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Biddenden with index of names and places at the end

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Monumental Inscriptions in The Church and Churchyard of All Saints Biddenden, Kent. 
Taken in June 1920 by Leland L. Duncan.

                                                                             Typed up by Christine Pantrey, checked by Zena Bamping

From the Rev. W. H. Collis                                                                   The Rectory, . Biddenden. 22/12/1920.

Dear Mr Duncan,

Thank you ever so much ! It was most kind of you to send me the list and plan and I will keep it in the church safe for future reference. What hours of work it must have involved! But you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have supplied the church with a valuable document which at any time may prove of great use and enable us to answer enquiries which with out its aid, we could not have done. I shall look forward to seeing you here in the summer and offer you the opportunity of searching the Church Registers, should you wish to do so.

With kind regards and best wishes for Xmas: and the New Year
    I remain,     Sincerely yours,   William. H. Collis.

Inscriptions in Biddenden Churchyard.

Plot A. The North Eastern portion.

1..Lewis SMALL, 7th October 1833 aged 35. Left issue one son and two daughters. Katharine his wife 14th December 1846 aged 50. Katharine- Mary daughter of above born 1st August 1825 died 28th July 1830. Elizabeth Katharine born 17th February 1830 died 2nd February 1834.

2  (Vault) Isabella wife of John MATHER MA Rector of this parish died 21st August 1764 (not 1864 as in L.L.Duncan's notebook - PR - EPC 20-06-2002) aged….

3  John LUCK, 4th September 1854 aged 34. Nelson Luck, 19th February 1855 aged 52.

4  Elizabeth wife of Charles COLEBROOK of this parish, 6th February 1855 aged 74. The above Charles Colebrook, 5th September 1861 aged 76. Left issue four sons and one daughter: Charles, George, William, Edward and Elizabeth.

5  Elizabeth only daughter of Charles and Elizabeth COLEBROOK of this parish, 23rd August 1881 aged 57

6  Mary Ann JURY of Haselden House, Sissinghurst, 13th March 1892. James Jury her husband, 21st January 1888. Interred at Highgate cemetery.

7  John Thurston WATTS only son of Richard and Sophia Watts, born at Biddenden, 26th July 1844, died suddenly at Gillingham, Kent 8th August 1915 aged 71. Sarah Maria BROWNE Eldest daughter of Richard and Sophia Watts, wife of William Browne, born 8th May 1834, died 25th April 1917. William Browne formerly Band Sergeant Royal Engineers, husband of above born 14th December 1845 died [not filled in].

8  Richard WATTS, 11th October 1855 aged 49. Jane his daughter, 22nd September 1856 aged 18.

9  Emily wife of George TAYLOR of this parish, 5th November 1908 aged 55.

9A. (Footstone) J.W. 1856.

10. (This and 11 are in one enclosure) James BOURNE, 11th September 1873 aged 62. Sarah Ann wife of James Bourne of this parish, 27th August 1865 aged 51. Albert their son, 27th October 1840 aged 5.

11  John BOURNE, 7th December 1905 aged 63.

12. Elizabeth TANNAR daughter of James and Elizabeth Tannar, 28th July 1694 aged 12 years.

13  This and 14 in same enclosure) Mary wife of Thomas DEAN, 6th April 1884 aged 72. Above Thomas Dean 30th March 1902 aged 89.

14  Thomas son of Thomas and Mary DEAN of Smarden formerly of this place, 24th April 1856 aged 19. Also Charles and Edwin died in infancy.

15  Richard DAY of this parish, farmer, 11th December 1834 aged 45. Left issue by Elizabeth his wife three sons and three daughters: Richard, Charles, John, Mary, Sarah Ann and Elizabeth. Elizabeth wife of above, 14th October 1852 aged 60.

16A. (Altar tomb) South side. – Under this Tombe lieth ye Body of Richard BEALE of Biddenden, Clothier, who died October 30th 1691 aged 72 years and nine months. He was twice married, his first wife was Mary daughter of Mr SEAMAN, Minister of Bredgate (sic) By whom he left one son William. His second wife was widow of John NEWENDEN by whom he left another son, John, who erected this tomb. A………94. North side. Here also lieth Mary second wife of Richard Beale who died July ye sixth 1696 aged 73 years and four months.

16B. (Altar). In memory of Richard BEALE of this parish and Elizabeth his wife. The former died 10th November 17(?3)7 aged (?89) years. The latter 28th (?) June 176(?4) aged 8(?1) leaving issue Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah, Ann, Richard and Seaman. On West end A chevron between three Griffins heads impaling (? three double-headed eagles). Crest a….head erased-

17  (Altar) South side. Here lieth the Body of Thomas BEALE of this parish, Gent, who departed this life March the first 1712. He married Grace the daughter of Robert HAFFENDEN of Tenterden, Gent. By whom he had no issue and his wife for her love to him hath erected this Toomb. North side: Under this Tomb lyeth interred Grace POMFRET wife of Virgil Pomfret of this parish. By whom she left issue one son. She departed this life for a better, December 27th 1731 in the 56th years of her age.

18  Charles DAY of this parish, yeoman, 6th March 1795 aged 78. Mary his wife, 16th January 1783 aged 49. Near this place lieth the family of the Days.

19  William MASTERSON Gent, and Anna his wife. He died 27th October 1761 aged 42. She died 14th December 1759 aged 44. Left issue two sons and two daughters: (?Joseph) William, Elizabeth and Sarah.

20  John WILLARD late of this parish, yeoman, 9th September 1769 aged 84. Elizabeth wife of John Willard of this parish, 1st September 1751 aged 63. Also near this place lieth two of their sons.

21  Charles Edward THORP, 4th January 1910 aged 37.

22  William WILLARD, yeoman, May ye 12th 1779 aged 84. Elizabeth wife of William Willard of this parish, yeoman, 25th January 1754 aged 63. Left issue two sons and two daughters: Richard, John, Elizabeth and Ann.

23  Mary WILLARD daughter of William Willard of this Parish, yeoman, by Elizabeth his wife, died 4th of March 1742/3 aged 19 years. Also Richard their son who died December ye (?24….4 aged 55 years.

24  John WILLARD who had issue by Mary his wife nine children of whom four sons and two daughters survived him viz: John, Richard, James, William, Mary and Elizabeth. He died 19th June 1714 aged 66years. Here lieth Mary wife of John Willard died 2nd December 1723 aged(?6)5 years.

25  Elizabeth wife of Richard WILLARD, August ye 1st 1705 aged 45. Richard Willard, 2nd July 1706 aged 61. He left issue two daughters Mary and Elizabeth.

26  Richard WILLARD son of Richard and Mary Willard of this parish, Grocer, 14th December 1731 in ye (?9th) year of his age.

Plot B. to East of the Chancel.

27  Here lyes the Body of Mr Searler  (sic) GILES of this Parish who departed this life March ye 22nd, 1718/19 aged 60 years. Left issue two sons and two daughters. Also here lies ye Body of Mary his wife who departed this life August ye 3rd 1702 aged 25 years.

28  Here lieth ye Body of Esther GILES wife of Searler  (sic) Giles who died September ye 17th 1690 aged 20 years. She left one daughter – Mary.

29  (Altar) North side: Mary wife of Searles GILES of this parish, Gent. died ye 14th September 1760 aged 44 leaving issue three daughters, Mary, Jane and Ann. South side: Searles Giles died 22nd April 1777 aged 71. West end: Arms- a Griffin stataont, impaling on a chevron three fleur de lys. Crest a seahorse (?) sejeant.

On these two stones the name is Searler.

30  Thomas BOURNE, 25th July 1862 aged 83. Sarah his wife, 29th October 1822 aged 43. Sarah their daughter 24th February 1846 aged 41.

31  Judith wife of Mr Jenkin HAGUE of this parish, 7th June 1790 aged 33, leaving three children, Jenkin, John and Susanna (see No 262).

32  Sarah DYER daughter of John and Ann TREE, 17th February 1860 aged 27. Also Thomas their son 25th July 1857 aged 34.

33  Nathanel STEPHENS, Grocer, of Biddenden 13th October 1710 aged 56 years and left behind him Ann his wife which (sic) erected this stone. Also Ann his wife………(under grass).

34  Robert DIBLY of this parish, 21st June 175(?5) aged 7 (0 or 6) years. Footstone A.D. 1727.

35  Robert DIBLY of this parish, December ye 28th 1735 aged 87. Ann his wife, 23rd January 1721 aged 73.

36  Buried here the Body of Mary CVRTIS wife of Thomas Curtis, Gent, the (?7) day of December 169- aged neere 79 yeer.

37  John MARCH of this parish, Cordwainer, 29th August 1762 aged 74. Mary his wife, 13th March 1777 aged 84.

38  Louisa wife of Walter James BUCKLAND, 20th March 1848 aged 34. Left surviving one daughter Elizabeth.

39  Thomas Prowett JONES of Randolphs late of Walthamstow, born 1st August 1822, died 5th August 1907.

40  Edward COLEBROOK son of Edward and Elizabeth Colebrook of this parish, 18th June 1852 aged 19.This stone was erected by his own industry. Also said Edward Colebrook, 9th May 1855 aged 52. Elizabeth his wife, 10th September 1861 aged 61. Edward Colebrook grandson of above, 30th October 1865 aged 5 years eight months.

41  Thomas FIELD, 1st March 1864 aged 77. Mary his wife, 26th February 1858 aged 66.

42John SORRELL, January ye 19th 1765 aged 66. Elizabeth his wife, October ye 29th 1775 aged 65. Left issue five sons and one daughter: John, Joseph, Thomas, William, James and Elizabeth.

43  Jeremiah WINDER of this parish, born 2nd November 1791, died 18th June 1826. Louisa his wife died at Tenterden, 4th December 1871 in 83rd year. Also Ann daughter of above born 16th June 1820, died 3rd October 1821. Elizabeth daughter of above born 20th February 1823, died 19th March 1836.

44  William WINDER of this parish, farmer, October ye 20th, 1767 aged about 59 years. Also Susanna his wife, April ye 25th ,1778 aged 73.

45  Lydia wife of George WITHERDEN of Tenterden, 6th December 1787 aged 31. He died 19th January 1812 aged 6(?4) years.

46  Here lyeth the Body of Thomas POTKEN 1703.

47. Paul SHARP, Senior, of this parish, Miller, August ye 23rd 1746 aged 68. Mary his wife, April ye 8th 1759 aged 78. Left issue surviving three sons, Paul, John and William and three daughters: Elizabeth, Martha and Sarah.

48  George WITHERDEN, yeoman, 19th December 1859 aged 78. Francis wife of George Witherden of this parish, 14th August 1838 aged 49. Frances their daughter, 28th January 1830 aged 15 years.

