th December 1790 aged 82.

146. A low altar tomb apparently with inscription the whole length all now perished except the last few lines:- Mary widow of the said George HARRISSON died September- , 1810 aged 75 and was buried at Woodchurch in this County, leaving issue two sons and one daughter: George, William and Ann.

147. Two footstones next No. 146: G.H. 1798.

148. Thomas HARRISSON late of this parish, 30th October 1763 aged 54. Left issue by Ann his wife five sons and two daughters: Thomas, John, George, Winder, Ann, Jane and Mary who all survived him.

149. John HUCKSTEPP, Gent of this parish, 5th April 1811 aged 72.

150. John HUCKSTEPP of this parish, 10th May 1768 aged 62; Mary his wife, 7th August 1793 aged 77.

151. John HUCKSTEPP, 5th May 1743 aged 71. Jane his wife, 7th April 1741 aged 74. Left issue one son – John.

152. A large flat stone with moulded edge probably mid 18th Century. It had an inscription throughout but it is practically illegible. Half way down the following can be made out: Also….wife of/ Tho…./ she died…./…./ Likewise…./…./ …Jun…./ Likewise [Jane ?] wife of/ ….John [name beginning with C or G] and Daughter of/Th…. And Elizabeth…….n/ died…[?178-] aged 40 years.

153. Mary wife of William JULL, 6th September 1753 aged 50.

154. Ann TAYLOR of this parish wife of John Taylor of Little Chart, 11th February 1816 aged 69.

155. John TAYLOR of the parish of Little Chart, 6th October 1800 aged 56. Left surviving Ann his wife and three children, Edward, Mary and Alice.

156. Mary Ann daughter of John and Mary TAYLOR of the parish of Little Chart, 7th December 1808 aged 28.

157. George HARRISSON of this parish, yeoman, 1st November 1719 aged 62. Frances his wife, 20th December 1724 aged 51. Left issue six sons and two daughters: George, John, William, Ottaway, Peter and James, Elizabeth and Frances.

158. George HARRISSON junior, of this parish, 9th October 1762 Aged 34.

159. Frances relict of George HARRISSON, 12th March 1765 aged 43.

160. Thomas FARRIS late of Sutton Vallence in this County, 30th July 1794 aged 83. Had issue by Mary his surviving wife two sons, John and Thomas. Mary wife of above, 2nd October 1801 aged 88.

161. John ASHBEE, 13th October 1776 aged 71. Left issue by Elizabeth his wife one son and one daughter: John and Elizabeth. John son of above, 6th June 1785 aged 42. Also Elizabeth wife of John Ashbee who died….June….aged….years. Elizabeth daughter of above June ? 1795 aged ….years.

162. John son of George and Mary HARRISSON of this parish, 5th March 1797 aged 20. Ann Harrisson, 5th July 1830 aged 52.

163. Robert CHEESMAN of this parish, 19th July 1849 aged 70. Celia his wife, 26th November 1842 aged 63. She left issue surviving three sons and two daughters: Mary Ann, Sarah, William, John and Robert. Robert died 10th October 1804 aged 2 years.

164. Footstone R.C. 1804 [not in Registers].

165. Mary daughter of Robert and Mary CHEESMAN, 19th October 1787 aged 6. Charlotte their daughter, 4th March 1792 aged 3. Sarah their daughter, 20th September 1794 aged 18.

166. Robert CHEESMAN of this parish, 15th March 1807 aged 76. Mary his wife, 23rd March 1829 aged 82.

167. An old flat stone- no inscription visible.

168. James HARRISSON, 26th December 17(? 59) aged 43. Ann his wife, 6th February 1790 aged 60. [Registers: James Harrisson buried 5th January 1760.]

169. Mrs Frances CRAMP of Ramsgate, 10th December 1764 aged 50.

170. Simon HARRISSON, 5th April 1770 aged 24.

171. Ottaway HARRISSON, 5th (? February) 1771 aged 60. Left issue one son John. Frances his daughter died an infant.

172. Susanna wife of Ottaway HARRISSON late of Westwell, 26th February 1789 in 80th year.

173. John son of Ottaway HARRISSON and Susanna his wife, 6th October 1776 aged 32.

174. A small stone. Here lieth/ the Body of/ .dward…./Died t….6 of / May Anno 1633.[No age given] [This is probably to Edward MILBOURN who was buried 8th May 1633.]

175. Ann SAUNDERS wife of John Saunders Esquire, 15th December 1854 aged 70. John Saunders, 14th January 1860 aged 74.

176. John James HOUGH, Commander in the Royal Navy, 16th February 1849 aged 63. Frances Bain his wife 25th May 1875 in 77th year.

177. George Marshall BARWICK, second son of the Rev. John Barwick M.A., late vicar of this parish. Born xx July MDCCCX, died xxij October MDCCCXLIX. Jane daughter of above George Marshall Barwick and Jane his wife born xxij October…..

178. Catharine MARSHALL relict of Joshua Marshall Esquire and daughter of Francis BARRELL Esquire M.P. for Rochester in the reign of Queen Anne died 24th February 1778 Aet 79. The Rev. Edmund Marshall eldest son of above Joshua Marshall Esquire, for 31 years Vicar of this parish died 8th May 1797 aetat 67. Mary Marshall relict of Rev. Edmund MARSHALL and daughter of Thomas NASH Esquire died 5th October 1803 Aet 70. George Granville Marshall Esquire only son of the above Reverend Edmund Marshall, died 30th September 1805 Aet 32. John Edmund Barwick B.A. third son of the Rev. John Barwick Vicar of this parish died 12th May 1827 Aet 24. Cassandra Marshall relict of George Granville Marshall Esquire and eldest daughter of Norton HUTCHINSON of Woodhall Herts, Esquire died 20th January 1836 Aet 67.

179. To John Cullen ASHBEE, Gent, of this parish and Ann his wife: also of Caroline and John their children [ no dates].

180. An oval tablet hung on the Yew tree by the Vicarage: In a vault beneath the shade of this Yew-tree repose the ashes of an once brave soldier and honest Gentleman, Joshua MARSHALL Esquire, who died March 24th 1772 aged 72. He was father of the Vicar of this parish. O Vicar who ever thou art, reflect, and profit by the reflexion how small the distance and perhaps quick the transition from yon house thou inhabitest to the caverns of the dead. Herein are also deposited the venerable remains of Mrs Anne BARRELL the eldest daughter of Frances Barrell Esquire and the Aunt the Friend and the Benefactor of the above unnamed Vicar. Reader if thou would’st wish like this truly good woman to be eternally happy imitate her example. Like her live and die a Christian. Obit March 17th 1780 Aetat 82.

181. Thomas BARTEN of this parish, 9th December 1779 aged 37. Left issue by Mary his wife one son and three daughters: Mary; Elizabeth, Thomas and Sarah.

182. Richard PEARCE late of Eastwell, (?25) August 1810 aged (?55) leaving issue by Mary his wife two sons, Richard and Samuel.

183. Mary wife of Thomas KNIGHT of London, 25th December 1794 aged 24.

184. To the children of Stedman ELSTED and Mary his wife of this parish. Stedman their son was born 16th August 1795 and died 22nd December aged four months. Mary their daughter born 1st January 1797 died 1st March aged two months. Edward Pullen their son, born 19th January 1790 who after a short but very painful affliction died 3rd May 1799 aged 9 years.

185. Thomas SMITH, 21st April 1813 aged 60. Thomas his son, 12th November 1809 aged (?22).

186. Tho…./ BOYS…./ Parish died/ Nou ye 14th 174/ aged 50 years/ Left issue one/ daughter/ Mary. [Registers:- Thomas Boyse buried November 18th 1741]. The left hand side of this stone is blank.

187. James PARR of London died occassioned by a fall from his chaise, 10th July 1807 aged 47. Left issue one son and two daughters: William, Elizabeth and Mary.

188. Mary wife of Richard GUY of this parish, 2nd May 1812 aged 63.

189. Richard GUY of this parish, 23rd March 1830 aged 71.

190. John W(illiam) HORSLEY, first incumbent of the Ville of Dunkirk, 30th June AD, MDCCCXCIX (1849), aged xxxiij (34).

191. George STREETER of this parish, 25th March 1839 aged 67. Francis was born February 8th 1775, the widow of George Streeter, died 19th March 1864.