49  John BOORMAN, son of Mary Boorman of this parish, 7th March 1843 aged 38. Erected by his mother as the last tribute of Respect.

50  (Altar Tomb much sunk) No inscription apparent on top or either side. On the East end is (in black letter) ….the s….
[? Pray for the soul of] John LANYRDEN (?) and Ann hys wyfe. It is late 15th or early 16th century, and the only Mediaeval inscription in the churchyard.

51  Robert BOORMAN, 13th October 1833 aged 79. Ann his wife, 6th April 1833 aged 73. They had issue eleven children deceased and four survived.

51A. Thomas WITHERDEN, 6th October 1842 aged 92. Mary his wife,27th October 1784 aged 26. Susanna his second wife, 23rd April 1797 aged 27. 

52  (Altar tomb) South side: illegible . North side: Also the…./….unce his wife who/ died Nov….1675/ aged 35 years and/ Susanna his daughter/ who died June 24th 1678/ aged 19.

53  Samuel DRURY, 16th December 1860 aged 65. Mary Ann his wife, 11th May 1857 aged 58. Left issue three sons and five daughters: John, Thomas and Richard. Ann, Susan, Harriet, Elizabeth and Frances.

54  James POTTER of Cranbrook, 8th November 1737 aged 80. Mary his wife, 2nd June 1737 aged 73. Erected by their son Thomas Potter.

55  Elizabeth first wife of James CHAMBERS, 21st April 1851 aged 28.

56  Ann wife of Joseph THURSTON of this parish, 29th July 1830 aged 32. Left issue one son and two daughters: Charles, Ann and Jane.

57  Thomas son of John and Mary THURSTON of this Parish, 3rd July 1815 aged 31.

58  Jane daughter of John and Mary THURSTON of this Parish, 28th June 1797 aged 18.

59  Benjamin son of Edward and Mary BENGHAM of this Parish, 16th December 1807 aged 24.

60  John THURSTON of this parish, 18th April 179(?5) aged 79. Mary his wife, 2(-?) August 1788 aged 7(?6). Issue two sons and two daughters: John, David, Mary and Elizabeth.

61. Daniel THURSTON, 4th August 1805 aged (?3 or 5) (30 or 50) years.

62  (Altar Tomb) North side: Here lieth ye Body of Elizabeth wife of Jo…. BVCKHURST who departed this life May the….1697 aged 63 years, ye dafter of Mr George MAILL…. of Loose in Kent. Issue to sons John and George. Here lyeth the body of John Buckhurst who departed this life…. of S…. in ye yere 1705 aged about 6… years.

63  James DAVIS of this parish, 13th April 1809 aged 72- Mary his wife 21st February 1825 aged 87. James their son 20th June 1808 aged 18.

64  Peter DAVIS of this parish, 8th February 1836 aged 68. Ann wife of Peter DAVIS, Cordwainer of this parish, 10th June 1808 aged 38. Ann his second wife, 23rd June 1833 aged 49.

65  Richard NEWTON of this parish, gentleman (Son of the late Rev. Robert Newton who was Rector of Frittenden 59 years) who died 7th June 1760 aged 72.

66  Mr William HARRIS, 22nd February 1775 aged 75. Elizabeth his widow, daughter of John BUCKHURST late of this parish has caused this monument of her affection for her deceased Husband and of her regard for his memory. Elizabeth his wife died January ye 17th 1781 aged 64.

67  Peter DAVIS of this parish, Cordwainer, son of Peter and Ann Davis, 15th April 1837 aged 39.

Plot D. On the North side of the North aisle.

68  Susannah Elizabeth widow of George GILBERT late of this parish, 3rd June 1905 aged 65.

69  (Altar Tomb) North side: Here lieth interred the Body of Ann JOY the wife of Edward Joy of this parish who departed this life, 23rd day of May 1730 aged 67 years. Issue one son and two daughters: Edward, Ann and Mary.

70  Mrs Mary CHILTON, 30th January 1831 aged 63. Eldest daughter of John and Mary VANE of this parish.

71  John VANE of this parish, 16th October 1783 aged (?4)7. Mary his wife died 4th October 1808 aged 71. Issue two sons and four daughters: John, William, Mary, Elizabeth, Sarah and Nellie.

72  Thomas BURTON, November ye 7th 1738 aged 54.

73  Richard HADRILL late of the City of Canterbury plasterer, May 7th 1816 aged 78. Also Tamazin BRADLEY died 1817, March 19th aged39.

Plot E. North West portion of Old Churchyard from North walk to level with the Tower.

74  John CARTER, 18th September 1858 aged 51. Mary his wife, 3rd February 1864 aged 57. Issue one son William.

75  Francis wife of Richard JOHNSON of this parish, farmer, 26th August 1782 aged 49. He died 15th July 1794 aged 55. Left issue four daughters: Frances, Mary-Ann, Elizabeth and Ann. Elizabeth their daughter, 8th April 1795 aged 21.

76  William WICKENS of this parish, 26th February 1852 aged 64. Ann his wife, 17th February 1868 aged 74. William their son, 23rd April 1821 aged 5 years.

77  Horace George, Eldest son of George and Betsy OTTAWAY, 26th June 1869 aged 3 years nine months.

78  John THURSTON, 7th March 1861 aged 80. Sarah his wife, 7th April 1863 aged 78, leaving issue two sons and three daughters: Thomas, James, Sarah, Jane and Maria.

79  Elizabeth wife of William PEENE, by whom he had five sons and four daughters, who died 1st September 1717 aged 81.

80  William RAINES, 17th February 1720 aged 61.

81  Hannah MOORE of this parish, 25th April 1798 aged 26. Left issue one son James.

82  Louisa wife of Henry STACE, 20th October 1851 aged 40. Also their son Henry John Stace, 11th September 1837 aged 7 years.

James Wickens MOORE, 19th February 1869 aged 14 years.

84  Sarah Ann wife of William WEBB, 14th March 1884 aged 48.

85  James PILBEAM of this parish, 29th December 1847 aged 77.Sarah his wife, 11th April 1830 aged 60.

86  James Goodwin BODY, second son of Richard and Catherine Body, 13th May 1864 aged 13 years eleven months.

87  Elizabeth wife of John BODY of this parish, 10th December 1858 aged 82. He died and lies buried at Boulogne sur mer, 8th September 1837 aged 60. Left issue two sons and two daughters: Richard and John, Elizabeth and Ann. Elizabeth their daughter wife of William Bonny ALLEN, 30th August 1857 aged 49. Also lie buried near this place two infant daughters of above Richard Body.

88  Sarah daughter of Thomas and Mary MEDHURST of this Parish, 15th August 1805 aged 15.

89  John HILL of this parish, yeoman, 7th August 1719 aged 65.

90.  (Top broken)….late of/ ….died August 7th / 1796 aged 82 years. Also Joseph LAWRANCE brother of the above John Lawrance, 19th January 1783 aged 70 years. Likewise Ann wife of the said Joseph Lawrance, 5th July 1786 aged 70. Erected by Thomas Lawrance son of above John Lawrance.

91  James DANN of this parish, 15th April 1859 aged 43.

Plot F. South West part of yard, beginning by the South porch going Westwards.

92  John HARRIS of this parish, 12th September 1840 aged 49.

92A. Mary Ann NORRIS, 27th June 1854 aged 20.

93  Ann wife of William BYHAM, yeoman, 27th July 1708 aged 41. Left issue two sons and one daughter: William, Hodges and Ann. William Byham of this parish, yeoman, 7th March 1729 aged….(under grass).

94  Amelia daughter of Ham LEVETT of this parish, farmer, 8th March 1848 aged 20.

95  Henry OLIVER, 25th July 1859 aged 67. Catherine wife of Henry Oliver, farmer of this parish, 1st September 1837 aged 35. Henry- Burden their son, 25th May 1833 aged five months. Left surviving two sons and one daughter: James, Stephen and Mary.

96  Mary wife of Benjamin Henry OLIVER of this parish, Farmer, 15th October 1858 aged 24. Leaving issue two children, Mary-Ann and Edwin. Erected by her brother.

97  John CLOUT, 9th June 1808 aged 45. Deborah his wife, 17th March 1838 aged 79.

98  George TAPLEY late of this parish, 2nd April 1744 aged 78. Left issue two sons: George and Charles.

99  William HARRIS, grocer of this parish, 30th October 1820 aged 59. Ann his wife, 4th March 1841 aged 73. Left issue three sons and two daughters: William, John, James, Ann and Mary. Near this place William the aforesaid son who died 19th September 1826 aged 37 years.

100. William HARRIS of this parish, taylor, 17th January 1815 aged 72. Susanna his wife, 19th February 1803 aged 71.

101   W.H. 1826.

102  Henry CLAGGET, 18th January 1706 aged 47.

103  Joseph BEKEN, 24th March 1802 aged 84. Hannah his wife, 6th June 1793 aged 71. James their son 14th February 1767 aged 16. Left issue one son Joseph. Susanna BARLING his sister, 22nd December 1782 aged 67.

104  George BEKEN of Highpoles farm, 4th December 1871 aged 79. Hannah his wife, 17th May 1871 aged 76. George their only son, 28th September 1869 aged 47 and lies interred at Woodchurch having left issue seven sons and six daughters.

105  Joseph BEKEN son of Joseph and Hannah Beken, 10th February 1806 aged 58. Left issue by Sarah his wife: Hannah, Joseph, Sarah, Lydia and James. Sarah his wife 21st September 1824 aged 77. Lydia their daughter, 12th January 1824 aged 37.

106  Benjamin BEKEN late of this parish, farmer, 7th May 1838 aged 84. Martha his wife 18th September 1835 aged 81. Leaving issue two sons and seven daughters.

107  Benjamin BEKEN of this parish, 18th August 1779 aged 56. A diligent parish officer for more than twenty years. An industrious farmer by which he gained a good report and a provision for his family of two sons and four daughters by Deborah his wife who died 5th June 1796 aged 71.

108  George BEKEN, 23rd June 1907 aged 62, leaving three sons and six daughters. Also Harriet Beken, 15th March 1908 aged 81, widow of George Beken who was interred at Woodchurch and mother of the above George Beken.

109  Thomas HOPPER died at Loose, 16th October 1867 aged 70. Frances wife of Thomas Hopper, grocer of this parish, 10th January 1832 aged 39. Sarah Ann their daughter 28th February 1830 aged 5 years and seven months. Caroline Elizabeth their daughter, 23rd April 1832 aged four months. Left surviving two sons and two daughters.

110  Edward Pyner HOPPER of this parish, 5th March 1854 aged 33. Harriet MUNK, widow of above, 8th August 1861 aged 42. Sarah Ann daughter of above, 1st March 1853 aged ten months. Left one son Charles Homewood Hopper.

111  Elizabeth wife of Joseph COX, 19th April 1788 aged 67.

112  Stephen OSBORNE of this parish, 8th March 1815 aged 21 (or 4).

113  William FARREN of this parish, Gent, 13th September 1783 aged 66. Elizabeth wife of William OSBORNE relict of above William Farren, 12th September 1787 aged 69.

114  John HOPPER of this parish, 10th May 1841 aged 51. Frances his wife, 9th February 1848 aged 59. Michael their son 22nd May 1821 aged 4 years.

115  John Eldest son of Thomas and Ann HOPPER of Jersey City, New Jersey, U.S. 28th August 1871 in 18th year at Charing in Kent while on a visit to this country.

116  Elizabeth HOPPER, 10th February 1838 aged 74. Michael Hopper her husband, 3rd March 1849 aged 81.

117  Edward HOPPER of this parish, 8th June 1847 aged 44. Elizabeth his wife, 22nd December 1875 aged 76.

118  Charles GILES, 22nd April 1874 aged eleven months. Charles Anson Giles, 7th January 1877 aged 2 years; sons of Charles and Mary Ann Giles of this parish. William Alfred Giles, 27th April 1878 aged fourteen months.

119  Thomas GOWER of this parish, 1st August 1839 aged 54. Deborah his wife, 14th March 1849 aged 66.

120  Ham LEVETT, farmer of this parish, 9th October 1862 aged 63. Mary Ann his wife, 12th January 1878 aged 80. Thomas eldest son of above, 23rd April 1897 aged 67.

121  John WHIBLEY, 5th February 1899 aged 38. Eliza Whibley, mother of above, 10th September 1862 aged 31.

The remaining stones- perhaps 100 in number- in this Western part of the yard are modern: 1870 to date.

Plot G. The South Eastern part of the Southern portion of the Churchyard, beginning by East gate.

122  Cecilia wife of Richard BODY of this parish, 16th September 1843 aged 36, leaving issue Richard and Mary Ann.

123  William WINDER of this parish, 12th June 1846 aged 52.

124  Lydia wife of Benjamin HILLYEAR of Wagstaff in this parish, 17th April 1828 aged 33, leaving two sons, Charles and Henry surviving. The above Benjamin Hilltear, 5th July 1848 aged 57.

125  Thomas CLARKE late of this parish, 7th May 1865 aged 80; leaving a widow with whom he had lived 56 years. Sarah his wife, 7th May 1874 aged 89. Thomas Clarke great-nephew of above 13th December 1914 aged 73.

126  John COLLINGS of this parish, 15th June 1818 aged 64. Sarah his wife, 12th June 1785 aged 34. Mary his second wife lies buried near this place. Left issue by his first wife one daughter:- Sarah.

127  Thomas COLLINGS of this parish, 12th July 1813 aged 98. Mary his wife, 10th September 1805 aged 90. Issue three sons and    .daughters…..(illegible).
[In the 96th year of his age reaped corn in company with a son aged 74 and a daughter aged 66].

128  (Small obelisk under yew-tree) Mary wife of James HONISS, 6th December 1784 aged 68. Eleanor daughter of James and Mary Honiss, March ye 28th 1747 aged six months. James Honiss, 28th December 1802 aged 88.

129  Edward HONISS of Ashford in this County, 5th October 1806 aged 76. Elizabeth his daughter, 24th September 1796 aged 5 years. William Honiss son of above, 19th March 1810 aged 15 years.

130  Richard BEALE Esquire, 19th January 1836 aged 65. Frances his wife, 27th February 1854 aged 82.

131  Richard BEALE Esquire, 14th December 1814 aged 70.

132  Seaman BEALE, 13th May 1767 aged 46.

133  Ann wife of Richard BEALE Esquire, 6th December 1761 aged 42.

134  Richard BEALE Esquire, 6th November 1786 aged 69.

135  Mr Charles BEALE of this parish, 4th March 1837 aged 32, leaving Mary his widow and one child viz Fanny Witherden.

136  Mary wife of Mr Charles BEALE of this parish, 4th December 1878 aged 69.

137  Shadrach WESTON of this parish, 22nd November 1868 aged 85. Elizabeth-Barrett his wife, 14th December 1858 aged 69, leaving surviving one son and six daughters.

138  Frances widow of Charles S. PILCHER of Rolvenden and daughter of Richard BEALE of River Hall in this parish. Born 10th June 1807, died 6th November 1887. Also near by Anna Louisa younger daughter of above, 25th April 1914 aged 71.

139  George Richard BEALE of Elmstone House, Biddenden, youngest son of Richard and Frances Beale of River Hall, 19th February 1880 aged 63.

140  Richard BEALE Esquire, 19th November 1874 aged 80. Sarah wife of above, 18th April 1878 aged 83.

141  M. WATTS 1854 aged 86. R. WATTS 1820 aged 44.  W. WATTS 1833 aged 29.

142  M. FREEMAN 1873 aged 66.

143. Ann wife of Edward KING, 4th July 1822 aged 33. Charlotte their daughter, 9th June 1821 aged 2 years. Edward their son, 7th November 1822 aged 9.

144  Mr Seaman BEALE second son of Seaman Cook BEALE Esquire of London, 23rd April 1838 aged 65. Mrs Seaman Beale, 13th December 1862 aged 87.

145  Samuel BRIDGLAND, 10th February 1796 aged 74. Mary his wife, 18th April 1797 aged 74.

146  William PARKS, 23rd October 1859 aged 43. Ann his wife, 8th June 1866 aged 51. Mary Ann daughter of above, 19th December 1862 aged 20. Left issue George, Louisa and William.

147  Edward BUTTON late of this parish, Peruke- maker and was Parish Clerk for upwards of 34 years, 11th April 1804 aged 68. Susanna his second wife, 25th March 1822 aged 88 (see 182 and 276).

148  (Altar tomb) South side: Thomas HAYTER, 8th (?October) 1777 aged 7(?2). William Hayter, 3rd May 179(?4) aged 88. North side: Elizabeth wife of William Hayter, 16th February 1762 aged 61. Jane his second wife, 4th May 1774 aged 48.

149  Alexander REEVE late of this parish, 26th April 1793 aged 67. Mrs Stephen ELMSTONE, 28th February 1823 aged 74. Mr Stephen Elmstone, 14th January 1831 aged 84.

150  Sarah KENNARD, 24th September 1862 aged 84.

151  John CRAMPTON, 28th October 1839 aged 88. Sarah his wife, 4th January 1807 aged 34. Elizabeth his second wife, 16th March 1860 aged 74. John Edwin THOMAS, grandson of above, 2nd December 1840 aged 9 years.

152  Richard LARGE of Cranbrook, 11th April 1766 aged 67. Elizabeth his wife, 30th January 1776 aged 72. Sarah Large, 26th May 1761 aged 26. Benjamin Large, 24th September 1762 aged 25. Ann wife of Edward BULLEN of this parish, 8th February 1764 aged 26.

153  Thomas HAYTER of this parish, August ye 4th 1752 aged 85. Sarah his wife, 18th February 1736 aged 64. Issue three sons and four daughters: Thomas, John, William, Sarah and Martha.

154  Richard FREEMAN of this parish, bricklayer, 2nd October 1817 aged 57. Mary his wife, 20th February 1854 aged 75. Left issue five sons and three daughters.

154 a. Robert FREEMAN son of James and Mary Freeman of this parish, 16th November 1759 aged 2 years.

155  James FREEMAN late of this parish, bricklayer, 24th August 1781 aged 74. Left issue by his first wife three sons: James, Richard and William. And of Mary his second wife died 15th January 1799 aged 82.

156  William BINGHAM of this parish, 27th April 1831 aged 70. Elizabeth his wife, 11th March 1830 aged 68. Two grandchildren of above: Elizabeth Bingham, June 1827 aged 11 years: Mary Bingham, 20th February 1827 aged 5 years.

157  Elizabeth wife of Thomas BURDEN of this parish and daughter of Mr Stephen BATT of Branden in Cranbrook, 24th September 1834 aged 44. Left one son and two daughters: Elizabeth, Thomas and Susan. Also two daughters: Mary Ann died 12th June 1821 aged 4 years and three months and Katharine, 24th August 1834 aged 1 year eight months.

158  Stephen SMITH of this parish, yeoman, 11th May 1815 in 65th year. Elizabeth his wife, 1st December 1816 aged 61.

159  John JENNINGS, Cooper, 27th May 1702 aged 64. Also two sons and two daughters: He left Susanna his wife and issue two sons, James and John and four daughters: Elizabeth, Mary, Susanna and Ann. Susanna wife of John Jennings, 25th November 1726 aged 82.

160  John JENNINGS of this parish, 22nd January 1732 aged 56.

161  William LILEY of this parish, Barber and Peruke maker, June ye 27th 1757 aged 55. Left issue one daughter Elizabeth. Also Martha his mother died 27th March 1758 aged 89. Also Elizabeth his wife, 5th March 1776 aged 68.

162  David SPRINGATE of this parish, yeoman, December ye 6th 1732 aged 79. Katharine his wife, 20th March 1692 aged 50. Done by Robert Harrison……………(under grass).

Plot H. The centre portion of the South Churchyard i.e. that immediately opposite the church.

163  (Large altar tomb) North side: Here lieth inter’d the …../…..beth PATT…./…./…t Pa….…../…./….son one…..[nearly all gone].  On West end: a coat of arms: On a fess three fleur de lys. Crest Out of….coronet a….head. [for PATTENSON].

164  (An old altar tomb) West end: Here lyeth interred the Body of Ro[?ger] PATTENSON and Guliaw(?) his wife who departed this life the 7th day of November being aged 77 years and ten months and left issue four sonnes and one dafter Anno Domini 1638.

165  Samuel DRIVER, 4th April 1811 aged 29.

166  Elizabeth daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth BROOKER of this parish, 24th March 1815 aged 10. Frances daughter of same April 18 5 aged 2.

167. B.B. F.B. (small stones – no dates).

168  William BINGHAM of this parish, Senior, 4th April 1812 aged 82. Hannah his wife, January 29th 1773 aged 44. James their son died an infant.

169  William BROUNGER late of this parish, 20th November 1789 aged 83. Martha his wife - July 1745 aged 45. Left issue William, Joseph, ? Jonathan and Mary. Also ? Jonathan their son who died -  September 174(?5) aged twenty-two weeks. Catherine his second wife, 16th October 1778 aged 70. She left one daughter- Martha.

170  John CLARK, 2nd April 1744 aged 82. Mary his wife, 10th February 1749 aged 85.

171  (Altar tomb, near porch) North side: Here lieth the Body of John MILLES of this parish, Gent. who departed this life the 24th of April 1677 aged about 70 years. In remembrance of whome his kinsman [?John] Milles erected this Tombe.