192. Elizabeth daughter of John and Elizabeth DAVISON, 28th January 1799 aged four months. John Wheler Davison, 22nd March 1803 aged eight months.

193. Thomas second son of William and Harriet Bush BRENCHLEY of Cobham Farm, Lenham, 26th August 1849 aged 3 years four months.

194. Thomas BRENCHLEY, yeoman of Otterden, 14th June 1836 aged 71. Left surviving a widow, five sons and five daughters: Thomas, William, John, Henry, Charles, Mary, Martha, Rebecca, Susannah and Emily. Mary his wife, 12th June 1847 aged 72.

195. Margaret fourth daughter of Mr Thomas BRENCHLEY of Otterden, 9th July 1834 aged 26.

196. Anna wife of Thomas BRENCHLEY of the parish of Doddington, 27th May 1844 aged 48.

197. Gabriel RICHARDS, son of John Richards late of this Parish, 3rd December 1747 aged 77. Ann his wife, 18th March 1740 in 61st year. She left issue three sons, Gabriel, Richard and
Edward who sett up this stone.

198. James DENNETT of this parish, 4th October 1858 aged 62.

199. Sophia BRETT, 15th January 1879 aged 60. Charles Brett, born 23rd April 1813 died 7th February 1892: buried at Sevenoaks.

199a. Two footstones S.G. 1829 – G.G. 1807.

200. Henry JONES late of Faversham, 9th September 1856 aged 53.

201. Margaret COPPINS the diligent faithfull and affectionate servant of one family for nearly 50 years, died 23rd May 1826 aged 73.

202. John WIGHTWICK of this parish, 30th November 1840 aged 53.

203. Sarah wife of John WIGHTWICK of this parish, 1st February 1836 aged 53.

204. Matilda daughter of John and Sarah WIGHTWICK of this parish, 6th September 1823 aged 11 years.

205. Martha wife of John JULL of Lenham, 17th February 1826 aged 44. Left issue surviving four sons and six daughters: William, John, James, Peter, Sarah, Martha, Elizabeth, Mary Ann and Jane.

206. John JULL, 24th August 1847 aged 69. Mary his wife, 15th December 1841 aged 51. Henry son of above John Jull and Martha his first wife, 4th January 1826 aged 16.

207. Anne daughter of Francis HUNT of this parish and Anne
his wife, June 10th 1739 aged (?10).

208. Thomas EARL of this parish, 22nd September 1813 aged 76. Elizabeth his wife, 25th July 1801 aged 68. Left issue surviving one daughter Mary.

Section E. Stones North of the Chancel and Church.
209. Thomas Checksfield WOOD eldest son of William and Jane Wood of this parish, 13th November 1843 in 10th year.

210. William CHAPMAN of Monkery Farm in the parish of Westwell, 8th January 1817 aged 50. Left issue surviving by Elizabeth his wife three sons and two daughters: William, Thomas- Bedo, John, Sarah and Elizabeth. Near lies George son of above, 22nd April 1814 aged twelve months.

211. John CHAPMAN of this parish, 11th January 1803 aged 35. Left issue by Mary his wife four children: William, Harriot, John and Mary. Mary his wife, 9th October 1807 aged 34.

212. Ruth wife of William CHAPMAN of this parish, 2nd October 1799 aged 59. Had issue seven children, three sons and four daughters; William, John, Thomas, Elizabeth, Ann, Mary and Sarah, the last of whom died 6th June 1788 aged 7 years.

213. William CHAPMAN of this parish, 9th July 1810 aged 74. He had issue seven children of whom only four survived him viz: William, Thomas, Elizabeth and Ann.

214. John BEECHING late of this parish, 4th September 1749 aged 28. Left surviving one son- John. Ann wife of William BOLTON late of Lenham, 7th March 1796 aged 70. She left surviving one son- William.

215. Benjamin son of William and Sarah CHAPMAN of this parish, 3rd January 1846 aged 1 year nine months.

216. William CHAPMAN of Rushmer in this parish, 12th April 1867 aged 70. Sarah his wife, 10th December 1874 aged 77.

217. John son of William and Sarah CHAPMAN of this parish, 3rd December 1853 aged 23.

218. Harriott wife of John MAXTED, daughter of John and Mary CHAPMAN of this parish, 19th October 1821 aged 24.

219. Stephen HAMMOND of this parish, 40 years servant to the Reverend John BARWICK, 26th February 1857 aged 75. Erected by his son John. Mary his wife died 14th May 1859
aged 82.

The following are West of the path to the Vestry.
220. George Edward SAYER Esquire of Pett in this parish, 28th May 1871 aged 76.

221. Catherine SAYER, daughter of the late Rev. George SAYER of Pett, 28th July 1870 aged 81.

222. Jane PARKER, widow of the Rev. H.T. Parker Vicar of Blandford, Dorset, youngest daughter of the Rev. George SAYER late of Pett, 1st April 1864 aged 64.

223. Selina SAYER, daughter of the late Rev. George Sayer of Pett, born 26th August 1793 died 1st January 1861. Charlotte SAYER, daughter of above, born 26th August 1793, died 22nd July 1874.

224. Henry EGERTON of Lincohis Inn, Barrister at Law, 24th January 1861 aged 69. Mary Egerton his wife, eldest daughter of Rev. George SAYER late of Pett and Rector of Ecclescliffe in Durham, 8th July 1854 aged 66.

225. Weller NORWOOD, Solicitor of this parish, 24th July 1850 aged 73.

226. William WHITTLE of Westwell, 24th November 1863. Mary his wife, 31st March 1857 [no ages].

227. Edward NORWOOD, Solicitor of this parish, 25th September 1877 aged 64. Mary Ann his wife, 4th November 1882 aged 62..

228. Francis, eldest son of Edward NORWOOD, 20th October 1858 aged 4 years.

229. Solomon BRENCHLEY of this parish, 3rd April 1845 aged 84. Margaret his wife, 10th August 1848 aged 83. He left surviving by Margaret his wife three sons and five daughters: Thomas, John, Joseph, Martha, Mary Ann, Elizabeth, Sarah and Hannah [ see No 37].

230. William and Richard sons of Solomon and Margaret BRENCHLEY of this parish. Richard died 12th March 1833 in 28th year. William died 3rd May 1833 aged 33.

231. Thomas BURGESS of this parish, 6th June 1852 aged 62, leaving a widow three sons and four daughters: George, Mary, Elizabeth, Hannah. Thomas, Sarah and William.
Elizabeth wife of above, 26th May 1885 aged 85.

232. Thomas son of James and Frances JENKINS born at Maidstone, 1st June 1849, died 1st July 1853. Above Frances Jenkins, 12th October 1854 aged 38, leaving issue two daughters:- Mary Ann and Sarah. Above James Jenkins, 16th August 1865 aged 46, leaving surviving two daughters Mary Ann and Sarah.

To West of Tower.
233. William CHEESMAN, 6th June 1855 aged 50 leaving by Mary his wife, five sons and three daughters: Henry-Robert, William, Elizabeth, John, Frederick, Charles, Celia-Ann and Frances. Also Thomas died in infancy.

234. Richard HISTED, 9th June 1853 aged 34 leaving a wife and four sons and one daughter. P. J. Histed daughter of above, 26th April 1854 aged 2 years and six months. P. J. Histed wife of above, 19th November 1890 aged 68.

235. Hannah Hayes wife of John CHEESMAN of this parish, Sadler, 18th October 1860 aged 88. He died 16th December 1866 aged 90. William their eldest son, 26th May 1864. Buried at Margate, aged 60. John second son of John and Hannah Cheesman, 16th November 1848 aged 45. Elizabeth wife of John Cheesman, second son of John and Hannah, 3rd September
1878 aged 65.

236. Edward CREED late grocer of this parish, 30th June 1829 aged 88 [Eulogium]. Mary his wife, 10th May 1825 aged 81. Edward their only son, 17th April 1832 aged 57.

237. Maria wife of Thomas PYE of this parish, 26th September 1827 in 45th year. She left surviving issue four sons and three daughters: Maria, Mary, Thomas, James, William, George and Jane.

238. Thomas PYE of this parish, 6th September 1833 aged 46. George his youngest son died at Buenos Ayres, South America, 21st October 1855 in 37th year.

239. A large low tomb now almost on a level with the ground, probably late 17th or Early 18th century. No visible inscription.