172  Ann MILLES wife of John Milles of Horsmonden, Gent. March ye 8th 1736 aged 68, who left three sons: John, Thomas and Richard.

173  Tho [MILL]ES late of Combwell in Goudhurst son of John and Ann Milles, 22nd April 1763 aged 56.

174  Samuel DRIVER, 27th December 1885 aged 64. Mary his wife, 13th May 1854 aged 26. Thomas son of above, 4th October 1852 aged three weeks. Mary-Jane daughter of above, 28th September 1856 aged 2 years five months.

175  John UPTON of this parish, April ye 26th 1747 aged 80. Elizabeth his wife, March ye 8th 1747 aged 63. Left issue: Thomas, William, Mary and John. Thomas son of John and Elizabeth Upton died December…..aged 43.

176  John BINGHAM, 26th March 1756 aged 42. Ann Bingham, February ye 14th 1754 aged 45.

177  William COLEBROOK, 6th January 1827 aged 73. Martha his wife, 14th May 1847 aged 83.

178  William COLE of this parish, yeoman, 16th February 1805 aged 85. Ann his first wife, 6th April 1781 aged 5(?4) years. Mary his second wife, March 19th 1795 aged 70.

179  Thomas HENMAN (?) of this parish departed this life, July 10th 17(?42) aged (?50)….who died….aged….

180  Mrs Elizabeth SIMS wife of John Sims of Oxford street, London, 25th December 1812 in 56th year. Issue two sons and two daughters.

181  Mr Thomas HENMAN late of Tottenham Court Road, London, 22nd September 1816 aged 54.

182   (By porch) William BUTTON [?Clerk] of this parish upwards ….35 years d….19th 1837 aged - 6 years……a widow four sons and four daughters. Also Lydia his wife, January 1(?9) 1861 aged 83

[see 147 and 276].

183  Alice PETERS wife of Thomas Peters of this parish, 30th April 1832 aged 32. Issue one son and two daughters: [Space is left for his name but it is not filled in].

184. Mr Samuel ?……. ON of this parish died….March 1770 aged 84.

185  Matilda DAY wife of John Day of Swanscomb in this County and formerly of this parish….[perished]. A footstone:- MD 1835.

186  John DAY of this parish, 22nd November 1804 aged 58. Martha his wife, 17th May 1800 aged 52. Issue three sons and three daughters: William, John, James, Martha, Ann and Lydia.

187  Elizabeth wife of William WEEKS of this parish, 26th September 1760 aged 51. Left issue two daughters: Elizabeth and Mary.

188  William WEEKS, yeoman of this parish, 16th October 1789 aged 79. Alice Weeks his wife, 27th June 1826 aged 85.

189  John CARPENTER of this parish, yeoman, 21st March 1807 aged 68. Lucy his wife, 31st October 1815 aged 68. Issue one daughter.

190  William COLE son of William and Sarah Cole late of the parish of Biddenden, 19th March 1834 aged 41.

191  William COLE of this parish, after a long and painful affliction, 8th July 1821 aged 69. Sarah his wife, 15th November 1825 aged 70. Issue by Sarah his wife one son who erected this stone.

192  Benjamin WITHERDEN of this parish, 21st February 1846 aged 58. Left issue by Mary his wife two sons Joseph and John. Mary his wife, 21st January 1852 aged 53.  

193a  A. Mary Ann WITHERDEN, 30th January 1849 aged one year.

193  William KADWELL of this parish, 26th January 1852 aged 75. Elizabeth his wife [ date not filled in]. Issue one daughter Mary.

194  Elizabeth and Sarah daughters of William and Elizabeth KADWELL of this parish. Elizabeth wife of James GILBERD who died 19th March 1825 aged 26, left issue Elizabeth and Elizer. Also Sarai youngest daughter of above, 31st December 1828 aged 19.

195  John DAY of this parish, 14th January 1852 aged 57, leaving issue by Jane his wife four sons and five daughters: John, William, Edward and George; Jane, Catherine, Sarah, Ann and Matilda. Jane his wife, 10th August 1862 aged 68. James son of above, 30th August 1846 at Lexington, Georgia, North America, aged 24.

196  John SWADLING late of Smarden, 6th December 1837 aged 53. Left surviving a widow and four children: Harriot (by a former wife), Fanny, Anne and John. He lived upwards of 21 years in the service of the Rev. E. Nares D.D. Rector of this parish whose family his merits as a faithful servant duly appreciated.

197  Jane DEAN, 18th July 1856 aged 45. A tribute to Christian Piety erected by her Pastor.

198  Robert COLEBROOK of this parish, yeoman, 18th December 1796 aged 66. Catharine his wife, 31st January 1809 aged 82. Left issue three sons and one daughter: Thomas, Robert, William and Catharine.

199  (Altar tomb by porch) North side: Here lyeth the body of Robert VAVGHAN of this parish, Gent. who dyed the (2?)0 of…. 16(?5)2. He had two wives the first Margaret GIBBON by whom he had six children. The second Elizabeth Jane daughter of…. ..e….h LANE of Egerton by wom he had one daughter who lyeth here with her mother…wh….this toombe was erected in August 1652.

200  (Altar tomb) South side: In memory of Samuel ORTON of this parish, Gent. who died 12th (?) of October 1742 aged 70 years.  North side: Here also lyeth interr’d the body of Mary Orton wife of Samuel Orton. She died the 9th July 1743 aged 86 years.

201  John CHAMBERS, Bricklayer of this parish, 17th June 1829 aged 53. Hannah his wife, 25th April 1854 aged 70.

202  Mary Ann wife of Alfred WELLS, Junior, of this parish, born 6th August 1830, died 8th December 1859. Leopold Frederick third son of above, born 19th January 1857, died 29th July 1859. Albert Hope Montague their fourth son, born 10th June 1858 died 10th December 1858. Left surviving two sons and one daughter: Theodore-Hukins, Alfred-Augustus and Laura-Eliza-Albina.

203  Albert son of Alfred and Eliza WELLS of this parish, born 28th January 1832, died 20th September 1854. Eliza-Albina their daughter, born 22nd October 1846, died 10th June 1848.

204  Eliza-Ann daughter of Alfred and Eliza WELLS of this parish, born 13th July 1833 died 22nd May 1836. William Montague their son, born 9th March 1830 died 13th March 1839.

205  John WICKEN of this parish, yeoman, November ye 18th 1775 aged 78. Elizabeth wife of John Wicken, yeoman, December ye 10th 1759 aged 67 years. John son of John and Elizabeth Wicken, 2nd August 1763 aged 33.

206  George, son of George and Mary SKINNER of this parish, 11th March 1836 aged 9 years. Eliza daughter of above, 3rd January 1843 aged seven months.

207  George, Pheobe, Elizabeth and Thomas sons and daughters of Sanders HAFFENDEN and Ann his wife. [No date but Early or Mid-18th Century].

208  William RIPPON, 23rd May Anno Domini 1631. Dorithy his wife died 8th September 1656 and left issue John, Robert, Elizabeth, Dorithy, Susanne and William Rippon.

209  Pheobe wife of William RIPPON who died Anno Domini 1690 about ye 70th year.

210  (Altar) South side: In memory of Sander HAFFENDEN Gent. ….(illegible). North side: who left issue surviving Sander, William, Mary, Ann and Patience by Ann his first wife who was the daughter of William and Phoebe RIPPON of this parish and is also interred under this Tomb. She departed this life Anno Domini 1696 in the 44th year of her age.

211  (Altar) Top: Here lyeth the Body of Sander HAFFENDEN Gent, who died 19th September 1746 aged 63. Here lys the Body of Adrian PAINE late of B[?urwash] Nephew and Executor to the late Sander Haffenden who died 2[?8] January 174(?7) aged 55 leaving issue Mary, Adrian, Hals-ames(?) and Ann. Adrian survived his father but three months. South side; Here lyes the Body of Patience Haffenden who dyed 24th September 1733 aged 51. North side: Here lies interred Mary Paine, sister to Mr Sander Haffenden who died 19th May aged 77, 1749. East end: These stones were cleaned in 1759. West end; Arms of Haffenden: chequey on a bend three mullets. Crest three ostrich feathers.

212  Robert PULLEN, 6th June 1767 aged 47.

213  Richard PULLEN, 28th May 1760 aged 73. Elizabeth wife of Richard Pullen of this parish, 24th November 1748 aged about 54. Left issue two sons, Robert and Richard.

214. Alfred SMITH, 11th February 1856 aged 21.

215  Sarah PAINE widow of this parish, died 2nd July 1850 aged 75. Late of Bateman’s Wood.

216  Robert PULLEN, 28th January 1865 aged 74. Mary his wife, 1st December 1880 aged 74. Mary Ann their daughter, 19th November 1829 aged 21. George their son killed in the battle of Chancellorsville, America, 14th May 1864 aged 27.

217  William PULLEN, 6th January 1873 aged 72. Abigail wife of above, 7th February 1837 aged 35.

218  Ann PULLEN, spinster of this parish, 29th May 1858 aged 62.

219   Robert PULLEN late of this parish, 24th March 1836 aged 78. Elizabeth his wife, 20th August 1853 aged 83. Edward their son, 1st April 1846 aged 40.

220  Richard PULLEN of this parish, 13th November 1809 aged 53. Elizabeth his wife, 13th October 1813 aged 38. Four of their children who died in infancy. Left surviving two daughters: Mary and Sarah

221  (Altar by South fence) North side: In memory of William son of Hodges and Mary Magdalen BYHAM of this parish, yeoman, 7th May 1752 aged 14 years eleven months. South side: Hodges Byham, yeoman, March ye 5th 1769 aged 67.

222  (By South path) Thomas CROWNS of this parish, 11th June 1871 aged 87. Lydia his wife, 16th February 1861 aged 72, leaving surviving Thomas, Selina, John, Lydia, Charles, George, Eleanor, James and Jacob. [see 263]

223  (Altar) South side: Mary Ann NASH daughter of Edward and Mary Nash of Goodneston by Wingham in this County, died 20th December 1814 aged fifteen months. North side: H.S.E/ Jana Reverend Johannis POMFRETT/ et Janae uxoris Filia/…../…./…./ 18 die Octobris AD 1742 aetatis 39/ Sorore delictissima hoc S…posuit/ Josias Pomfrett frater ex animo moerens 1767.

224  Samuel STREATER late wheelwright of this parish, 28th April 1775 aged 43. Left issue by Hannah his wife one son and one daughter: Samuel and Sarah. Hannah his wife died 14th October 1776 aged 51.

225  (Altar) North side: James LOMAS, Gent, late of Duesden farm in this parish, 25th January 1835 aged 75. South side: Elizabeth relict of James Lomas, 7th September 1842 aged 79.