240. Small coffin tomb by the Tower turrett- no legible inscription.

241. Monument on wall of the Palace Gatehouse [ west wall of Churchyard] : Caroline, wife of Thomas KENNETT of the Palace Farm in this parish, 31st July 1826 aged 38. She left issue surviving six sons and one daughter: John, William, Thomas, Henry, James, Robert and Caroline. Charlotte her daughter died 13th July 1826 aged fifteen weeks and was interred in All Saints Canterbury. James her son, 6th August 1826 aged 5 years and is interred here.

Inscriptions in Charing Church.

North wall of the Nave.

242. Arms on a lozenge: On a bend between two castles three Eagles displayed; impaling: Semee de lis, a lion rampant (Poole)- Near this place lies the Body of Elizabeth LUDWELL daughter of George POOLE Esquire and relict of John Ludwell M.D. She left by will:

To the Parish of Charing 2560£

To Oriel College Oxon two Exhibitious }
" The propagation of the Gospel           }
" Clergymens’ widows and orphans      }
" The Foundling Hospital                     }      500£ Each.
" The Hospital in Brownlow ?               }
" St. Georges’ Hospital                       }
" St Lukes’ Hospital                            }

She died January 13th 1765 aged 86. G. Carter Esquire and Michael Botham, Gent, her executors erected this monument 1766.

Brass South Wall of Nave
243. In loving memory of George and Harriet LANGLEY who worshipped in this church for upwards of 50 years. This tablet was erected by their surviving sons and daughters A.D. 1912.

Two slabs before the entrance to the Quire.
244. Arms: a bend wavy between two unicorns heads erased (Peirce of Canterbury), impaling a bend plain between two cotises engrailed (Whitfeld). Here lieth ye body of Sampson PEIRCE of this parish, Gent, who married Roberta ye daughter of Mr John WHITFEILD OF Canterbury by whom he had three sons, John , George and Sampson, ye two latter did not long survive him and are here interred. Obijt October 10th An: Aetat 37, Salutis 1692.

245. Arms: A lion rampant between three lozenges; impaling Semee de lis a lion rampant….[Hic requiesc]…unt Exuviae/ ….mi HENMAN/….stone generosi/ in cugus memoriam/ Maria Illi conjux charissioma/ Georgii POOLE/ hujusce Villae generosi/ Filia natu minima/ monumentum hoe posuit dedicavit/ obiit maii Anno Salut 174-/ Aetatis 5(?9). [Register : William HENMAN buried 13th May 1743, of Maidstone, Gent.] (Hasted gives his age as 52.)

Brass, North wall of Chancel.
246. To the Glory of God and in pious memory of Edward Bambridge PENFOLD, priest M.A. Oxon. Vicar of this parish 1903- 1907. Died 29th July 1907 aged 63. Jesu Mercy.

In the South or Lady Chapel.
247. [North Wall] Arms: or a saltrie sa; impaling; paly of six az and or, on a fess gu. Three mullets arg. [Kennerly] Crest, a horse passant sa.- Near this place Lie the bodyes of Christopher DERING of Wickins Esquire and of Elizabeth his wife. He was son of John Dering, son of Christopher, son of John Dering of Surrenden Esquire. She was Heiress of Francis KENNERLY of Lincolnshire, Gent. They left Issues Heneage, Edward, Elizabeth, Mary and Philadelphia. He died December 18th 1693 aged 69 years. She died April 19th 1724 aged 89. They both left this World with cheerful hopes of a better.

248. [Below the last] Eduardus DERING/ Filius Eduardi Dering/ Hujus Ecclesiae Vicarii / and/ Sarae uxoris ejuis/ infans suavissimus/ post annos duos menses/ quatuor and dies Viginti tres/ abreptus Est ad Christi/ oscula June 17, 1719.

On the floor of this Chapel.
249. [Under the organ] …./ who survived him/ and caus’d/ this gravestone to be laid/ His two wives and son lye buried/ near him in this chapel/.

250. S.H.I. Edwardus DERING obijt June 17th 1719 ut supra.

251. Christop….(Pew) of Wickins Esquire died December 18th, 1693 aged 68 years [see 247].

252. Elizabeth DERING his wife died April 19th 1724 aged 89 years [see 247].

253. [pew] ….with the body of Elizabeth relict of Christopher DERING Esquire, who departed this life the 19th day of April 1724 aged 89 years.

254. Here lieth the Body of Philadelphia wife of William NETHERSOLE Gent, who departed this life the 15th day of October 1717 aged 44 years. [Registers: buried 19th October 1717.]

255. Here lieth the Body of Christopher DERING of Wickins in this parish, Esquire, who departed this life the 18th day of December 1693 aged 68 years [see 247 & 251].

256. Here lieth the Body of Catherine DERING wife of the Reverend Edward Dering, clerk. She was daughter of William LEVET Esquire who served King Charles the First many years and attended him on ye scaffold at the time of his martyrdom. She departed this life December 4th 1701 and left noe issue.

257. Here lieth the Body of Elizabeth Relict of Charles WHEELER Esquire, eldest daughter of Christopher DERING Esquire, who departed this life the 27th day of February…[under organ]. [Registers: Elizabeth relict of Charles Wheler Esquire buried March 2nd 1737/8.]

258. Mary TEALE 1752 [Registers: Mary Teale buryed 6th November 1752].

On South wall of this Chapel.
259. To the memory of Mrs Sarah DERING daughter of the late Reverend Edward Dering Vicar of this Parish who died 23rd October 1817 aged 94 years-

South Transept.
260. [East wall] Arms: per pale gu and az three Griffins segreant or. Here lyeth the Body of William NETHERSOLE, Gent, who married Philadelphia daughter of Christopher DERING Esquire. He departed this life the 15th day of February 1730 aged 61 years. [she was buried 19th October 1717. The burial of several children is recorded in the Registers: William and Edward in October 1702; George in 1711/12; Heneage 17th January 1715/16.]

261. Four wooden bench end tops – part of the repewing after the fire of 1590.
(1) is dated 1598 and bears a Saracens’ head couped at the shoulders, bearded, wreathed about the temples and on the head a chapeau-the crest of Darell.
(2) bears three bugle horns, stringed [? For Horne]
(3) A lion rampant crowned- the arms of Darell
(4) Is dated 1629 with the initials D - probably R.I. those of Sir Robert Darell knight, and his second wife Jane.

262. Window on the west side: To Margaret CALVERT wife of Percy GROVES died 8th January 1896.

On South side of Chancel Arch.

263. Arms: a cockatrice reguardant. On a chief three teals impaling semee de lis, a lion rampant [ Poole]. Near this place lyeth Mary the wife of Musshey TEALE Doctor of Physick, youngest daughter of George POOLE Esquire of this place, a person truly eminent for her great piety, good understanding and Charitable disposition. She died lamented October the 30th 1752. Here lies likewise her husband Dr Musshey Teale of Maidstone [Mushey Teale buried 10th June 1760] who died the 6th June 1760. [ eight lines of verse].

264. [Below preceding] Near to this wall rest the remains of Rebecca relict of Francis Gilbourne WHELER, Gent, who terminated an exemplary life in the 84th year of her age A.D. 1791. Here also by her own desire was deposited the body of Jane daughter of the above Francis Gilbourne Wheler and Rebecca who departed this life 19th June 1819 at the advanced aged of 92.

On North side of Chancel Arch.
265. Here lyeth the Body of George SAYER Esquire, son of Sir John Sayer of Boucher Hall in the County of Essex, and of Katherine Van Hesse Van Piershill of Zealand. He married Frances ye sole daughter and Heiresse of Sir Phillip HONYWOOD of Petts. He was Vice Chamberlain to Queen Katherine, Consort of King Charles the Second and also to Queen Mary consort of King William ye third who made him Subgovernor and Gentleman of the Bedchamber to William Duke of Gloucester. He departed this life the 21st May 1718 aged 63. This monument was erected by his widow. Below are these arms: Gu. A chevron between three seapies arg; impaling arg a chevron. between three hawks heads erased az.

In the North Transept.
266. [ Small stone on floor] Catherine SAYER relict of Reverend G. Sayer died January 14th 1836 aged 76.