226  (Altar by South fence) James RANSLEY, 5th October 1778 aged 75. Ann wife of James Ransley, 23rd July 1772 aged 66. Ann daughter of James and Ann Ransley, 26th May 1794 aged 61. Erected by their youngest daughter Elizabeth Ransley.

Plot J. The South Western part of the Southern yard.
Four Altar tombs in iron railings.

227  (Altar) North side: In memory of Mrs Jane POMFRETT relict of the Rev. Mr John Pomfrett daughter of Vincent QUILTER late of this parish, Gent. whose ancestors for many generations liv’d at Staple in this County. She died ye 27th of September 1714 in the 50th year of her age. [No inscription on top or South side. There was a coat of arms on West end but it is now illegible]- The Pomfret’s bore Quarterly arg and gules a bend sable [Hasted Vol. 3. Page 66].

228  (Altar) West end: Dna Jana Johis POMFRETT/ uxor charissima/ In Pietatis monumentum / Hoc Saxum Erga Parentes amoris Erga fratrem vtrumq. Posuit/ October .21.1707. 
South side: Memoriae sacrum Johannis Vin QUILTER filii natu maximi Qui a piis Parentibus legum studio destinatus eximia indole prudentia rara industria inde bessa subacto ivdicie omnibus q alijs dotibus praeccellvit. Quae iuvenem reddebant egregium virum spondebant optimum Quem deniq cousvmata fruditio compari modestia meritio longe maiorem quam fama reddidit Sal Hum 1706 obiit October 12. Anno aetatis svae 30.  
North side: Horum. Autem receusens laudes non sine piacvlot-ce..virum famae iloru….. et sepulchri
Partie….Vin. Quilter Vin. Quilter filium natu minimum: ob morum can…. Disideratissimum dignum Hac vita divtvrniore Nisi quod vita meliore dignum salutis Part 99 Obiit January 24 Anno Aetatis svae 28.

229  (Altar) West end: In memory of Jane NEWTON wife of Mr William HOPPER of Brickwall House in this parish and Eldest daughter of the late Mr Josiah NEVILLE of Worsenden who died March 5th 1850 aged 59, leaving two sons William Frederick and Josiah-Neville. South side: In memory of John POMFRET, Gent who died May ye 5th 17[?6]2 aged 77. Also John Pomfret junior, nephew of the above gentleman died October ye 3rd 175[?1] aged [?1]0 years/. North side: Mrs Katharine Pomfret wife of Mr John Pomfret of this parish, gent, departed this life 5th December 1755 in the [?8 or 6]6th year of her age.

230  (Altar) South side: Mary wife of Josiah NEVILLE gent, died 30th July 1843 aged 84. North side: Josiah Neville Gent of Worsenden House in this parish died February 2nd 1826 aged 67. He left one son and two daughters. West end: Arms: gu on a salture ar. a rose of the field. Crest an arm in armour holding a battle axe wreathed with snakes.

231  Joseph WITHERDEN, 12th January 1819 aged 78. Ann his wife, 18th February 1827 aged 80. Had issue by Ann his wife two sons and five daughters: Ann died 28th May 1775 aged 1 year six months: Joseph died 4th January 1789 aged 1 year five months: Elizabeth died 30th January 1794 aged 13 years. Susannah died 5th July 1796 aged 18 years. Left surviving Carey, Frances and Ann.

232  William WITHERDEN third son of Mr Carey Witherden of this parish, 22nd November 1831 aged 16. Louisa fifth daughter died 25th March 1832 aged ten months.

233  (Altar) North side: William BYHAM, Gent. son of William and Frances Byham of this parish, February ye 8th 1756 aged 28. South side: William Byham, Gent. of this parish,19th February 1767 aged 66. Frances his wife….15, 1786 aged 84.

234  Richard WESTON of this parish, 11th December 1825 aged 68. Elizabeth his wife, 18th April 1836 aged 81.

235  Richard FRYMAN of ye Parish House, Carpenter, died 9th March 1753 aged 49. Mary wife of Richard Fryman, died 28th December 1790 aged 82. Left issue by Mary his wife one son and five daughters.

236  Stephen ALLEN of this parish, 11th May 1816 aged 78. Sarah wife of above, of this parish, 16th April 1785 aged 64.Elizabeth CULLINGHAM, widow, her sister, 17th April 1799 aged 76.

237  Mr Joseph WITHERDEN, Eldest son of Mr Carey Witherden of this parish, 26th June 1841 aged 30, leaving issue by Martha his widow one son Charles.

238  John FENN late of this parish, Timber merchant, 6th June 1791 aged 57. Lydia his wife, 4th September 1791 aged 47.

239  (Table tomb) Here lyeth the Body of Thomas RAMSDEN died February 28th 1697/8 aged 47; who married Mary daughter of John WEBB of Frittenden, Gent. by whom issue five children: four sons and one daughter: Webb, Thomas, John living, Elizabeth and John are interred by him. His….ing wife in mem….

240  Mr John BUCKLAND of Goldwell in this parish, 2nd January 1863 aged 75. Sarah Munn Buckland relict of above March 2….. aged 70.

241  Mr James BUCKLAND of this parish, 4th May 1863 aged 44, leaving two sons and one daughter: John-Carey, William and Annie-Janet.

242  Elizabeth wife of James BUCKLAND of this parish, and third daughter of Mrs Carey WITHERDEN of Castweasle in the same parish, October 14th 1858 aged 36 (not 56 as appears in L.L.Duncan notebook and was baptised 25 May 1823 - EPC 20-06-2002) leaving three sons and one daughter.

243  Mr Carey WITHERDEN of Castweasle in this parish, 12th January 1861 aged 76, leaving surviving five children: Susan, Carey, Ann, George and Charles-Henry.

244  Elizabeth wife of Mr Carey WITHERDEN of Castweasle in this Parish, 1st November 1852 aged 64 leaving three sons and three daughters.

245  Frances WITHERDEN fourth daughter of Mr Carey Witherden of this parish, 23rd April 1843 aged 18.

246  Carey-William son of George and Ann WITHERDEN of this parish, 9th May 1858 aged nine months. Thomas-Henry their son, 17th December 1861 aged ten days.

247  Fanny Witherden (BUCKLAND) daughter of James and Elizabeth BUCKLAND of this parish, died on her 5th birthday 22nd November 1851,(buried 28th November 1851- PR).

248  Walter-James son of James and Elizabeth BUCKLAND of this parish, died  8th October 1859 aged 2 years and nine months (buried 12th October 1859 - PR ). Elizabeth Witherden (BUCKLAND) their daughter, 14th July 1858 aged seven months (buried 31st July 1858 - PR)

249  Mr Henry HEATH of this parish, 18th November 1857 aged 52, leaving Susan his widow.

250  Susan widow of Mr Henry HEATH of this parish and eldest daughter of Mr Carey WITHERDEN of Castweasle, 27th August 1880 aged 71.

251  (Altar by South fence) North side: Henry WITHERDEN of this parish, yeoman, March ye 17th 1766 aged 65. Sarah his wife July ye 25th 1779 aged 76. South side: Thomas DEAN of this parish, yeoman, 3rd March 1798 aged 79. Sarah his wife, 3rd June 1815 aged 88.

252  John DEAN of this parish, 17th June 1848 aged 53. Rhoda his wife, 31st May 1832 aged 32. Godman BEALE their grandson, 5th June 1849 aged one week. Stephana their daughter and wife of Richard FITCH, 21st January 1847 aged 22.

253  Mr William Hodson GREENALL, second son of Mr John Greenall of this parish, Surgeon, 11th April 1840 aged 25, leaving issue by Ann his widow one daughter Elizabeth-Ann. Ann wife of above, 23rd February 1868 aged 50.

254  Pitt SPRINGETT, Nat 31 Mart, obt 22 maii 1850.

255. (Altar) South side: Underneath are deposited the remains of Cooke TYLDEN-PATTENSON of Ibornden Esquire, Colonel in the Army, J.P. and Deputy Lieutenant for this County who died January 23rd 1858 aged 67. Also Julia-Ann Eldest daughter of above by Anne- Rebecca his first wife died 20th June 1850 aged 33. North side: Underneath are deposited the remains of Frederick Osborn Tylden-Pattenson who died 21st February 1819 aged 11 years eleven months, youngest son of the late Rev. Richard Cooke Tylden-Pattenson of Ibornden and Sarah his wife [ at East and West ends are Coats of Arms: Quarterly 1 & 4 on a bend three fleurs de lys, 2 & 3 saltire between 4 pheons. Crest out of a ducal coronet a   head couped.

256  (Altar) South side: Underneath are deposited the remains of William PATTENSON Gent. of Ibornden in this parish who died 8th August 1771 aged 85. He married Frances daughter of John BEALE Gent of Bredgar in this County. She died 12th March 1788 aged 92 and is here interred. They had issue Frances and William. North side: Here also is interred Frances daughter of William and Frances Pattenson (before mentioned) who died November ye 5th 1770 aged 48. [On West end a coat of arms: on a fess sa three fleur de lys . Crest out of a   coronet a    head.

257  Ernest Cooke third son of William and Matilda TYLDEN-PATTENSON, 8th April 1852 aged four months.

258  Wallace Allen WITHERDEN, 28th April 1866 aged 1 year two months.

259  Sarah wife of Edward HOPPER, June ye 13th 1776 aged 76.

260  Allice BOORMAN, 14th November 1766 aged 10 years three months. Henry Burg Booman (sic) November (?27th ) 1769 aged 8 (?) months.

261  Cordelia widow of Edward NARES D.D. Rector of this parish, 6th May 1856 aged 75.

262  (Altar) South side: Jenkin HAGUE of this parish, late of Folkestone, 18th February in 76th year. Jenkin eldest son of above, 26th June 1868 in 84th year. North side: John Hague of Cranbrook, second son of Jenkin Hague, 6th December 1875 in 89th year. Mary wife of Mr John Hague of Cranrook, 28th Feburary 1827 aged 40, daughter of the late Rev. Sampson STEELE B.D. of Bredgar, Vicar of Newnham and Tonge in this County. She left seven children. East end: Ellen daughter of John and Mary Hague of Cranbrook, 23rd December 1843 aged 17. West end: John Hague of Cranbrook, Kent, 9th August 1894 aged 78. [See 31]

263  Elizabeth, third daughter of Thomas and Lydia CROWNS of this parish, 21st July 1838 aged 23. Ann died 14th February 1841 aged 22. David, 17th January 1842 aged 20. Hester, 29th September 1843 aged 19. (see 222)

264  John MATTHEWS, a native of Worcestershire for many years servant to the Reverend Edward NARES, Rector of this parish who erected this stone, died January 31st 1841 (or 11) aged 51.

265  Sarah JARVIS daughter of Stephen and Mary Jarvis, 1st January 1848 aged 28.

266  Richard HUNT of this parish, 10th February 1771 aged 76.

267  Mary wife of Stephen JARVIS, 16th January 1847 in 64th year, leaving surviving eight sons and three daughters: William, Stephen, Joseph, Mary, Elizabeth, Agur, Caleb, Sarah, Isaac, Abraham and Ebenezer. Sarah Jarvis daughter of above 1st January 1849. Above Stephen Jarvis, 31st May 1860 aged 77. 

268. Mrs KIRKBANK. Rev, T. KIRKBANK  (No dates. ? mid 19th Century).

269  William WHITEING son of Jane Whiteing of this parish, 5th August 1810 aged 4 years and ten months. Ann Whiteing, 22nd December 1849 aged 57 years.

270  Elizabeth wife of George Thomas DAYNES of this parish, 4th May 1887 aged 56. Philip their son, 31st July 1877 aged 7 years. William Frank their son, 13th February 1878 aged 23. Above George Thomas Daynes, 4th June 1899 [ no age].

271  Maria DEAN wife of Thomas Dean of this place, 15th November 1777 aged 26. Also Newington their son, 9th January 1779 aged 5 years seven months. Thomas Dean aforesaid, 6th January 1825 aged 74 and Sarah his second wife, 24th July 1832 Aged 74.

271 a. (Small stones) S.A.D 1823} 
271 b. M.D.D. 1825 } ? footstones to 271. 272. & 273.
271 C. T.D. 1856 }

272  Thomas DEAN of this parish, 27th September 1856 aged 71. Lydia wife of above, 3rd June 1861 aged 71. Left surviving two sons and one daughter: Thomas, James and Mary.

273  Mary wife of William DAYNES of this parish, 7th January 1850 aged 67. Above William Daynes, 5th April 1852 aged 78. Sarah Ann their daughter, 18th November 1823 aged 5 years and six months. Mary Dean their daughter, 29th July 1825 aged nine months.

274  Mr James FREEMAN of this parish, 23rd August 1798 aged 76. Mary his wife, 27th January 1809 aged 80.

275  (In South West corner) Richard Goodwin BODY, 5th December 1865 aged 56, leaving by Catherine his wife nine children. Catherine his wife, 18th June 1868 aged 48.

276  (In new Western part) John BUTTON, sexton of this parish 43 years died 16th July 1880 aged 70. Also Frances his wife, 27th April 1880 aged 70. The Office of Sexton was held in the family for 110 years [ see 147 and 182].

Inscriptions within the Church.

North Aisle.
277  (West end of aisle) Here lieth ye Body of Elizabeth TAYLOR, Eldest daughter of Francis Taylor of this parish, Gent. and Elizabeth His wife. She was borne ye 14th of…. Anno Domini 1688 and died ye 16th of September Anno Domini 16..[3 or 5]. Here also lieth ye Body of Katherine another daughter of Francis Taylor of this parish, Gent. and Elizabeth his wife. She was borne…of May Anno Domini ….. and died….

278  Here lieth ye body of Elizabeth youngest daughter of Francis TAYLOR of this parish and Elizabeth his late wife. Borne ye 23rd of ….1699 and dyed ye.. of January 1704.

279  Arms: Quarterly per fesse indented [ sa and or] in the first quarter a pelican vulning herself [of the second] [ Johnson] Crest a (? pelican or eagle rising out of a ducal coronet. Here lyeth the Body of Frances wife of Francis JOHNSON of this Parish, Gent. who departed this life the 20th day of May 1737 aged 29 years .

280. (A brass plate) Arms; [arg] on a chief [sa] two boars heads couped [of the field] [ Taylor of Shadoxhurst rec] impaling [ar] two bars [gu] in chief three crescents [of the last] for NOWERS. Here lieth the Body of Elizabeth wife of Francis TAYLOR of this Parish, Gent. by whom she had issue six children, Elizabeth, Mary, Francis, Katherine, John and Elizabeth of whom two viz Elizabeth the eldest and Katherine died before her and lie buried in this place. She was borne at Pluckley in this County the 6th day of September Anno Domini 1666, married at Kingsdowne in this County ye 8th day of May 1688 and died ye 25th day of March 1700. She was the eldest daughter of Anthony NOWERS, Gentleman, by Elizabeth his second wife ye only daughter and heiress of John PEIRSE Gent.

North Aisle (North wall).
(Framed Brass plate) to Harriet Sophia wife of William PETERSON, Rector of this parish and daughter of William ARMSTRONG of Jesus College, Cambridge 9th wrangler 1795 and 42 years Rector of Stanford le Hope, Essex. In the recent sickness in Biddenden she took a lively interest in what she was doing for the sick and dying as she had done through her life. She died Easter Day, 17th April 1892 aged 85 years.

Cross Aisle (North).
To the grateful memory of James BLACKMORE late of this Parish, Gent, who died 24th December 1727 aged 24. This stone was placed here by James HAFFENDEN of Tenterden whom he made his heir.

283  Brass to Margaret GOLDWELL, January 1499 and her two husbands, Laurence HENSELL who died January 1452 by whom she had two daughters Alice and Agnes, and John Goldwell buried at Great Chart 1499 by whom she had a son Geoffry. A shield of Arms [?az] a chief [?or] over all a lion rampant for Goldwell.

Cross Aisle (South).
  Here lyeth the Body of Edmund STEDE of Biddenden in the County of Kent, Gent, who lived to the age of Seaventy six yeares and departed this life the nine and twentieth day of May Anno Domini 1664.

South Aisle.
285  Towards the East end a stone with matrix of a fine brass with marginal inscription and corner pieces.

286  (At East end by pulpit stairs) Here lie the Remains of Miss Mary Louisa ROSS who departed this life the 8th of September 1814 aged 17 years.

287  (On South wall): To the memory of Richard BEALE Esquire of River Hall in this Parish who died 19th January 1836 aged 65. He left surviving Frances his widow and ten children: Richard, Seaman, William, Thomas, Anne, Charles, Frances, Elizabeth, John and George -Richard, by whom this tablet is erected as a pious token of their love and affection for a kind husband and an indulgent father. Also to the memory of Frances his widow who died 27th February 1854 aged 82 years. Her surviving children here inscribe her name and in this world take their last farewell. Above the tablet is the Beale crest: a unicorns head erased. Below, their arms: Sa. on a chevron or. between three griffin’s heads erased as many estoiles of the field.

Nave (from West to East).
288 John GOODSON, died 9th June 1724 aged 50. 

289  Here lyeth ye Body of Mary TAYLOR one of ye daughters of Francis Taylor late of this parish, Gent. and Elizabeth his wife. She departed this life 25th day of January Anno Domini [?1719] in the [? 29th ] year.

290  Arms- quarterly: 1 and 4 on a chief two boars heads couped (Taylor) 2 and 3 a bend between two unicorns heads erased ( ). Here lieth the Body of Francis TAYLOR of this parish, Gent. who departed this life ye 6th November 1733 aged 40. He was Eldest son of Francis Taylor and Elizabeth his wife who are buried near this place.

291  Arms: Taylor impaling Nowers as in 280. Crest ? a fox holding – in his mouth. Here lyeth ye Body of Francis TAYLOR of ys parish, Gent, who departed this life ye 8th day of December Anno Domini 1719 in the 60th year of his age. He married Elizabeth ye Eldest daughter of Anthony NOWERS, Gent, by Elizabeth his second wife ( who lyeth buried by him). By whom he had issue six children: Elizabeth, Mary, Francis, Katherine, John and Elizabeth of whom three (viz) Elizabeth the Eldest, Katherine and Elizabeth ye youngest dyed before him and lye also buried in this place. 

292  Here lyeth the Body of Jam…. WOLBAIL who died the age of 57 yeares and left issue on sonne Peter Wolbail and departed this life the 12th day of June Anno Domini 1621. 

293  Hic iacet Maria relicita Hom…./….filia Wilhehi CLERK de…./…. Ro Cantiano Equitis avr…./…. un habuist maritum Richard H…./….se de Bethersden arm Ob…./ an. Sal. 1706 Vixit an…./.

294  Here lyeth the Body of John WHITFELD of this parish Gent. who died February 1(?9) 1695 in ye [?64th ] year of his age. He married Elizabeth sole daughter and heiress of Alexander WELDISH of Brede in…. who died November ye 12th 1682 (?) in ye 45th year of her age. By her he had issue…. daughters viz Tho: Al…., …., Francis, Dorothy, ..ary and Esther where of all his sons except….[?Alexander] died before him as also did ye said Elizabeth his wife and were buried near this place. Here also lyes in this Chancel + Thomas Whitfeld Gent. and Jane his wife ye father and mother of ye said John Whitfeld and Francis and William his two younger brothers. [+ This stone though now in the Nave was formerly in the   chancel].

295  (Before the chancel entrance). Charlotte LAWRANCE daughter of Thomas POMFRET Gent. died 15th September 1765 aged 35 years. Also Thomas Lawrance her son and only survivor, died 10th January 1803 aged 39 years.

In the North Chancel.
  (On the South East side) a large stone tomb, with brasses to John MAYNEY and his wife Margaret daughter and heir of Ralph JOHNSON of Ticehurst . Obiit Joannes Mayne armiger vicecomes Kanciae xxi dic maii anno salutis 1566. Susceptis ex Margareta uxore vnica filia et haerede Radulphi Jonson armigeri 14 liberis E quibus reliquit quinqz superstites filios duos Anthoniu et Gualteru filias tres Elizabetham Mariam et   Ceciliam. This stone is set upright in the East wall and in front of it is a tomb with marble slab on which is a brass: Monumentum hoc Marmoreu ex praescripto testamenti statuerunt Executores Gualterus Mayne senior, frater, Gualterus Mayne iunior, filius eiusden Joannis Mayne et Joannes WILDEGOSE, sororis filius cuius pater Thomas Wildegose hic pone paulum a saena iacet Qui obiit I die Septembris A. Dm 1541. [Above the figures of John Mayne and his wife are three shields: (1) Per Pale (ar and sa) three chevronels between as many 5-foils all counter changed. Crest an arm armed quarterly (ar & sa) holding a battle axe of the second (staff or). (2) Mayne [ as in I] impaling quarterly. (1 & 4) On a chevron between three lions heads erased bezantee an estoile [ Johnson]. (2) Quarterly erm and [?arg] in first and fourth quarters a ? goats heads erased, horned. (3) a chevron between three ? plovers. The third shield (over his wife) is as the above impalement.

297  In the North East corner another large tomb. Over it and under the window above the tomb a label of laten or lead: "………………[? Pray for the soul of] John MEYNY and all cristen soules".