267. Frances Elizabeth SAYER died…….(under church chest).

268. [ On East wall] Sir Robert HONYWOOD knight, heir to his ancestors Estate at Petts near Charing in this County of Kent having passed all his youth in ye Court and Camp and some of his Elder years in ye Publique Service of his Countrey his latest in a Private Life tooke care in his life time to be Lay’d here and that his only and only Beloved wife Frances VANE, a Pious Exemplary woman in her generation should be layd by him. He died on ye 15th of Aprill 1686 in the 85th year of his age Shee died ye 17th February 1687 in the 74th year of her age. They had nine sons and seaven daughters of whose education they took great care. Walter Honywood Esquire, Eldest son of Robert Honywood Esquire, Eldest son of the said Sir Robert Honywood died 15th July 1686 in ye 22nd year of his age and is layed here also.
Below are these arms: a chevron between three Hawks’ heads erased in centre a crescent; impaling three dexter gauntlets [ Vane]. Crest a wolf’s head erased.

269. Near this place lyeth the Body of Frances relict of George SAYER Esquire. She departed this life 2nd August 1731 aged 63. Erected by George their only son who also lyeth near them aged 42 years.

270. [ North wall] arms: gules a chevron between three storks (!) or [an error for seapies] impaling sa. a chevron Between three ???? or [????] . This monument is dedicated by Charlotte SAYER to the memory of her beloved husband John Sayer Esquire second son of the late George Sayer of Pett in this County Esquire who departed this life 1st February 1799 aged 40. [ an eulogium]

271. To John SAYER of Pett Place, born 3rd July 1850 died January 19th 1917.

272. In memory of Charlotte Sibella SAYER died 20th January 1900 aged 74.

273. [ Below North window of this Transept] To John SAYER of Pett Place in this parish, Esquire, and of Slowwec in the parish of Arlingham, Gloucestershire, his birthplace where also he died 1st July 1886 aged 63 and where he lies buried. He was the only son of the Reverend John Sayer M.A. Vicar of Arlingham and Elizabeth daughter of The Reverend Thomas HODGES. He married Charlotte Sibella Eldest daughter of the Reverend William CRAWLEY of Flaxley, Glos., now his sorrowing widow by whom this window is erected.

274. In the centre of the Nave is a large stone with a hand pointing to the word Resurgam.

275. Window on South side of the Nave is to Louisa TOWNSEND died 12th August 1886, dedicated by her Grandaughter.

In the Tower.
276. [a brass] The Bells in this Tower were given to the Glory of God by the Right Reverend Edward Wyndham TUFNELL D.D. formerly Bishop of Brisbane and Curate in charge of this parish at the time of the Restoration of the church A.D. 1878. This Brass is erected by the Parishioners.

277. [a brass] To Frederick Buckley CAMPBELL, Lieutenant Colonel 94th Regiment, the clock was placed in this church Tower by Elizabeth Campbell his wife Easter 1910.

278. Hasted Vol. III p. 218 says " In the high chancel is a memorial for Samuel BELCHER of Charing. Gent, obt 1756 aet 61 and for his two wives."

Index of names and places etc


Name Index
Amos 81
Ashbee 161, 179.
Ashwell 13-15
Atkins 52
Bainbridge (246)
Barrell 178, 180.
Barten 181
Barry 66
Barwick 177. 219.
Bedo (65)
Beeching 214
Belcher 278
Bishford 6
Bolton 214
Boorman 25
Botham 242
Bottle 50
Boyse 186
Bradley (71)
Brenchley 29, 37, 38, 67,
        193-6, 229, 230.
Brett 199
Brisley 57
Buckley (277)
Burgess 88. 231.
Bush (193)
C 164
C.? 152
Calvert (262)
Campbell 277
Carter 242
Chapman 65, 128, 132, 210-213, 215-218.
Cheesman 69, 76, 77, 86,138,
       163, 165, 166, 233, 235.
Chesmer 133
Clother (46)
Coppins, Coppings 84, 95, 96,
Coveney (40)
Cramp 169
Crawley 273
Creed 98, 236.
Croucher 55
Cullen (179)
Darell 261