298  (On North wall) a large brass tablet to William Hodges TYLDEN-PATTENSON, J.P. D.L. Captain of His Majesty’s 25th Regiment Kings Own Borderers of Ibornden and Dashmonden in this parish. Eldest son of Lieutenant Colonel Cooke Tylden Pattenson. Born 12th March 1822 died 1st May 1894, and of Elizabeth his wife only daughter of Reverend James BOYS M.A Rector of this parish, born 6th December 1832 died 19th January 1892. Erected by their children.

299  (On East wall) In a vault beneath this Chancel are deposited the remains of Anne Rebecca, wife of C. TYLDEN-PATTENSON of Ibornden in this parish, Esquire. Eldest daughter of T.L. HODGES of Hemsted, Esquire, MP for the County. She died 11th February 1836 aged 33 years and two months after a long illness. She left three sons and two daughters who with her husband pray they may be like her.

300  (On East wall) Sacred to the memory of Henry Thomas TYLDEN- PATTENSON, 1st Lieutenant, Bengal Horse Artillery, third son of Cooke Tylden-Pattenson of Ibornden, Esquire, who died at Lodiana, 13th March 1848 aged 23 years ten months. In the campaign on the Sutlege her served in the Battles of Aliural and Sobraon. His brother officers as a tribute of their regard erected a tomb over his remains at Lodiana. His esteemed Commandant Lieutenant Colonel Huthwaite CB. placed a tablet to his memory in the church at Dum Dum.

301  ( On the East face of the wall separating the Nave from this chancel, a marble tablet): To the Glory of God and in memory of the Reverend John Cooke TYLDEN – PATTENSON, M.A. who died at St. Leonards on Sea, 31st August 1902 aged 79. Also of Caroline Mary (widow of Major James Mill WALKER RA ) who died at Beer S. Devon, 2nd November 1902 aged 73. The above were respectively the second son and younger daughter of Lieutenant Colonel C. Tylden-Pattenson of Ibornden.

302  (On North face of same wall) A brass to Claude Walter TYLDEN- PATTENSON who died from enteric fever, 23rd November 1910 aged 24. Buried at Morar Cemetery, Gwalior, India. Also his brother Percy Reginald Tylden-Pattenson died at Peterborough on 23rd April 1913 from effects of an accident aged 21. Erected by their parents.

303  On some of the red floor tiles are: H.H. 1706 - T.P. 1757 – D.H. 1696.

In the Choir.
Before the altar rails are collected slabs bearing the brasses of the Eurenden, Boddenden. Seyliard, Randolph, Stede and Allard families. From North to South they are as follows:-

304  (Brass of John Eurenden and his two wives) John EVRENDEN Beinge of the age of threscore yeares havinge passed the tyme of his pilgrimage with good and Godlye reporte hath finished his mortall dayes. His wives were two, Jone and Jane. With the first he lived twentye five yeares and had issue William, Ferdinando, Isabell and Phebe. With the other seven yeares and had noe issue and now lyeth under this marble stone who was buried the thirteenth day of Aprill 1598.

305  (Brass of William Boddindin and his two wives and children). Hic sepultum iacet corpus Gulielmi BODDINDIN qui obit 30 die martii anno 1579 anno aetatis suae 63 Qui dum vixit duas ligittime duxet uxores prima nominat. Juliana ex qua unum filium nominatum Gulielmum et quinqz filias scilicet Martham, Mariam, Johanam, Judithea et Rabedigiam procreauit; Secunda nominata Anna ex qua duas filias procreauit Annam et Joannam et his iau multis annis bona fid bonaq fama peractis die et anno predictis fidelissime obiit 1584 insculpta.

306  (Brass of J. Seyliard, two wives, children and shields of arms). Corpora Josiae SEYLIARD generosi et Judithae prioris conivgis et BODDENDEN ortae familia isto sepulta iacent tumulo illos Devs et natura melior, 4 filiis et duabus natis pulchra fecit prole panute quae Juditha ano Aetatis suae 48 et Domini 1602. Primo die Noveabris exspiravit animam. postea Josias vero connubis iunxit sibi in vxore Anna filiam Thoucae AVSTEN ex qua Duos genvit filios vnamq filiam octavo avte. Die Julii 1609 et Aetatis svae annom 61 Domino Cui debvit Anima tradidit. [Above is the Seyliard shield twelve quarterings. Below two shields (1) Seyliard impaling Boddenden. (2) Seyliard twelve quarterings. 

307  (Brass of B. Randolph, two wives, children and two shields of arms):- Here lyeth the Bodies of Bernard RANDOLPHE, Gent. and of Jane his wife daughter of William BODDENDEN sister unto Sir William Boddenden alias Boddenham knight. Hee departed this life the VI" of Maye 1628. Shee departed this life the 23 of Aprill 1619 having yssue five sons videlicet William, Bernard, John, Harbert and Edmund and one daughter Elizabeth. Hee died at the age of LXXII Shee died at the age of XLVIII yeares. The two shields bear (1) on a cross four mullets with a fifth mullet in the first quarter. (2) Quarterly 1 & 4 a fess between three chessrooks (Boddenden) 2 & 3 Barry of 6 – and chequy.   Added in pencil on the opposite page by Duncan is the following:- Engraved on the same blue marble slab to which are fixed brasses .Here lieth also ye body of Herbert Randolph of Canterbury Esquire son of Herbert and Grandson of ye said Bernard He died 15th August AD 1685 Aet. 56

308  (Brass of W. Randolph, his wife, children and two shields of arms):- Here lie the bodyes of William RANDOLPH of Byddenden Gentleman and Elizabeth his wife, daughter of Stephen CURTIS of Tenterden, Gentleman who had issue surviving at their deaths two sonnes Barnard and William and six daughters Elizabeth, Jane, Mary, Sarah, Susan and Margarett. Hee dyed the sixth day of December in ye yeare of our Lorde 1641 and in the 52nd yeare of his age. Shee dyed the 15th day of the moneth and yeare aforesaid and the 40th yeare of her age. The shields bear (1) On a cross four mullets (Randolph) impaling Curteis ( a chevron between three bulls' heads cabossed) (2) Curteis.  

309 (Brass inscription):- Memoriae Sacrum. Inter Ecuvias mortis Hic placida fruatur Requie quod mortale fuit uxoris Edmundi STEDE Gen : quae vt ab incunabulis, Pudicitia, ac Benignitate totuis sui generis vixit ornamentum, Sic quun in Conjugio, Pie, Deo, Peramanter Marito, nec non omnibus affabiliter sexdecim peregisset annos et virum suum Octo Beasset Liberis (sempiternam spe Possidendi traugullitatem) Praeclarum Patientiae et Charitatis Obijt exemplar ( Maerentem relinqueus Viduum et tres Filias) Decimon octauo die Decembris Anno Aetatis suae Tricesimo secundo et Salutis 1681.
Vivit Post Funera Virtus.

310  (Brass inscription) Richard ALLARDE, alderman of the City of Rochester havinge with good report finished the ful course of thre score yeres ended his life there and now lieth interred here . His wives were iii Helen, Joane and Thomasin . By the first he had issue Henrye, Richard, John, Anne, Marye and Elyzabeth. By the second Frances, Susan and Phaebe. Richard Allard died the iii of June Anno Domini 1593. [This brass is within the South Chancel].

In the centre of the Quire.
  H.S.S. Exuviae Gulielmi TRENT, Rectoris a dextra iacet Maria Trent.

312  H.S.S. Exuviae Mariae TRENT, Gulielmi uxoris, Filiae Gulielmi DYER. Sinistram jacet Charlota Maria WALKER.

313  (at entrance to Quire) Rev. Johannis POMFRET a.m. [?Rector]….wel…ch [? Newchurch] Rectoris obiit Oct…/ AD 171…. Aetat…./ Subtus…. Elizabetha filia eius…./ obiit 2nd Dec…Aetat…

314  ( On a choir-stall on North side). In memory of Leslie Reginald MUNDAY 2/5th Bn The Buffs for 13 years a member of this choir. The first resident of Biddenden to lay down his life for his country in the Great War. Killed at Suvila Bay, 6th September 1915 aged 19.

In centre of Quire.
Arms:- Quarterly (arg and gu) a bend (sa) Crest, an arm holding an axe- a label of four points for difference. Thomas POMFRETT late of this parish died 14th April 1752 aged 55. Left issue one son Charles who died 17th July 1752 aged 20 and two daughters Mary and Charlotte who are still surviving.

Within the Altar rails.
316  ( Before the altar) Edward NARES DD . died 23rd July 1841 aged 79.

317  (On East wall, South of altar). Arms: gu on a cross arg. Five mullets pierced sa: impaling gu. "a" lion rampant or. holding a white rose slipped vertically. Near this place lyeth buried the bodies of Harbert RANDOLPH late of this parish,Gent, who was educated in ye Universitie of Oxford and married Elizabeth the daughter of Giles MASTER of the City of Canterbury Esquire, by whom he had issue three sons and three daughters, whereof were surviving at the time of his decease Harbert, Randolph his onely sonne and heire. And also Mary, Elizabeth and Margaret which said Harbert departed this life the 8th day of September 1644 and Elizabeth his wife the 6th January 1640.[Underneath: Francis Grigs fecit anno 1645].

318  (On East wall, North of altar) In memory of Elizabeth wife of Rev. Thomas KIRKBANK of this parish, 18th December 1801 aged 42. She was the only daughter of Stephen HOOKER OF Brenchley, Esquire, by Elizabeth his wife and left the undernamed children Elizabeth, Mary, Thomas, Robert and Stephen. Rev. T. Kirkbank died 21st November 1828 aged 72.

319  (North wall) Tablet to Rev. Edward NARES D.D. Regius Professor of Modern History in University of Oxford. 43 years Rector of this parish, 23rd July 1841 aged 79 (an Exordium).

320  (On South wall) Brass to James BOYS M.A. 40 years Rector of Biddenden, sometime Rural Dean, died 13th February 1882 aged 89. Sarah his wife daughter of Rev. John LIGHTFOOT, Rector of Gotham and perpetual Curate of Uxbridge, died 2nd July 1868 aged 80. The West window of this church is dedicated by their only child.

321  The East window is in memory of Cooke TYLDEN-PATTENSON of Ibornden Esquire, who died 23rd January 1858 and of Anne Rebecca his first wife who died 11th February 1836; by their Eldest son 1859.

South Chancel
(On East wall) M.S. Gulielmi TRENT In Barbada insula Americana nati. E Collegio C.C. apudn Cantabrigieuses A.M. Hujusce Ecclesie Rectoris and oc. Uxorem duxit Mariam filiam Gulielmi DYER mercatoris insulae predictae. Ob. Martii 12, 1735 Aet. 64. Secundis Nuptiis sibi adjunxit Mariam filiam Richardi BEALE de hac parochia generosi. Eamq Superstitem reliquit Jan. 15 A.D. 1739 Aetat. 64. Maria uxor predicta decessit 4 October 1780 Aet. 74. Charlotta Maria Gulielmi WALKER Armigeri filiola Ob. Maii 11, 1718 vix biennis,  Laurentius Trent armiger Gulielmi ( a Johanne fratre Natu majore) Nepos …..aeres Pietatis et observantiae ergo Poni curavit.

323  (On South wall) To Richard BEALE of River Hall in this parish Esquire, died 14th December 1814 aged 70 and is buried amongst his ancestors in the churchyard. Richard Beale his nephew and successor erects this monument.

324  (Slab) Charlotte Maria NARES daughter of the Rev. Edward Nares Rector of this parish by the right Honarable Lady Georgiana Charlotte Nares his wife. Born 30th July 1800 died December 22nd 1803.

325  Stone with matrix of a brass plate and figure and shield of arms.

In the Vestry
326. Fixed to a board are portions of four brasses. (1) part of a figure of a man temp Elizabeth. (2) and (3) shields of arms: Quarterly 1 & 4 checquy  -  and  -   on a canton a  -   (     ) 2  & 3, two bars, in chief three water bougets. A crescent for difference (in centre) Crest ? a lion statant guardant. (4) Eight lines of Latin verse commemorating Thomas FLETE who died 14th August 1572, 14 Elizabeth.

327  Mr Duncan seems to have missed the following: On South side of chancel arch facing West (above pulpit), marble. Mural in memory of Richard BEALE Esquire and Ann his wife daughter of John COOKE of Cranbrook Esquire. He died 6th November 1786 aged 69, she died 6th December 1761 aged 42. They had issue three sons and one daughter: Seaman-Cooke and Richard who survived: John died young at sea, and Ann married to Robt. CURTEIS of Tenterden gent.  Also of Seaman Beale only brother of above who died 13th May 1767 aged 46 unmarried. [By order of Richard his son and sole executor. Arms: c.p. no.287, Paley of five Gules, three eagles displayed: Beale impaling Cooke?

Index of Names and Places

Allarde 310
Allen 87. 236.
Anson (118)
Armstrong 281.
Austen 306.
Barling 103.
Barrett (137)
Batt 157.
Beale 16a,16b,17,130-136,138-140,
    144, 252, 256, 287, 322,
323, 327.
Beken 103-108.
Bengham 59.
Bingham 156, 168, 176.
Blackmore 282.
Boddenden 305-307.
Body 86, 87,122, 275.
Bonny (87).
Boorman 49, 51, 260.
Bourne 10, 11, 30.
Boys 298, 320.
Bradley 73.
Bridgeland 145
Browne 7.
Brooker 166.
Brounger 169.
Buckhurst 62, 66.
Buckland 38, 240-242, 247, 248.
Bullen 152.
Burden (95), 157.
Burton 72.
Button 147, 182, 276.
Byham 93, 221, 233.
Carey (241-246)
Carpenter 189.
Carter 74.
Chambers 55, 201.
Chilton 70.
Clerk 293.
Clagget 102.
Clout 97.
Clark, Clarke 125, 170.
Cole 178, 190, 191.
Colebrook 4, 5, 40, 177, 198.
Collings 126, 127.
Cooke (144).(255), (257), (298-301),
Cox 111.
Crampton 151.
Crowns 222, 263.
Cullingham 236
Curteis, Curtis
36, 308.(327).
Dann 91.
Davis 63, 64, 67.
Day 15, 18, 185, 186, 195.
Daynes 270, 273.
Dean 13, 14, 197, 251, 252, 271,
    272, (273).
Dibly 34, 35.
Driver 165, 174.
Drury 53.
Dyer 32, 312, 322.
Elmstone 149.
Eurenden 304.
Farren 113.
Fenn 238.
Field 41.
Fitch 252.
Flete 326.
Freeman 142, 154, 154a, 155, 274.
Fryman 235.
Gibbon 199.
Gilberd 194.
Gilbert 68.
Giles 27-29, 118.
Godman (252).
Goldwell 283.
Goodson 288.
Goodwin (275).
Gower 119.
Greenall 253.
H-101, 293, 303.
Hadrill 73.
Haffenden 17, 207, 210, 211, 282.
Hague 31, 262.
Harris 66, 92, 99, 100.
Harrison 162.
Hayter 148, 153.
Heath 249, 250.
Henman 179, 181.
Hensell 283.
Hill 89.
Hillyear 124.
Hodges (93, 221, 298) 299.
Hodson (253).
Homewood (110)
Honiss 128, 129.
Hooker 318.
Hopper 109-110, 114-117, 229, 259.
Hukins (202).
Hunt 266.
Huthwaite 300
Jarvis 265, 267.
Jennings 159, 160.
Johnson 75, 279, 296.
Jones 39.
Joy 69.
Jury 6.
Kadwell 193, 194.
Kennard 150.
King 143.
Kirkbank 263, 318.
Lane 199.
Lanyrden 50.
Large 152.
Lawrance 90, 295.
Levett 94, 120.
Lightfoot 320.
Liley 161.
Lomas 225.
Luck 3.
Maill…., 62.
March 37.
Master 317.
Masterson 19.
Mather 2.
Matthews 264.
Mayne, Mayner, 296, 297.
Medhurst 88.
Milles 171-173.
Montague (202, 204.).
Moore 81, 83.
Munday 314.
Munk 110.
Munn (240).
Nares 196, 261, 264, 316, 319, 324.
Nash 223.
Neville 229, 230.
Newenden 16 a.
Newington (271).
Newton 65, 229.
Norris 92 a.
Nowers 280, 291.
Oliver 95, 96.
Orton 200.
Osborne 112, 113, (225).
Ottaway 77.
P- 303.
Paine 211, 215.
Parks 146.
Pattenson 163, 164, 256.
Peene 79.
Peirse 280.
Peters 183.
Peterson 281.
Pilbeam 85.
Pilcher 138.
Pitt (254).
Pomfrett 17,223,227-229, 295, 313, 315.
Potken 46.
Potter 54
Prowett (39).
Pullen 212, 213, 216-220.
Pyner (110).
Quilter 227, 228.
Raines 80.
Ramsden 239.
Randolphe 307, 308, 317.
Ransley 226.
Reeve 149.
Rippon 208-210.
Ross 286.
Sanders (207, 210, 211).
Seaman 16a, (132), (144), (287).
Seyliard 306.
Sharp 47.
Sims 180.
Skinner 206.
Small 1.
Smith 158, 214.
Sorrell 42.
Springate, Springett 162, 254.
Stace 82.
Stede 284, 309.
Steele 262.
Stephens 33.
Streater 224.
Swadling 196.
Tannar 12.
Tapley 98.
Taylor 9, 277, 278, 280, 289, 290, 291.
Thomas 151.
Thorp 21.
Thurston 56-58, 60, 61, 78.
Tree 32.
Trent 311, 312, 322.
Tylden-Pattenson 255, 257, 298-302,
    321. [ see Pattenson].
Upton 175.
Vane 70, 71.
Vaughan 199.
W- 9A.
Walker 301, 312, 322.
Watts 7, 8, 141.
Webb 84, 239.
Weldish 294.
Weeks 187, 188.
Wells 202-204.
Weston 137, 234.
Whibley 121.
Whiteing 269.
Whitfeld 294.
Wicken 205.
Wickens 76, (83).
Wildegose 296.
Willard 20, 22-26.
Winder 43, 44, 123.
Witherden 45, 48, 51a, (135), 192, 192a, 231-232,237,242-247,(248),250,251,258.
Wolbail 292.
Index of Coats of Arms.
Beale 16b, 287.327.
Boddenden 306, 307.
Curteis 308.
Giles 29.
Goldwell 283.
Haffenden 211.
Johnson 279, 296.
Master 317.
Mayne 296.
Neville 230.
Nowers 280, 291.
Pattenson 163, 255, 256.
Pomfrett 227, 315.
Randolphe 307, 308, 317, 327.
Seyliard 306.
Taylor 280, 290, 291.
Tylden 255.
??? 290, 296, 307, 326, 327.

Index of Places.
Ashford 129.
Barbadoes 322.
Batemans wood 215.
Bethersden 293.
Branden in Cranbrook 157.
   Brickwell 229.
   Castweasle 242-244, 250.
   Dashmonden 298.
   Duesden 225.
   Elmstone House 139.
   Goldwell 240.
   Highpoles Farm 104.
   Ibornden 255, 256,
   Parish House 235.
   Randolphs 39.
   River Hall 138, 139, 287,
   Wagstaff 124.
   Worsenden 229, 230.
Boulogne sur mer 87.
Bredgar 16a, 256, 262.
Brede 294.

Brenchley 318.
Cambridge (Jesus) 281.
Cambridge ( CC) 322.
Canterbury 73, 317.
Charing 115.
Chancellorsville, America 216.
Cranbrook 54, 152, 157, 262, 327.
Egerton 199.
Folkestone 262.
Frittenden 65, 239.
Gillingham 7.
Goodnestone by Wingham 223.
Gotham – Combwell in 320.
Goudhurst 173.
Great Chart 283.
Hemsted 299.
Horsmonden 172.
India (Lodiana – Dum Dum) 300, 302.
Jersey City U.S.A. 115.
Kingsdowne 280.
Lexington, Georgia, North America 195.
Highgate Cemetery 6.
   Oxford Street 180.
   Tottenham Court Road 181.

Loose 62,109.
Newchurch 313
Newnham 262.
Peterborough 302.
Pluckley 280.
Oxford University 317, 319.
Rochester 310.
Rolvenden 138.
Shadoxhurst 280.
Sissinghurst 6.
Smarden 14, 196.
Stanford-le-Hope 281.
Staple 227.
St. Leonards on sea 301.
Suvla Bay 314.
Swanscomb 185.
Tenterden 17, 43, 45, 282, 308, 327.
Ticehurst 296.
Tonge 262.
Uxbridge 320.
Walthamstow 39.
Woodchurch 104.
Worcestershire 264.


General Index
Army 7, 255, 298, 300, 314.
Barber 161.
Bricklayer 154, 155, 201.
Carpenter 235.
Clothier 16a.
Cordwainer 37, 64, 67.
Cooper 159.
Farmer 15, 44, 75, 95, 96, 106, 107, 120.
Grocer 26, 33, 99, 109.Miller 47,
Parish Clerk and Sexton 147, 182, 276.
Parish Officer 107.
Peruke Maker 161, 147.
Plasterer 73.


Rector 2, 65, 196, 261, 264, 281, 298, 311, 316,319, 320, 322, 324.
Surgeon 253.
Tailor 100.
Timber Merchant 238.
Wheelwright 224.
Yeoman 18, 20, 22, 23, 48, 89, 93, 158, 162, 178,188, 189, 198, 205, 221, 251



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