Davison 192
Day 135
Dennett 80, 198.
Dennis 61
Dering 247- 253, 255-257,
           259, 260.
Down 54, 91, 92.
Earl 208
Edwards 94
Egerton 224
Ellis 7, 82.
Elsted 127, 184.
Farris 160
Fenner 71
Flint 89
Foord 89
Foreman 58
Foster 79
Fowle 9
Frederick 111
G 199 a
G ? 152
Gilbourne (264)
Giles 8, 45.
Gillett 68
Godwin 93
Groves 262
Guy 188, 189.
Haffenden 114, 115.
Hammond 219
Harris 87
Harrisson 139, 140, 145, 146,
       148, 157-9, 162, 168,
Hart 136, 137.
Harvey 46
Hawker 112, 113, 115-117.
Hills 78
Hirst 96
Histed 234
Hodges 273
Hodsoll 123
Honywood 265, 268.
Horsley 190
Horton 72
Hough 176
Housden 130
Howland 6
Huckstepp 149-151.
Hughes (46)
Humphery 4
Hunt 207
Hutchinson 178
Hyde 51
Hyder 61, 102, 104, 105, 107.
Jarvis 60
Jeffery 48
Jenkins 17, 31, 232.
Jennings 10-12, 143.
Johnson 27, 41-43.
Jones 200
Judge 26
Jull 153, 205, 206.
Kelly (90)
Kennett 241
Knight 59, 183.
Knock 30
Langley 60, 243.
Law 58
Lee 49
Levet 256
Loftus 101
Luckhurst 70
Ludwell 242
Lumley 18
Marshall 177, 178, 180.
Martin 83
Maxted 218
Medhurst 2, 3, 5.
Milbourne 174
Milgate 23
Mirion 141, 142.
Murton 74, 75.
Myers 110
Nash 178
Nethersole 254, 260.
Norwood 225, 227, 228.
Paine, Payne 64, 85.
Parker 222
Parks 44
Parr 187
Pearce 182
Peirce 244
Penfold 246

Peters 1
Poole 242
Post 56
Pullen (184)
Pye 237, 238.
Rachell 123-125.
Rayner 103
Richards 197
Saunders 175
Sayer 220-224, 265-267,
Sherwood 21
Simmonds 99
Simpson 100
Slaughter 106
Smart 120-122, 126, 129.
Smith 53, 185.
Stallard 107
Stanford 40
Stedman 131 (184)
Streeter 191
Suthern 108
Taylor 154-156.
Teale 258, 263.
Thorpe 90
Tickner 58
Toke (99)
Tolhurst 84
Townsend 275
Tufnell 276
Vane 268
Walter 73
West 144
Wheeler 257, 264.
White 35, 36, 84.
Whitewood 97
Whitfeld 244
Whittle 226
Wightwick 202-4.
Wilkins 39
Wilks 62, 63, 118, 119.
Willson 33, 34.
Wise 28
Wood 16, 209.
Woodgate 47
Woolley 32

Place Index
Arlingham,Glos. 273
Ashford 22
Blandford 222
Bobbing 133
Boucher Hall, Essex 265
Brighton 52
Canterbury 99, 241, 244.

   Acton 139, 140.
   Petts, Pett Place, 220-224,
        265, 268, 270-273.
   Rushmer 216
   Stone Stile 67
   Tile Lodge 81, 82.
   Wickins 128, 247, 251.
Doddington 196
Dunkirk 190
Eastwell 182
Ecclescliffe, Durham 224
Faversham 200
Flaxby, Glos. 273
Lenham 71, 193, 205.
Littlle Chart 154-156.
London 183, 187.
Lincohis’ Inn 224
Maidstone 232, 245.
Norton 130
Otterden 194, 195
Ramsgate 66, 169.
Sittingbourne 129
Sutton Vallence 160
Westwell 26, 28, 226.
Monkery Farm 65, 210.
Willesborough 79.
Woodchurch 146.

Darell 261
Dering 247
Henman 245

Honywood 265, 268.
Kennerly 247
Ludwell 242

Peirce 244
Pool 242, 245, 263.
Sayer 265, 270.

Teale 263
Vane 268.
Whitfeld 244

General Index.
Army: 43rd foot 101
          94th 277
Bells 276
Blacksmith 20

Butcher 134
Clockmaker 22
Charles 1st : Martyrdom 256
Farmer 30
Felmonger 131
Glover 131
Grocer 236
Lawyer 129, 224, 225, 227
Miller 133
Navy 176
Parish Clerk 32
Sadler 235
Surgeon 63, 113, 118, 119,
    136, 137, 263.
Vicar 177, 180, 219, 246, 259.
Yeoman 145, 157

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